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  1. He'd have a lot of fun down their right, and cripple their best threat getting forward.
  2. Very surprised Sancho hasn't started tonight.
  3. If there's ever just crowd noise I'll take it. The odd 'red button' job or dodgy stream will have it, but really should be an option for every game.
  4. Understated comment on their balance sheet. Nicely done.
  5. Lads, for your own sanity, mute the match. They won't say anything you can't see for yourself, plus you get to have some tunes on.
  6. Pity van Dijk and van der Beek weren't ready for this Dutch squad. Just a bit more quality and they'd give most sides a game.
  7. Good for him. Never lacked for effort at United, and was a good lad with it.
  8. Eriksen holding them back with his showboating....
  9. Should be. Assuming it won't. Makes no odds if Pogba has laughed it off or not.
  10. Might be handy. Good luck coming up with a catch-all mind. http://nonbinary.wiki/wiki/Gender_symbols
  11. Yeah. I'm just shouting at clouds. Annoyed that I got to see that ghost of a goal from Mbappe.
  12. France have defended space and man immaculately.
  13. Great match that. Nice to see two positive teams slug it out. Reckon Germany might have a bit in the tank too. Them vs Portugal could be tasty.
  14. Fair that, but it still seems a bit daft to insist on it every time. I think it's one of those things best thought of as an extension of playing to the whistle, and accepting it will lead to the odd joyless moment.
  15. Yeah, as gone over above. Still the right call though.
  16. Some HDTV consideration I believe. Doesn't make much sense to me but it's a production ballache.
  17. Despite France being much the better team, I reckon there could be a twist in the tale with Sane coming on. Been a good game this.
  18. It's the law isn't it? They have to complete the phase of play in case VAR gives it. They've chopped and changed it so much I don't even know anymore.
  19. Brilliant player. This phase of play/offside/VAR nonsense is so annoying. He was offside. Don't tease us with a goal that good just to flag it.
  20. Look out Jenas, here comes the insight....
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