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    The Spurs Thread

    Just a bit. But we didn't get 'lucky'. 2nd half especially, we matched Spurs competently. It wasn't the best game, apart from that amazing 93rd minute that I made the mistake of celebrating in a Newcastle pub, but we just about edged it. You'll have to really pick up your game if you fancy 4th place.
  2. Tequila


    I'm not there until September 12th but the tickets arrived yesterday and as such there's something tangible to excite me. Cannot wait.
  3. Yeah, they're tops. Where's the one in Durham opening, do you know? I'm moving back there soon for a short while, but it'll coincide with Bioshock being released and I've plenty of pap to trade in.
  4. Tequila


    There had better be trolleys in every level. It's the best thing in it by far. Just needs tightening up before release, especially the useless cover system.
  5. It looks like Nemesis late on in RE3, when his jacket is burned off. It all looks like shite.
  6. Yeah, it was a real tragedy when Ding Chavez bit the bullet. And that mint British sniper with the lush 'tache.
  7. Reminds me of Wesker's Mercenaries game haymaker. Very nice.
  8. Cage is a fucking tool, and that rocket man line is possibly the most cringeworthy in film history, but it's still a fucking mint film. Biehn. Candyman. John C. McGinley. Sean. And so on. And so forth. Top stuff. "YOU WALKED INTO THE WRONG GODDAMN ROOM, COMMANDER!"
  9. Oh, it's all very lovely. Most props to, surprise suprise, Chelsea Rodgers. As mentioned, that bassline really is something else.
  10. The RE3 backgrounds seem to be nicked from Outbreak. Lazy, lazy, lazy.
  11. Can't fucking believe they've farmed it out. My anticipation's retreated up my arsecrack.
  12. I've never laughed so hard and for so long in a cinema as when I watched that scene. The icing on the cake was a pair of old ladies sat in the front row. Fuck knows what they thought.
  13. Aye. Also, it clearly sounded like 'dickhead' to me rather than 'thickhead', unless Chow was joking? The swearing seemed passable to me; it was the lack of gore that was disappointing, but at least some claret was on show.
  14. Witness the opening of Psycho Cop. Stick with it for the horrendous rewards.
  15. It's full of shit but really man, if it's causing you mental stress then just watch it!
  16. Harmonica's theme. Yes! The rest was great too.
  17. What perfect timing. I re-enter the world of Live after a hiatus far too long for my liking, and there's a free resurgence in Vegas juice. Game time.
  18. From what I can remember, the T-Rex still looks fucking class in the rain-soaked attack sequence. Not sure about the rest.
  19. Doesn't he just? Their music also sounds like a cock being slapped off wet concrete, or a wet cock being slapped on dry concrete. You choose.
  20. Keane and their Greggs pasty-faced smarmy cunt of a vocalist.
  21. Bloody hell, just found out the real Felicia Pearson is 27! Adult ruthlessness given a childlike form. Scary as fuck.
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