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  1. The Irish Times running with this as intentional is hilarious, by the way.
  2. Play Noita all day.
  3. The interactions of systems to produce emergent gameplay. Yes please.
  4. Pro Evo with my brother, best part of twenty years back now. Kept an oasis of good mood under a roof that held anything but.
  5. Invisible War was a more interesting Deus Ex title than Mankind Divided.
  6. No Mas Sky - You are Rupert Murdoch. Get the best deal for broadcast right to repeats of the Duran vs Ray Leonard rematch.
  7. Hark at the Souls police.
  8. You need to jump clean into the well, no clipping the sides. It's tricky but keep at it.
  9. The best example of plotting in any medium this past decade. Outstanding.
  10. Gaming's John Lewis Christmas ad moment. Awful.
  11. The support that has been put behind NMS is really impressive. What started as patching a game that felt unfinished has become almost a title all its own.
  12. Well worth sorting out the necessary option files. Whack it right up to top difficulty and you won't find a better single-player football game. The file management is utterly shit though.
  13. All I want from open world games in this regard is an in-game option to draw a map, and options to buy maps for annotation. That, with every notification switched off, would be great.
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