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  1. Indeed. powerhouse performances from all involved, only let down by the somewhat predictable big reveal.
  2. Not seen it yet but..only 38mins runtime, WTF! Is that going to be the same for each episode? Disapointing if so.
  3. That was hard work, sticking with it to the end...I will not be eagerly awaiting S3. Very average 6/10.
  4. Isn't it about time we had at least a teaser trailer from this by now...marketing seems very slow on the ball with this.
  5. HyperX Alloy Elite RGB with Cherry Red switces. ...just as good as a Corsair K95 but £80 cheaper. ...and a Corsair Glaive mouse, as close as I could get to the boss of bosses mice, the Logitech MX518.
  6. Looking forward to playing around in the graphics options menu...
  7. Just came across as a low budget Tarantino rip-off, TBH.
  8. ...I've had plenty of crashes in Soul Calibur with this emulator, especially when messing around in the museum section of the game, unlocking some of the artworks and viewing them will crash it, so I'm quite sceptical of their compatibility claims, TBH.
  9. ..Sadly based on the fate of many pornstars from that era, no doubt.
  10. Given that 98% of Freeview channels are complete and utter shite, broadcast in unwatchable, low bit rate, compressed up the gazoo SD quality on modern large TV's, I can't say its much of a loss,TBH.
  11. Shame, a Wales v England game would have been a far more entertaining, as a spectacle, final than SA vs England will be. There would have been far less tactical play and much more typically 6 nations attacking style. All we are likely to get now is a slower paced, more boring low scoring game.
  12. Hobbs & Shaw....utter garbage 1/5 I could only take an 1hr of it, watched the last hour in x32 fast forward mode. ..looked like an improvement.
  13. I'm about to binge watch season 1 & 2 over the next week or so, starting tonight. Reading this thread, sounds like I'm in for a treat.
  14. Well, thats all the campaign 'Adventures' completed, got my Warlock upto 898 and just played the opening Moon mission they drop at you, so as to tempt you to buy the full expansion pack. Nope, not for me. It was fun while it lasted and it really is a stunning looking game but I have no desire to put money down for any more as I'd really only keep playing until the single player part was done. Still not interested in the multiplayer side of this game. Time to move on.
  15. So, 40mins of unnecessary pauses with characters not saying anything, 10 minutes worth of neon LA landscapes and 3-4 minutes of actual plot development each episode then.
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