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  1. Most platforms would go for F:NV over Elder Scrolls right now. Between Witcher and Amazon's Tolkien take the post-GoT fantasy landscape is pretty full. NV would definitely be my favourite Fallout to work with, but it would need a long-haul commitment to get the best out of it, and I don't know if any platform would have faith enough in making a return on investment.
  2. Yes, and it's been spun into a successful game and board game too. It's based in fact but has enough space to work a strong bible, and ultimately that's the document that'll see TV get greenlit. After Chernobyl's success, and in the current economic climate for shooting, I'd be surprised if someone didn't take a stab at it.
  3. The only one I've seen a decent pitch for was The Swapper, but it didn't seem to get anywhere. I'd be surprised if This War of Mine doesn't end up a miniseries though.
  4. Still a mighty fine magazine, but no mention of Bloodborne on the 2015 review page? Slapped wrists all round.
  5. There's surely been more indie IP this gen than any other, hasn't there? Certainly feels like more stuff is released. Or is this a definition of IP only as one that has shown itself to be franchised?
  6. New Beta branch update. Won't spoil but some great stuff therein.
  7. As always, rationalwiki helps. https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Forbes
  8. General tips. 1. Don't build a deck focused on one thing. As the game progresses you'll need the deck to do different things. A good Act Three Card may not be a good Act One card. 2. Orange Pellets! This relic and judicious use of debuffs is essential IMO. 3. Focus on having enough block, and let the damage tick away. 4. Don't take cards just because they're offered - the best move for your deck, after a point, is often to skip a pick-up. 5. Don't forget you have potions (amazing how often that gets overlooked). 6. A 0 cost card does have a cost. It's stopping another card appearing in its place. They can be very useful and have a lot of strategy built around them, but don't fall into the trap of taking them because you may be able to play more cards in a given turn. 7. Loosely-related, Snecko Eye and a load of 2+ cards is always worth it.
  9. This is true to a point, but it's worth remembering it's not an either or. You can direct your anger towards those that create the problem while also closing your wallets to those who exploit it.
  10. Not always a plus, but full orchestral soundtracks and voice-acting.
  11. A15 with Watcher and have hit a wall. Would like to get the full set but will have a break for a bit.
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