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  1. Actually @Adrock, you deserve better than that. It's all hugely emotive and I sometimes forget we're on an internet forum. You could be from anywhere and English may not be your first language. To be totally clear, the whole thing is sickening and indefensible. My first word in response to it here was 'Sickening'...then I said and. Not but. Had I said 'but' you could rightly view it as someone defending the indefensible. I didn't do that. If I've come off as spiky then I apologise. I first met Mason when he was 12 - literally a kid and a sweet-natured one at that. I (and many others) would never, ever have expected this kid to become that bastard. Do I believe that 'too much, too soon' can corrupt people in the vilest ways? Yes. Am I excusing it? No. I believe I can say that without being viewed as defending a rapist. I haven't done that, or offered an excuse for the behaviour. Get it to court. The evidence, which appears overwhelming, should see him sent down for a long time. I'd say the same of anybody, regardless of the road travelled.
  2. Yeah, imagine that. My first reaction was revulsion, but I'm sure there are others who have reacted like you're saying.
  3. I've known Mason since long before he was a star player at United, and if I'm not a good judge of character, then at least I'm in the same boat as everyone else who has known him for that length of time, all of whom are shocked and appalled by this. You might be closer, in which case thanks for the insight.
  4. Sickening, and a warning to anyone about the dangers of letting status go to your head. I know Mason, and you'd have him so far down the list of anyone likely to be this stripe of bastard, and here we are today. Let's hope justice is fully dealt.
  5. 20 Degrees - Lukewarm skate sim. Fire PR Wrestling - Settle agency redundancies by way of the graps. Rz - Euphoric on-rails shooting, minus the comedown.
  6. Not really, just think that the feel of it seems so well suited to M+K. Even if I'm right, I'll just relearn. More Noita beats playing anything else.
  7. That's the only lesson. Que sera.
  8. Diallo up to Glasgow to see out the season in that clownshow. Might be good for him dropping down a level and being booted by cloggers most weeks.
  9. Reworked contracts all over the shop to 'reduce' the wage bill. Got Messi and a few other big earners off, with a couple more to come, and are just about scraping in. Fucking mess, and so they should be.
  10. I've convinced myself that Noita really has to be mouse and keyboard - I hope I'm wrong.
  11. I never doubted Housemarque would pull it off, given rein to. Returnal is outstanding and a worthy GotY.
  12. If you must do business with those cunts, at least get your money's worth.
  13. The Last Guy 4K pls lol Seriously though, The Last Guy please.
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