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  1. I've been playing Virtua Fighter 5 at 8K 60Fps on the PS3 emulator recently and it looks and plays gloriously.. VF6 would be most welcome.
  2. Surely the Enterprise will be leading the Starfleet Squadron, being sent to no doubt save the day, against the Romulan fleet heading for the synth homeworld?
  3. At least the Vulkan didn't offer her a choice of either a red or blue tracking pill...
  4. I think Frakes is basically telling everyone 'We don't need Quentin Tarantino for Star Trek to go hard core'
  5. Christ, What a grim place the 24th century has become since Picard resigned! Murder, racism, dismemberment, beheadings, drug addiction, Ex-Borg alcoholics,money driven economy & bad language. I can see now why in the new series of Discovery it takes place in a time when the Federation has collapsed. Somebody well & truly fell alsleep at the wheel!
  6. A dull song that could have been performed by any half decent backing singer....
  7. Joker 1/5 Can honestly say i hated it from start to finish...
  8. Lets face it, the whole (non) economics of the Star Trek universe is a super massive black hole of contradictions, that's just best not thought about too deeply...
  9. ..but obvioulsy not the need to keep concealed disruptors under your desk in the living room, just incase murderous assasination squads come calling
  10. So the consensus emerging on this is that if you've read the source comics, it's watered down CW level shit. If not, It's worth a try?
  11. Dreamcast/Naomi Emulators have different names for the BIOS files. These are the correct Naomi BIOS and naming conventions for use with DEmul
  12. Incorrect Dreamcast/Naomi BIOS names?
  13. What a horrid colour scheme, sorry couldn't live with that, change it to something decent and I'd bite.
  14. Enjoyed that, far superior to that other Star Trek show that dare not speak its name. It seemed really weird for a Star trek show to spend so much time on Earth, The old girl barely gets a look in what with all those exotic looking spheres of adventure in the rest of the Galaxy. ..and just discovered that
  15. Knives Out 3/5 ..not as clever as I thought it was going to be, for some reason, don't know why, I was expecting it to be more along the lines of Sleuth/Clue.
  16. After watching that abomination of a movie, 6 Underground, the other night, you should be cheering from the rooftops that he's not involved.
  17. Terminator Dark Fate 2/5. What on earth was JC thinking, putting his name to this shite. ..Amazing de-ageing tech on display in the first five mins though.
  18. I'm not sure showing a vision of humans evolving to a point where they simply blow shit up in space rather than on Earth, is much of an improvement, TBH.
  19. You can be pretty sure that the lower powered version will be equal in performance to the One X...a 4TFflop RDN2 GPU will be just as fast as a 6Tflop One X GPU or near enough as to make no tangible difference...in PC terms, it would be like the difference between a 2070 Super and a 2080, its there but you won't notice it. Microsoft are basically setting One X performance as a minimum baseline for next gen, you could buy it and have a machine powerful enough to run everything that the One X can, combine that with the vastly superior CPU and storage solution it will be like a One X Ti.
  20. Overall, pretty rubbish,TBH. Cavill as Geralt....9/10 Everything else.... 4/10
  21. Three episodes in and it already feels like a slog to stick with it, TBH. As others have said, Cavill nails Geralt, but everything around him feels pretty 2nd rate.
  22. Looks like I'm going to be the sour puss on this one. Six episodes in on season 1 and it's just not happening for me, I'm finding it, well, kind of boring,TBH. I've reached for the Fast Forward button on more than one occasion, a sure sign its just not for me. ..and apart from a couple, most of the actors in this do absolutely nothing for me, at all. Oh well, I've got about 5 more shows on backlog to get through and I'm just not inclined to waste any more time on this.
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