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  1. Does thing allow ISO images & ROM files to be uploaded to the internal storage or is it purely for playing original discs & cartridges? EDIT: Never mind just checked out their FAQ. $500! For the full package...they'll be lucky.
  2. Back in the 90's just about the only way i had to learn about new arcade machines was from screenshots in magazines of the time, Edge arcade section for example. There simply were no arcades left in my neck of the woods. So just for the hell of it I thought I'd fire up Mame, turn on the old HLSL, slap on some ReShade filters and try and recreate the look I remember of small, grainy off screen photo's that made me drool. This is how I (kind of) remember them and was just wondering if they look authentic to you guys..
  3. This is why despite paying for streaming services I have no hesitation in downloading much higher quality rips for archival purposes.
  4. You're daring me to Google it, aren't you... Nope.
  5. I'm kind of hoping that the horrific effects of such extreme radiation poisoning on the body, as depicted on the fireman & the rest, was exaggerated for dramatic effect...but I have a horrible feeling it wasn't.
  6. Christian Bale speaking without an American accent!! I wonder if he remembered how.
  7. SSD's are fast...but they're not that fast. I still think it will come with a traditional Hard Drive (2TB) which will cache data to a small (128-256Gb) NVME M2 SSD type storage in the background. You could basically store an entire game in the SSD, ready to load anything you want at 3-4GB a second type speeds.
  8. That's usually a sign that both parties are refusing to budge on the financials.(budget/salaries/bonuses)..Mcfarlane,as creator/producer of the show, is probably trying to get more of everything.
  9. Wait until the last 5 minutes of the final episode, then you'll be in no doubt whatsoever, that it isn't the former.
  10. When a studio is starting up a new channel and is desperate for new content, any old shit gets green lit, apparently. Sorry, but the only people who could think Willow was an '80's classic' must have been between the ages of 5 & 8 at the time of seeing it. For everyone else it was a mediocre, by the numbers fantasy movie that nobody took much notice of at the time.
  11. Holy shit! I hope I never get stuck in a lift with you.
  12. ..This made me laugh out loud, was it supposed to?
  13. ..Shouldn't this just really be classed as an extended final episode, rather than a film/movie? When it was first mentioned as being made I thought it was going to be a full blown cinema release.
  14. Isn't it about damn time we had a trailer for the new season on Amazon....
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