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  1. Whoever would've thought that playing with better teammates would make a player look better? Amazing.
  2. He really isn't. He just doesn't have Kante alongside him.
  3. Yeah, I think you're right. Can anyone confirm?
  4. It was about right. 30 secs per sub, the lad down for cramp, plus stoppages. If officials took stoppage time seriously every match instead of just adding two or three minutes when a game is already well won, it wouldn't look odd on the occasions a game is tight and they decide to apply the laws correctly. Proper pet hate of mine.
  5. Good point for Sweden that. Poor old Jordi Alba. He was relentless all night.
  6. Sweden's keeper deserves a point at least from this.
  7. It's part of the hangover from their last great side. They seem obsessed with having a focal point up top now, as if the game has moved on from when they were cleaning up. He's the closest thing they have, though God knows why they persist with it as an approach.
  8. If they had Isak they'd be out of sight. Unfortunately he's stuck up top for these cloggers. Not a great half.
  9. Awful situation. Thoughts going his way.
  10. Your number seven is decent.
  11. That's the flipside of the openness granted when you're operating on the whims of an heiress. One day, she might get bored. Enjoy it while it's around.
  12. That opening bid reflects the market coming out of the pandemic. Some good players are going to go for a chunk of change less than expected.
  13. Trailer might as well have been cobbled together by a neural network, but the release date is welcome. This will obviously be top drawer.
  14. Sometimes I look at the time elapsed between some of these bumps and think about what has happened over it, and it's deeply humbling.
  15. @dave7g- get yourself stuck into Into the Breach, if you haven't already. Should be very readable for you and it's an absolute classic.
  16. Everything is expensive here mind. Takes some getting used to.
  17. And done, although I'll be back in to complete and just to enjoy for a long time to come. An all-time top 5 for me. Maybe top 3. As with the very best, it's a game the kid me was imagining when plonked in front of the Speccy.
  18. What's he done to warrant that? Did I miss something?
  19. How could you tell, given the opposition?
  20. I really like the look of this. One to watch. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-06-07-vandal-sim-sludge-life-has-the-makings-of-a-classic
  21. Why? This fascinates me.
  22. Anybody that gives this shit the time of day needs their head examining.
  23. I don't know how anybody who has supported United since before 2005 can hold any of your thoughts, for so many reasons. It's dumbfounding. Good luck to you mind, I envy your naivete.
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