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  1. MpM

    Star Trek Discovery

    This whole show would be far more suitable as a cartoon.. Star Trek: The Adventures Of Tilly.
  2. MpM

    Anthem - February 22nd

    ..and then Blomkamp plays the game and thinks...'Bit of a visual downgrade, isn't it?' and throws the controller down in disgust.
  3. MpM

    Quantum Leap

    I used to love settling down to watch this on BBC2 back in the day, That final episode was a real choker, with a perfect use of 'Georgia on my mind'
  4. MpM

    Counterpart (TV Show)

    Not surprising, at all. Great show, I love it, but the pace is simply too slow for the modern audience with their need for instant gratification and high octane thrills. I also think it's weekly release format did it no favours, if ever a show was designed for a fast binge watch, this was it. It would make the deliberately slower pace much easier to take.
  5. 'insert name here'... 'Men aren't the enemy'
  6. MpM

    Star Trek Discovery

    Please, for the love of all that is Roddenberry, Put that annoying ginger in the air lock and space her....She just completely ruins the whole thing for me.
  7. MpM

    Star Trek Discovery

    '..and that's the power of math, people!" ..No, it's the power of bad fucking writing.
  8. This will keep happening until it all collapses under its own weight and there will be huge takeovers and consolidation of channels into the three or four largest streamers, The Americans love this sort of stuff in the entertainment industry. Takeover specialists in the financial services industry will make a killing and the management of those services that get taken over and those that do the taking over, will make even more obscene amounts.
  9. MpM


  10. MpM


    It's been in my PC for nearly 5yrs. ...In PC terms, that practically qualifies it for a pension & retirement. The fact that it has stayed relevant and still able to play most of the stuff I throw at it for all this time, says more about the appalling, stagnating state of the PC GPU market than it does about the 970.
  11. MpM


    Picked up Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Collection for £3.74. What a fantastic little racing game it is, Looks beautiful, sounds amazing and runs at a rock solid 4K, 60fps on my geriatric 970.
  12. MpM

    Your favourite film of 2018?

    Ready Player One. Something new to spot everytime you watch it.
  13. The ship is still an appalling design and completely ruins the show for me, every time they show it flying through space I do a Picard sized face palm. I just can't get past it.
  14. Not showing until the 25th January.

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