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  1. Well this is just a delight isn't it. I'm open right now and I have apples for anyone who wants them by the airport - 3M9S5
  2. <ignore this, it was a pocket post>
  3. Is this...is this the greatest launch line-up of any games platform in history? I'm not even being facetious. I've played six or seven games so far and none have them have been anything less than fun, unique and interesting, and there are at least 30-40 games I've seen listed that have me equally excited. I had some serious gaming time put aside this weekend for the first time in a while, with plans to finish Fire Emblem and Gears 5 as well as wanting to spend some time on the Call of Duty beta. It says something that they all got neglected in favour of working my way through these, and seeing as I haven't played any games on my iPhone since swearing off Clash Royale fairly early on, this has to count as easily my biggest and best gaming surprise of the year. Favourites so far are Grindstone, Chu Chu Rocket, Sayonara: Wild Hearts (although technically I played it on the Switch...), Assemble with Care (despite its naff story), Mini Motorways, and Pinball Wizard.
  4. Ditto. This game is going to be huge isn't it?
  5. I really liked the gameplay in this in the same way I enjoyed PC Building Simulator - it is equally fun, relaxing and satisfying to virtually fix stuff. Plus it is as aesthetically beautiful as you would expect from the team behind Monument Valley. I found the story pretty trite thought, and it massive overplays its hand in terms of sentimentality very early on. The very first puzzle ends with Barf.
  6. Yeah, the ‘shop’ on the console is just a form to enter codes. I haven’t seen evidence of anyone being able to make it work, which makes sense given the disparity in prices. The Hotline Miami collection, for example, is £3.49 on the Argentinian eShop, £22.49 in the UK.
  7. Heave Ho! is genuinely an all time great quick look.
  8. Has anyone had any luck buying from the Argentinian eShop? I worked out yesterday that currently you can buy Risk of Rain 2, Katana Zero and the Hotline Miami Collection together and still have change from £15. Only problem is it won’t accept my credit card and there’s no way to buy eShop credit. If anyone has any tips or success stories let me know.
  9. I think Austin is excellent and a huge force for good but in podcasting it very much depends who is in the room with him. He's absolutely brilliant when paired with someone with limitless goofy energy like Vinny or Dan, and one of my favourite GB members ever. When he's alongside someone who wants to 'get into the weeds' with him about politics and sociological impact (i.e most of Waypoint) it does often feel like being trapped in an endless game of intellectual and moral one-upmanship. Essentially, if it's clear that no one is going to attempt to challenge Austin's status as the Smartest Guy in the Room then it generally makes for better listening. The irony is his critical insights when having to counter Dan's assertion that story-based games 'aren't games', for example, are much more intelligent and valuable than the Waypoint deep dives, which just come off like bad media studies seminars.
  10. Does anyone know how the performance of Cities Skylines is on the Switch these days? Has it been patched? I put in about 100 hours on PC but am tempted to have it on the go not it's onsale, but not if it's a total mess.
  11. This is phenomenal and I can only echo the sentiment earlier in the thread that it’s so overwhelmingly rich that it feels like it can only be played in small bursts. It does things with the concept of gaming exploration that I’ve never seen before. I don’t think the Breath of the Wild comparisons are overselling it in the slightest, as it feels revelatory in many of the same ways that game did. That said, there are two major negatives: one, it really chugs on an Xbox One S, and two (SPOILERS for Brittle Hollow):
  12. Purely in terms of who gave the best presentation it’s clearly Nintendo. I feel since the Smash Bros deep dive debacle their Directs have been masterclasses in keeping a diverse fanbase engaged and happy - I thought today’s Direct was in particular was paced and structured so well, with some amazing reveals. You would have to work extremely hard to not find something in there to be excited about. The Xbox conference started well and had undoubtedly the moment of the conference in Keanu, but completely went off a cliff in the last 20 minutes or so. However, the case the presentation made for Gamepass is incredibly strong, and despite the missteps later on I wouldn’t be surprised if it swings a significant number of curious people back in the direction of Xbox for the next generation. The only memorable moment from the publisher conferences was the FFVII remake presentation - the rest was completely forgettable.
  13. I beat the story missions in this over Christmas and thought it was utterly fantastic. I played a lot of it with my notoriously taciturn brother watching me and he was genuinely crying with laughter at several points, particularly during a 45 minute stint when I did both Miami hits On top of that I think the final two maps are possibly the best in the entire series. The only bummer is that the install for the legacy stuff is incredibly space-consuming/messy.
  14. One of my biggest bugbears from the GOTY podcasts: every time they do a vote (which this year was quite often), whenever they came to Brad he ALWAYS refused to give a straight answer, on more than than one occasion just leaving several seconds of dead air. Then he just ended up saying a variant of 'all I care about is Red Dead/Destiny' anyway. It really did come across as a total lack of respect for the listener and the rest of the crew who were trying to create a meaningful discussion and move things forward. He's just generally really bad at keeping conversations focused and constantly moving forward , which isn't a great attribute for a podcast host. The recent Jeff-hosted Bombcast was the best one in a long time which I don't think was a coincidence.
  15. I’ve been listening to Giant Bomb since its inception and I think this year’s GOTY pods have actually been really good. I listen to them (often several times throughout the course of year) to learn about games I may have missed, hear passion articulated by the crew members, and also for the odd bit of genuine tension, and the new format has been great for that. By contrast I thought last year’s GOTY podcasts were the worst ever for a mile and borderline unlistenable, and Abby was undeniably a big reason as her inexperience in that kind of environment really shone through (understandably). I’ve enjoyed her contributions this year though, and Ben (who I guess I kind of understand the hate for but then again not really?) has been great - moved the conversation on well, made good points, picked his battles etc. Jan is also clearly a fantastic addition. The weakest crew member - and I say this as a longtime fan - is Brad, and has been for a number of years. His attitude during the GOTY - and to be honest the bulk of the year - manages to be both lazy and stubborn and I find it by far the most frustrating thing about listening to/watching Giant Bomb. He’s never exactly been high energy but he just seems to have totally checked out. The man just needs a long break, as he clearly doesn’t enjoy being there - people often accuse Jeff of hating games, but with Brad I genuinely feel like he’s sick of the whole enterprise. But then Brad always gets a free pass as he was one of the original crew, and Ben and Abby get piled onto regardless, despite their contributions to the site and GOTY being ostensibly much more considered and interesting. I think Brad is a great writer and his opinions on games are genuinely some of the most intriguing and well developed around, but I’m also at the point where I really hope he can have some time off and find his mojo again. anyway - these podcasts have been a great listen! And Giant Bomb remains A Good Thing.
  16. Just to cosign that Jeff's rant at the Resident Evil remake is probably the funniest moment on the whole best-of podcast. Dan and Brad's laughter when they immediately realise they've been justifiably called out is what makes it. 'THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD, MAN'
  17. Embargo lifts at 2pm. I got my copy yesterday but have had no chance as yet to play due to football and work commitments. Really excited to get stuck into it though - loved the demo and all of the 'negative' early impressions so far haven't bothered me in the slightest as the lack of an overarching story/Big Bad isn't a dealbreaker for me at all.
  18. I'm really enjoying playing Neo Geo stuff on the Switch for the first time, and I feel like I want to start delving a bit more into the fighting games. I've already got Garou: Mark of the Wolves and fancy trying one of the sword based ones - with that in mind, which numbered Samurai Showdown and The Last Blade would you recommend to a newcomer? I've heard The Last Blade is more Bushido-Blade style tactical gameplay which I'm very interested to try, but I'd still love a bit of guidance from people who know their stuff. On another note - Money Puzzle Exchanger is a straight masterpiece.
  19. This is absolutely magnificent. Deserves and feels destined to be mentioned in the same breath as FTL, Advance Wars and X-Com (while playing like a combination of all three, of course). I think the difficulty is perfect too - it asks a huge amount of you to beat it but is also scrupulously fair. As mentioned above, I'd also recommend starting on Easy and building your way up, as it's the best way to learn the advanced mechanics while also grinding out the achievements/pilots. I'm already resigned to buying this on every single platform it comes out on.
  20. I'm very excited for Mario Tennis. The N64 version is right up there amongst my most played games ever. I'll also 100% get Dark Souls, and am tentatively interested in Hyrule Warriors. I am a sucker for brainlessly mashing my way through hundreds of enemies. I still can't believe 'Nintendo Portable Dark Souls' is an actual, tangible thing. 2018 isn't fucking around is it?
  21. I got my Switch a few days ago and love it. As a result I’ve been checking in on the Switch subreddit this week for the first time. is it...is it always like this?
  22. I guess that's fair enough. The general vibe I get from him though is that he's not that into games at the moment, which is a shame. As I said - hope he gets the fire back again!
  23. I think Brad's contributions to the GOTY discussions were just as bad as Abby's, and at least with Abby you could put that down to inexperience. The low point was when they were trying to shape the top ten and he looked through the shortlist of 15 or so and said something to the effect of, 'I just don't care about any of these games'. As he said in his GOTY list, that's because he didn't play a lot of them, but to be that disengaged and apathetic about the amazing run of games that came out in 2017 is kind of unforgivable for an editor at a games website. I don't know, it just struck the wrong tone with me. I hope he gets his mojo back this year, because when he's engaged he's one of my favourites to listen to.
  24. I went back and listened to the 2008 GOTY discussion a few days ago, and it really is night and day with what they do now. They break down the top ten games of the year (pre-selected), don't rank them, then say entirely positive things about each of them. They then pick out the actual contenders for the top slot, and start having it out. The central debate between GTA IV (Jeff + Vinny) vs Metal Gear Solid 4 (Brad + Ryan) makes fascinating listening. They're all so passionate and articulate, and it really gives you an insight into what makes both games so revolutionary and interesting. It feels like people are genuinely being swayed by good arguments. There's still elements of that in the recent pods, but they've definitely pushed too far in the direction of 'people love the filibusters/heel turns, so let's given them that'.
  25. Ooh, forgot about Golf Story, that does look good. And I of course meant Battle CHEF Brigade. If I wanted to look at all the games currently on the eShop and their prices, is there a website where I can do this? The Nintendo site is kind of a headache to navigate.
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