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  1. Voted but couldn't find the 'Occurring in Yharnham' option I needed.
  2. I'd like a security systems update where ships were open to being stolen if you weren't careful.
  3. Need more photos of your gaff @Floshenbarnical
  4. This is what it's all about.
  5. That's a ludicrous bit of work. Good golly.
  6. Can't wait for Empire of Sin.
  7. Congratulations, and sympathies for your comedown.
  8. Buy a Kevin Drumm sub from bandcamp and head for deep space.
  9. That was so hard that I struggled to even hide while you and @Brokerput the graft in.
  10. Any time I see Bloodborne repurposed in some other media a little bit of steam toots from my ears, and my hat lifts clean off my head. Humph.
  11. Aye, while tripping my tits off.
  12. Switching out the starting relic is the best. Shit or bust. Some of the most fun I've had on this.
  13. That's a great response @Gorf King- I guess we just lie where we land with it. I spend way too much time dealing with dialogue edits in working life and, just how you can't believe your hearing can't be heard, well I'm just the same with mine. Likewise, I'm out and not a moment too soon. Never thought I'd be pining for RP but that's 2019 for you.
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