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  1. Considering the demo is exactly the same as the final game, writ small, it's definitely crazy talk.
  2. Dude, I've only just realised you post on Mapcore as well. I must have been blind to miss this fact. What a lush pillar.
  3. Well I never. Been following 1.5 longer than I can remember, and that's a nice video. Doesn't really reveal much I haven't already seen before, but the quality is so much clearer. Mind you, I liked the early (early, early) screenshots that had a blue tinge to them, whereas that video makes the game look very bland - even for an alpha version.
  4. Spot on. The world's turned upside down.
  5. I love The Wire. Have I mentioned that before? He must love , what with the choice of the S2 finale song. Should be great.
  6. Jesus wept, Fifa it is then. Can't believe I'm actually having to write this. Seabass can choke on a giant cock L1 + Triangle'd from here to Japan.
  7. Considering what Avon did, I think he deserved that little home truth.
  8. Memento, for the Carrie-Anne Moss neo-noir flavour. She can be the harshest bitch of all noir, and has a great deal of complexity to keep you interested.
  9. The Empire in Newcastle's canny, primarily because you can have more-or-less a double feature by walking out of one film into the next. There's never anyone checking beyond the initial entrance. I'm hardly helping a declining business, but the prices are ridiculous.
  10. Today I coffin'd into an old lady and she fell over onto the road. Fantastic game.
  11. Cave/indoor flight sections are always complete cunts, but strangely fantastic when you get to the end. No doubt there'll be several in 6.
  12. Tequila


    Mamma mia. Great write-up, Graham. I know what you mean about the people sat around you often making the experience all the sweeter. Me and my friend were in tears when a frazzle-haired overweight Italian guy started singing along to the chorus of Purple Rain with what can only be described as a farmer's accent (not that I'm au fait with Italian farmers). He even bought us drinks before the encore, what a guy!
  13. Tequila


    Was the main show the usual two hours or so, or longer? Damn.
  14. That montage at the end with the Steve Earle song, man, when it zooms into Nick Sobotka's Pi-esque tattoo, gets me every time!
  15. Tequila


    Saw him last night, as part of a pretty damn enjoyable two-day London trip. Quite easily the best show of my life so far, and it'll take something amazing to top it. Most of the classics I wanted to hear in some form or another, some lovely covers, and wild solos for pretty much every instrument. 2 hours of heaven, and I can finally appreciate just how tight the NPG are and how talented the wee lad is. "I may be small, but so is dynamite." Amen.
  16. Inland Empire all the way to the bank.
  17. Yeah, my friend's in it as a Dunkirk soldier.
  18. Tequila

    The Riff

    Knocking around in my head right now:
  19. Really looking forward to another viewing of this. I'll tell you something, Tyneside Cinema taking over the old Gateshead Town Hall for its opening was a masterstroke. A massive screen showing an amazing film, with comfy sofas, and being surrounded by my amigos and fellow Lynch fans gives you the best cinema experience of my life.
  20. Tequila


    They became little bears with claws in the PAL version. NTSC got the full deranged faceless bambino glory.
  21. Tequila

    The Spurs Thread

    Fair enough, but I'd be more worried about all four of your quality strike-force being kept quiet by a 21-year-old and a former right-back who was meant to be totally found out in the Premiership. Quite the opposite, as it turned out.
  22. Tequila


    Pretty sure he works for Midway here in Newcastle, but in that case I'd expect to get the thing for free. Tsk.
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