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  1. Thee Hospital Leeches and trepanning ahoy in this medieval med-em-up.
  2. Anyone playing this on its highest difficulty setting? Would like to know how the challenge is.
  3. Watching a stream of this on my sickbed. Soulslite with emphasis on the lite. Looks fun.
  4. Related: Despite loving immersive sims I completely bounced off DX:MD.
  5. Invisible bastard Inc. On paper, it ticks every box. Bounced off it four times, three of those barely beyond the intro. Bored me rigid.
  6. That's a very good way of viewing it, and would explain why I bounced off it.
  7. Good work on the title edit. *fist bump*
  8. I pronounce it the latter, but would also accept Gotty or Gotyer.
  9. Hahaha. And yes. The best game.
  10. I'll be fuming if Death Stranding doesn't have gift-wrapped payloads to deliver.
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