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  1. I'm sat here listening to The Police, completely oblivious to this being released. Need to sort my fuckin' life out, no? The soundtrack sounds enough of a reason to purchase.
  2. Tequila

    Rock Band!

    It's the heaviest song on Little by Little, guitar-wise, so no wonder they've plonked for it. I'd prefer something from the earlier albums, but hell, as you say, chuffed to see HD getting some long-overdue public presence.
  3. I don't want to live in a world where Reggie Bannister isn't the most important character in cinema. But that's for another thread.
  4. Tequila

    Reading/Leeds 2008

    This. A thousand fucking times, this. "You what, you what?" can fuck right off too. Had a great time at Leeds though, despite the cunts and getting far too muddy. Rage were unreal, but Metallica had to be the highlight. Amazing set.
  5. EDF: "Damn you, Mothership. DID WE WAKE YOU UP?" Tenchu 2: "Thieves and mountain bandiiiiiiiits." Sunset Riders: "My money." (Said distorted to fuck). All of RE4.
  6. Fuckin' rights. My hunger for all things skate has been steadily growing since a chance meeting with Pat Duffy in Barcelona. This looks top.
  7. "Oh my word, a visitor." I need to play this game. The sheer balls of it.
  8. Same bloke, minus the Russian gunships.
  9. This. Almost choked on a pretzel frist time I heard it.
  10. Thank fuck. Less nonsense, cheers Capcom lads.
  11. I really did enjoy this a great deal but the last level is the biggest piece of shit I've had the misfortune of playing in the last 5 or so years of gaming. Staggeringly awful design decisions in both gameplay and aesthetics. Condemned 3 needs to take a step back from such nonsense.
  12. The Bowie episode had me in kinks. Absolutely immense stuff.
  13. Ghostdancing - Simple Minds. You will smile.
  14. Tequila

    Reading/Leeds 2008

    Can't BELIEVE I'm going to see Rage. Oh man.
  15. Anyone else have that shite bug where you can't use LT to zoom in and investigate things? It first struck
  16. Original material only: 1. Ridge Racer 2. Deus Ex 3. Resident Evil 2
  17. 'The past doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes.' What a fine ending to a fine fucking TV show. The best, in fact.
  18. Sorry, dude. I missed DangerM's post and was continuing on from the other 9-talk.
  19. The Dutch Eredivisie last season: Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts 1. PSV 34 23 6 5 75 25 +50 75 2. Ajax 34 23 6 5 84 35 +49 75
  20. Gearbox, whatever you're going to do, do it fast! My favourite film = my favourite game? I'd love it to be true.
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