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  1. Sunderland's win is being a tad overstated by the media.

    Just a bit.

    But we didn't get 'lucky'. 2nd half especially, we matched Spurs competently. It wasn't the best game, apart from that amazing 93rd minute that I made the mistake of celebrating in a Newcastle pub, but we just about edged it. You'll have to really pick up your game if you fancy 4th place.

  2. I'm not there until September 12th but the tickets arrived yesterday and as such there's something tangible to excite me. Cannot wait.

  3. Thats the one, i forgot to mention the name..oops. Theyre incredibly cheap, break street on anything, sell imports etc. Spot on.

    Yeah, they're tops. Where's the one in Durham opening, do you know? I'm moving back there soon for a short while, but it'll coincide with Bioshock being released and I've plenty of pap to trade in.

  4. I'd really like a game like the original rainbow six where 6 of you went on a mission and when one man died yopu took control of another. if they all died you failed the mission. I'd love that now but rather than just retrying the mission the next mission is what happens as a result of your success/failure, and you have an all new team of men. If you manage to keep previous men alive they get tougher and tougher.

    Yeah, it was a real tragedy when Ding Chavez bit the bullet. And that mint British sniper with the lush 'tache.

  5. Nah, you definitely hear it. Yes there was a gunshot at the same time but I definitely heard him say "motherfucker".

    Aye. Also, it clearly sounded like 'dickhead' to me rather than 'thickhead', unless Chow was joking? The swearing seemed passable to me; it was the lack of gore that was disappointing, but at least some claret was on show.

  6. Their singer has a fucking fat face for someone so skinny...

    Doesn't he just? Their music also sounds like a cock being slapped off wet concrete, or a wet cock being slapped on dry concrete. You choose.

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