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  1. Well I typed it in and turns out it's that poke on Steve Davis' Snooker where the back cushion turns into one big pocket. Cyberpunk 147 confirmed.
  2. Come Sony's next handheld and not a moment before dagnabbit.
  3. I was really hoping an in-game map would appear at some point. Drat.
  4. A little spare time tomorrow and was wondering where the best guide is to get the emus up and running, so if anyone knows and cares to drop by.... *thumbsup*
  5. There's something adjacent to hype blindness. In the early days of a console release, when there's very little actually out there to play, you give the benefit of the doubt to well-reviewed titles even if they're not your bag. Some kind of paucity pull if you like. I know it had many fans and the accompanying demo was great, but man, Zone of the Enders. Boy did I ever not get along with that.
  6. I'd like to see a booth for a stealth game with a couple of heavies on patrol, and you can only get in by sneaking.
  7. I'm terrible at parrying too, but I'm going to learn and tear all that shit up.
  8. Man, I wish. Dead pet grief.
  9. Would rather be playing this all day than moping through a heatwave tbh.
  10. Oooh. Oooooooh.
  11. Paging that lad who made a helmet for his Skyrim sessions.
  12. I know a fair few touring musicians who have had joy. It helps if you've anything unusual that's been stolen, that you can tweet to keep eyes peeled for.
  13. I never played Parasol Stars, and have no idea why. Really got to sort out my Vita emulation.
  14. I need a hero I'm holdin' out for a hero sometime Saturday night He's gotta be strong And he's gotta be fast And he's gotta know the Grand Archives
  15. Given the fuzziness inherent in 'varied' I reckon the OP thread title stands up.
  16. No I got it, was just lamenting some of the hiring policies over there. Which I now get has nothing to do with what you're doing. As you were.
  17. I feel for you @Hewson- must be a grim job particularly given some in employ there. It's heartbreaking all-round and in the end it seems all you can do is decide where to draw the line and jyst dig your heels in. My line of work is oddly adjacent to all this and it's shitty when you're going without on nothing but point of principle, but in my case at least it all boils down to maintaining the ability to look at yourself in the mirror come morning. Big sigh.
  18. Is that MASK as in Boulder Hill? Most underrated toy franchise IMO.
  19. But you must have an idea of what constitutes change enough just by reading samples side-to-side right? He's bang to rights. If there's a sorry tangential aside to all this, it's how little insightful journalism thrives amongst this ceaseless churn of horseshit fuelled by social numbers, where even once-respected news outlets have become little more than glorified blogs.
  20. Did anyone else have their fan go bananas on this?
  21. Kami Set in a beautifully rendered feudal Japan, a tired Jeff Stelling seeks the one man who holds the half-time score at Fratton Park.
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