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  1. Very fond of the new Sugar Wounds album Calico Dreams. Grindcore and shoegaze shouldn't go together, but somehow do.
  2. The nerve of calling something an elite competition, while in the same breath trumpeting new spots for elite clubs that failed to qualify.
  3. I walked away from United in 2005 after being home and away most of my life, and they haven't had a penny since in any form. I'll never not support the team, but the club can do one under this occupation. As for this Super League, it's hard not to sneer at everyone who continued to hand coin over after 2005. This is what they've put money down for. Warned back then, warned when that 39th game nonsense reared its head.... You've one vote, and it's your wallet. Daytrippers won't stick it out in the long-term, and 650 million social media followers isn't so impressive when the bulk of
  4. It's a proper romp for sure. If you can roll with all the ham, or get in touch with your kid self enough, it's a lot of fun.
  5. Terrible ref today. Solid win.
  6. They'll still pony up for it though, and that's all that matters. Sincerely, Not one penny since 2005.
  7. Donny van der Beek is such a savvy player as a number 10. Lovely option against a packed defence. His movement and awareness are so good.
  8. I'm assuming they've done some amazing things with the sound design because the script is unbelievably dull, and there must be some reason for the attention it's getting.
  9. I love how he doesn't pronounce the start of 'From', for added mock-homeliness. Mmmtheoaaasthouse
  10. Brilliant match that. Easy to say Bayern missed Lewandowski over the two legs, but Christ they missed Goretzka even more tonight. Having to shift Alaba really left them that bit more brittle on the break.
  11. About 700 million net spend since 2013. About twice that gone down the plughole since 2005 under the Glazer occupation.
  12. I don't necessarily agree with this, but I do think he has lost the drive and charisma to pull his troops together and die for a shared cause. If football was about pulling a group of strangers together and preparing them for a one-off match, I'd still back him over any other coach not to lose. Unfortunately for him there's a lot more to it than that, and what once held a squad in his thrall now smacks of rambling paranoia.
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