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  1. That's grim as. Sponsored by Jake Bugg. You need to take to the streets over that.*
  2. 15% sell-on. Considering the pandemic, they've done alright.
  3. I played once, as a teen, against a then elite footballer, and even as a decent developing player it was chastening. Different class completely.
  4. Well done whoever scouted QPR for pre-season. Good game, plenty of running in them.
  5. Lovely strike for QPR's third. Andreas Pereira once again showing his world-famous total lack of footballing brain.
  6. Lewandowski is the better striker; Kane is the better centre-forward.
  7. Barrios plays for Zenit, formerly of Boca Juniors. He does the job United need and does it well. Great attitude.
  8. I imagine that was down to the Cornelius bullying situation.
  9. It was the sure sign of a know-nowt if you heard them come out with, "Why doesn't Pogba play like this at United?" during the Euros. For better and for worse, he does. Camavinga and Barrios thanks. United aren't winning the league this season anyway (barring some calamities elsewhere), so keep building. FWIW I think the job of a single screening midfielder would be made much easier with an upgrade at centre-back.
  10. I'd be happier rid of him for 50m or more. He gets in the way of building a squad, and he'll only ever be the gold leaf on an already high-end product. This United squad isn't good enough to indulge him. He's absolutely fantastic at football, while somehow only managing to be a footballer one game in ten. If he doesn't want to knuckle down and focus on every aspect of the game, it's best for United he goes.
  11. How the hell do I download it and play it on the regular?
  12. He's not for sale this summer. That's really all there is to Haaland.
  13. Valid concern, but charging for these things in isolation might be just the thing to force them to pull their fingers out.
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