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  1. Same here. Cdkeys had a good deal.
  2. I will be taking some annual leave that's for sure.
  3. Yes, not total gibberish but borderline!
  4. I thought I was having issues due to my lower specs but if it's still bad for you with that setup then maybe there is still something else I can try. Thought I would just wait a bit for some updates, see if it helps.
  5. I average about 150 hours for the games I like. Things like NMS, Skyrim, RDR2 etc all of which I would give highly positive reviews for. I normally know after a couple of hours if its a game I am going to like. Depending on cost though, if I get a few hours out of a £10 game then I would regard that as good value for money and would have to factor that into any review.
  6. Recently my addiction was to stick on a chillout mix on youtube and play Slime Rancher. One of the most inoffensive games I have played in a while.
  7. How many hours is too many to leave a negative review? I often read through the Steam reviews when considering a game purchase but I do find it odd when people leave a bad review but have played the game for days and days, surely it can't be that bad if you are prepared to spend so much time playing it. What do you think, is this a fair point or does playing a game for 200 hours mean you are the best person to review it?
  8. I just picked up a driving force gt, the g25 I believe, for £10. Its amazing, really strong force feedback. I've been playing project cars in VR, going to try dirt rally later.
  9. I haven't seen any clips, i'm saving it all. I'm sure after a while you won't even notice, like watching a dubbed TV show.
  10. Maybe they did it to fit in with the original.
  11. I haven't even worked out how to melee in VR LOL
  12. Thats not the scanner we are talking about, the one that pings for object is the scanner, you are talking about the visor scanner thing, can't remember what that is called.
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