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  1. It doesn't, but if you compare it to other European leagues this season, it has been. And it has been compared to La Liga, which is the relevant one in this case. A side that comfortably made second was edged out by a side that scrapped to the end and made seventh.
  2. Doesn't change the league being uncompetitive, or are they dishing out points in the cups now?
  3. Yep. That's the current daftness. My commentator and panel here were pretty blase about it. Not offside by much, but it was off and VAR would have picked it up.
  4. Did he have a great chance to score? The one he put wide was flagged offside. EDIT: Just got to the end of your post. Serves me right replying too soon.
  5. Me neither, but I'm cynical enough to think they'll try to whitewash.
  6. Call me naive - you'd likely be right to - but a confluence of pandemic, international tournament, Murtough wanting to make a statement now he's in post, and visible protest has me thinking they might get business done sharpish this time around. (Cue Troy Deeney season-long deal, midnight on deadline day).
  7. Any excuse for Kevin Pressman:
  8. Do you think I'd be moaning about it if that were the case? Stretford End 1986-2005.
  9. Well of course. Nobody said it was easy, but there are things you have to try and do to make it happen. Think about Sacchi's shadow football, or his training setup for the back five in which his attacking XI would literally never score. It's damned hard to break down a well-drilled unit. Like I said though, if you're not taking the optimal steps to even try, you're even more up against it.
  10. To put it another way, the side that finished seventh in a competitive Spanish league edged out the side that finished second in an uncompetitive English league.
  11. I hope not. What next? Entombed and the Imperial Death March? Pitchshifter and Eleanor Rigby?
  12. Hopefully he misses the Euros. He deserves a rest and United > England.
  13. Side-note: Get your transfers done in the next fortnight you clowns.
  14. See, here's the thing. They became static because those balls weren't being played. There were one or two occasions where they got in behind easily and were unlucky not to do better from it, but they lacked either the confidence or ability to keep looking to quicken the tempo and create space for others to exploit. For all his dynamism, Bruno was the biggest problem in that regard. He can be unplayable when given time and options in front of him, but suffocated otherwise. If there was one half-time change that could have made a big difference last night, it was Mata for Bruno. But
  15. You move the ball quicker, you find space quicker, and/or you beat the man in front of you. United had two players on the bench very capable of the former, and one of the latter, and didn't try to change things. It might not have paid off, but given that their plan A did nothing (let's not forget how much good fortune there was in the goal) it was surely worth a go. But it would have meant taking off Bruno, Rashford or Pogba, and Ole didn't have the nerve to.
  16. Post-mortem time then. Ole has put United on an upward trajectory. Between who he has shipped out and who he has brought in there's a greater character to the squad, and this is the best it's been for the best part of a decade. He's done a lot of good and I reckon will continue to do so. All that said, when you build a squad of a certain strength you have to disappoint players, and the starting XI last night stunk of keeping everyone happy. I'm not being critical of the players. Everyone knows Lindelof has a cock up in him every match and this one proved fatal. He doesn
  17. You mean we were allowed a lot of the ball. Villareal have every right to play to their strengths. Every team does.
  18. Well done Villareal. Did the basics right and ground it out.
  19. No matter what happens here, Ole has a lot to answer for.
  20. They've defended very well.
  21. Deserved that slice of luck for the goal.
  22. Fair play to Pogba. He's doing everything right in that deeper role. Can't believe Ole hasn't gone to a back three. He's going to need to give van der Beek more than the last ten minutes. Still there to be won, this.
  23. Well I hope I'm wrong, but that line-up has me worried. Will really need to stay on the front foot and this side has been hot and cold on that score. Fingers crossed.
  24. I find it hard to believe Wan-Bissaka hasn't made a tournament squad. At some point you'd imagine a top side will have England under the cosh, and his one on one defending is streets ahead of the alternatives. He wouldn't be my first choice for most games, but he'd be ideal for some.
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