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  1. Still a top-ten great. What I wouldn't give for a full-fat remake.
  2. PCMan - Gobble up all the copies of Cyberpunk 2077 before anyone can give money to the company. Green Bert - Elite soldier side-scroller goes eco-friendly. Skool Daz - That lad Darren in year 8 sim.
  3. I thought that too, but reckon it's more the serious hours that have been put in this past year. It's a fucking marvel.
  4. I was just going to post differently - I think that's a really good review. It sums up what the game offers and definitely points out that it won't be for everyone (you know, cowards).
  5. Great fun watching a few streamers starting from scratch with this.
  6. A whole bunch of this is valid and should make a difference as to where a customer chooses to spend, but building of alternate realities may well shine lights on aspects of society that are distasteful to the now. I don't feel great about that being in the same pile unless it's at odds to the source material.
  7. Isco Elysium Real Madrid benchwarmer takes time away from football, gets drunk, and investigates local mystery. Spiderman: Miles Morals Next-gen borefest as good guy spends time explaining why he feels it wrong to attack. Dowfall 8-bit aesthetic stock market crash sim.
  8. Has to be PC. Weight of numbers and relative price, plus it's the only Noita platform thus far. PS4 has a fantastic catalogue though, and it's hard to understate the value of Bloodborne.
  9. Three times. Three times. Three times.... Yeah, finally out of Early Access, so it'll only be my GotY for two years on the spin. Still a daily delight. Still the GoAT.
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