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  1. GamesGamesGames

    Last game that you couldn't put down?

    Probably Into the Breach.
  2. GamesGamesGames

    Wireframe - a new gaming magazine (yes, on real paper)

    There'll always be teething troubles, but as a new publication goes it's good. Feels like a niche that could be nicely filled.
  3. GamesGamesGames

    Game Maker's Toolkit: A Series on Video Game Design

    I can only say Oim not Mark Brown so many times.
  4. GamesGamesGames

    Game Maker's Toolkit: A Series on Video Game Design

    I guess it's helped some with accessibility issues*. * poor joke
  5. GamesGamesGames


    Get back in.
  6. GamesGamesGames


    Big choice from hunter @Mawdlin Loosely-related:
  7. GamesGamesGames


    Oh yes big moment.
  8. GamesGamesGames


    What's your single favourite part of Bloodborne? Mine:
  9. GamesGamesGames

    Playstation Vita

    Everybody's Golf Vita is wholly where it's at.
  10. GamesGamesGames

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Must use the same code as Twitter....
  11. GamesGamesGames

    Playstation Vita

    Fantastic machine. Woefully unsupported.
  12. GamesGamesGames


    I don't have my PS4 here otherwise I'd be all over this.
  13. GamesGamesGames


    So good. And so beautiful.
  14. GamesGamesGames

    Your Very Best Gaming Year

    In two thousand AD I had a very good year Played Deus Ex and nothing else that I recall Augs spared health when I'd fall Ladies' bogs I did crawl Icarus gave me the fear
  15. GamesGamesGames


    Big chunks of it are moonlit.

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