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  1. Got mine in June 2006 and it's still going strong. I've just jinxed it haven't I? Fuck.
  2. Insanely good. The production values alone are off the chart. Better start practising my McCartney pursed-lip-stare-to-the-heavens harmony face.
  3. Neat trailer. Some vague recollection flashed in my head during the part with the pavement transfer, and sure enough my subconcious was bang-on. It's filmed outside Barcelona's MACBA Museum, where I spent one May night last year drinking rum with Pat Duffy and other skaters until 5am. Surreal. As for the peripheral though, I'm not exactly convinced. Looks like a recipe for chronic back pain.
  4. Co-op Twisted Metal Black is the tits. Everything else associated is pish.
  5. As long as you cast Reggie Bannister, and his four-barrelled boomstick, then how can you fail?
  6. Yeah, I remember it being a huge story when they did years ago. I'm thinking more of the top-level staff. George Broussard's probably too mental to care, though.
  7. Unbelievable, Jeff. How gutted would you be to have been on the DNF team from beginning to bitter end? More than a decade wasted for fuck all.
  8. I can't believe all 12 of them voted for de_dust. Typical.
  9. Brilliant live band, yeah. There's something about two drummers facing off that elates my spirit something fierce. Not sure if it'll translate well to CD, mind.
  10. And: The harmonies, oh the harmonies. "Who's gonna sit on your face" indeed. They're fantastic live too. Nothing else has really stood out so far.
  11. Chapter 83's a real humdinger.
  12. Tequila


    P-P-P-Power Stone!
  13. OH SHIII. Brilliant. I've got no speakers here at work, so a listen will have to wait. Still, TWO new albums? This is some generous Ferrero Rocher shit right here.
  14. Tequila

    Yacht Rock

    He's great in The Thing, too. Doesn't sing though. Shame.
  15. Tequila

    Yacht Rock

    It's a great series of comedy sketches, but a truly divine sub-genre of music. I keep forgettin'... how awesome Michael McDonald is. Look at those eyes. Look deep. You could swim in them! Keep the fire, guys.
  16. Good hunting. I need to give it a proper go tonight as well. It's been sitting neglected for weeks.
  17. To be fair to Usher, I only got the game yesterday and had a mere hour's blast on it. The title song will no doubt grow on me, until it pumps me up for fighting like gentle, bland steroids.
  18. Did they hire Usher to perform the title song? Other than that, it's lovely.
  19. Ships of the night. Amazing.
  20. Do you get to shoot shit from the top of Sagrada Familia? That would be pleasant.
  21. Amen. I'm sticking Solid Air on right now. That and Nick Drake's Pink Moon are perfect companion albums, especially due to their strong friendship. Hope you go down easy, John.
  22. Slightly miffed that I bought Left 4 Dead for £27 yesterday and it's now £20, but Trials 2 for £1.49 soothes the pain.
  23. It was a pleasure killing this calculated bastard. Great character.
  24. Amen. Damn wench turns up everywhere.
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