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  1. Any more views on this? Tempted to order one now.
  2. Dang, seems a try it and see game. Will keep the order and if it's effing mega hard, trade it and be happy with Forza then.
  3. Playing on Xbox, I really could not deal with the handling in the first game it was simply mega twitchy. I have just ordered this after watching a variety of reviews, how is the handling this time round, again I will be playing on Xbox and using a pad. I know I will be getting Forza 7 next week too, so maybe I can skip this game for now.
  4. xCJW

    SNES Mini

    Never a truer word written. Gutted it didnt make it on,
  5. I done exactly that too. There must of been 20 odd options to variety of things too. I buy most my hardware there still, but everything is normally online or digitally.
  6. Awesome game, loving it to bits still. Only rank 59, was online last night and some person was ranked in the 400's!
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