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  1. I fucking knew that little kid would be the one to take Omar out. Marlo's away with it now, free to rule - some bullshit, such as the truth, is bound to drag Lester's investigation down.

    The accuracy of the Quantico profile in describing McNulty was also pure class.

    2 to go. All good things...

  2. Omar's quest for vengeance is seat of your pants stuff. The old blind man is always tortured and murdered in everything, isn't he?

    See: Barb Wire. Or, ideally, don't.


    McNulty is one sick fuck. He's even disgusting himself! Can't wait to see where this leads.

    Omar continues to be sweet as a nut too.

    The Wire: the tops.

  3. Fantastic film in parts, fucking frustrating in others.

    The monster was shown far too much at night, but then to have it waltz around Central Park in broad fucking daylight, revealing it have a head like a baboon's arse, was the straw that broke this camel's back. Imagination: raped. For my money, the 'I love you' scene should have stayed in the helicopter, Hud killed by the crash (his grim cries as they are dropping given significance), firebombed to fuck as the radio reports that the beast is still active. Sorted.

    Also, I did like the little touch of it crashing into the sea in the final shot.

    Its execution and originality overcome my gripes, however. Really enjoyable cinematic experience.

  4. Hmmm interesting I loved Flagpole Sitta when it came out. I have the single. Never bought anything else by them but will take a look now. Flagpole Sitta does have one of my favourite Lyrics of all time though

    "Fingertips have memories, Mine can't forget the curves of your body"

    Oh and

    "Been around the World and found that only stupid people are breeding"

    Sean Nelson is the best active lyricist right now, for my money. Doesn't hurt that he has a great voice either. Seriously, check out the three albums, King James Version especially, and you'll find hundreds more witty, humourous and truthful lines.

  5. For The Band, you can't go wrong as introductions go with their self-titled effort: Rag Mama Rag is a particular highlight, but none of it disappoints. Throw in a few tracks from their Dylan-backed first album Music from Big Pink (The Weight being the most famous and quite fantastic of those) and you'll be well on your way. They're fucking mint.

    Here's my Top 10 for one of my favourite bands, the criminally-unknown Harvey Danger, so please do yourselves a favour and check them out.

    1. Sad Sweetheart Of The Rodeo

    2. The Thrilling Conversation You've Been Waiting For

    3. Carlotta Valdez (lyrically, one for the Vertigo and Hitchcock lovers out there)

    4. Happiness Writes White

    5. Jack The Lion

    6. Meetings With Remarkable Men

    7. Loyalty Bldg

    8. Wine, Women And Song

    9. Why I'm Lonely

    10. Terminal Annex

    You'll notice that their biggest (or rather, only) hit, Flagpole Sitta, which is the theme song to Peep Show from Series 2 onwards, doesn't even make the list. It's a good song, but these are all better. When quality comes in quantity, you know you're winning big.


    This thread is the tops.

  6. I'm sure the S5 intro, which tends to have future developments mixed in, has images of The Baltimore Sun with a headline along the lines of 'Serial Killer Murdering Homeless'. McNulty's gonna get his wish.


    Scratch that, the actual image that flashes by quickly is a smaller article with the title 'Slayings of homeless men could be related'. Suggests the same thing, mind.

  7. Dear me, youse never even hit 2nd gear. We need a new back four in January if we want to survive.

    That young lad Waghorn and ex-MNU alumni Richardson were the only positives. Well played, anyhow.

  8. Prince was everything I'd ever hoped for and more.

    Maximo Park were pretty fucking good tonight in Newcastle, but then I think I've been made bias by the free drinks at the aftershow party.

    Got high, high hopes for Jimmy Eat World in 2008.

  9. Good games indeed, and some comical AI behaviour. We weren't much better, like. Sorry I couldn't stay for a 4th game but my flatmate demanded COD4 and I thought I'd end on the high note of my Zlatan brace.

    Plenty more games to come in the future I hope.

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