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  1. It will be a competition between what gets flogged to death more, the books or the slaves depicted in them, at this rate.
  2. This kinda smells like Will Smith doing this just to give his buddy, Lawrence, one last big pay day.
  3. I must admit that this and Links Awakening is testing my resolve not to buy a current model Switch...I've been insistent with myself that I wouldn't dip in to the Switch until the revised, more powerful model comes out next year (hopefully). ...but this is going to be a hard thing to stick too.
  4. Really enjoying this but I've now reached near the end so I'm going to stop there and go back and complete some of the side missions and find hidden areas and collectables before attempting the final battles. Levelling up at this point seems a sensible way of avoiding frustrating multiple deaths because I haven't unlocked enough weapon/personal mods to make it easy enough to complete the game.
  5. Think I must be dead inside but I've never had any love for animation, of any kind, when it comes to feature length movies & Tv series. Animation as a genre just bores me rigid.Having had a look at the first two episodes I can admire this on a technical level and the obvious love & care thats gone into it but everything else about it just leaves me cold. ..probably because I was never taken to see Disney cartoons when I was a kid.
  6. I already pay for Amazon Prime, Netflix and of course the BBC. ...Anything that isn't on one of those three, is fair game.
  7. Never heard of this, how i hate the fragmented world of TV thesedays, so many shows just slip under the radar. ..but the good news is I've just checked my usual source for getting hold of stuff like this and they have the complete 1st season in HD for download, so all is good.
  8. A war film about the British in WW1. All that is certain is that unless it tells the story of the Americans saving the world..It will be completly ignored in the US market.
  9. Godzilla King Of The Monsters...2/5 ...without the utterly charmless human cast, I might have given it a 3.
  10. This thing is going to melt my 2080 with RTX 'on', isn't it. ..I'm going to have to accept a console like 30fps with a smeared vaseline upscaled resolution on a 4K monitor. ..Don't know if i can bring myself to do it. It's a 'Crysis' moment. Buy it now, knowing it will run looking like shit in the hope one day you'll own a PC good enough to run it as it was meant to be experienced. ...I still can't get a locked 4K 60fps in Crysis in 2019.
  11. Won't Sky be showing this? ...they have the contract with Disney for their content, I thought that was the reason why the Disney channel has no UK launch date.
  12. All I can say is it was much more enjoyable than season 2, but not a patch on season 1. ...it ran its course and didn't outstay its welcome.
  13. Its now firmly stepped over the line from being just a little bit silly to full blown absurd...they should have stopped at 2. ...Old Keanu is clearly now slowing down, as you could see on more than one occasion the stunt performers having to wait for him to complete his current batshit move before getting to them..
  14. Wow! 3 episodes in and all I can say is..what a stinking, festering pile of garbage this has turned into for season 4. Really don't think I can subject myself to anymore.
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