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  1. A Dixons employee clarifies the Xbox naming lineage, December 2020:
  2. I am really buzzing for the tone they're going for here. It's camp and goofy and overly sincere, just like the original. Spot on. Music sounds fantastic, too. I'm just gonna say it but Tifa and Aeris are also well fit. Soz.
  3. Tricked out Stake Driver charged R2. BOOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  4. For me, my most awaited game for the last however many months is the ludicrously named ESP.Ra.De which is being ported to the Switch (and PS4) and released a week from today on the Japanese eShop (19.12.19). It's a late 90s bullet hell shmup by the legendary Cave (of Dodonpachi, Mushihimesama and Deathsmiles fame, among many other classics) and it's being ported to consoles for the first time ever, and by the wonderful M2 ShotTriggers team. I'll be honest, I can play this emulated via pretty much anything including a Fire Stick, and I don't even rate it in my top ten by these devs, but I'm so pumped to have a proper Cave game on the Switch and with the Deathsmiles collection in progress at the moment, I will keep my fingers crossed for Dodonpachi and its sequels, for Mushihimesama and Mushihimesama Futari, for Espgaluda 1&2 as well as anything else Cave hand over to M2. For a 'dead' genre, shmups do seem to be showing a bit of life over the last year or so and I think the Switch has got a large part to play in that. Anyone else got anything notable on the horizon?
  5. It's amazing how you can walk through this game in your head. I get lost a bit below Blighttown, around Izalith and in the Catacombs/TotG but largely, I can see my way through the entire game in a kind of mental flick book.
  6. @RastanSaga Hey there. I've played very little besides Cave shmups on the 360 since I picked one up earlier this year. Without at all condoning or recommending downloading ROMs, I would really recommend getting the RGH/JTAG done and opening up the region free options. Many of the best Cave games are Japan-only, including Dodonpachi Daioujou Extra, Mushihimesama HD and Ketsui X. A number of the region free discs are also locked in certain editions so you have to be a bit careful with what you're buying. Here's a link to a thread on the shmups forum which I found very useful. Be aware that unfortunately, Dodonpachi Resurrection has been delisted on the EU XB Marketplace so that thread isn't totally up to date but mostly very helpful. https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?t=58787 In terms of the telly, I've been very happy playing on an LCD screen. I'm sure CRT is better but with the smoothing turned on, they look good. Mushi Futari looks gorgeous, in fact.
  7. It's exactly as on the PS/XB.
  8. Gutted, because my pun/pic combo is wasted on you
  9. @grindmouse Haha I really hope you do stick with it. There are a couple of bosses which are some of the best ever, can't wait to see your bulging veins. One GOAT in particular is going to be brilliant. Go to your happy place.
  10. @Hylian https://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/Peculiar+Doll "A strange doll in strange dress. There once was an abomination who had no place in this world. She clutched this doll tightly, and eventually was drawn into a cold and lonely painted world." Now, it doesn't say 'press X in front of that painting in Anor Londo' but it's there if you pay attention as the game tries to teach you. I agree that it's a bit abstract and unlikely to click or even stay in memory because so much flavour text in games is pure fluff, even some of the better examples. Not here, though. Not only does it guide you to access the painted world, it builds up the lore of a very important character in that area and arguably guides you on how to feel about the character and how you might respond when you come across them. Admittedly, that's with the benefit of hindsight but that too is an amazing aspect of Dark Souls - even on your tenth replay, item descriptions and lore details will click and trigger further realisations. As for Firelink Shrine, it was a ballache and I didn't know why it happened when it happened but once I had the item further down the road, I saw it was describing that particular Firekeeper and went straight there. As for how I got transported to the place where I got it, well, I was clueless and could have easily missed it but I was pretty thorough with my exploration so I guess it was bound to happen eventually. DLC, I looked up but I bet you could join the dots from various descriptions of Dusk of Oolacile and the Broken Pendant item and so on. I personally couldn't but I never attempted to, I just wanted to get in so looked it up. I'm not saying this is amazing game design or not frustrating but it is remarkable how thorough and cohesive all the world building is in this first game.
  11. You didn't have to look it up. You had to look at the item description. I understand why that's not intuitive but it's all there in the game.
  12. You're maybe 1.5% into the game. You have to play this with some patience. The falls are not due to combat movement, they're due to you committing to an attack without knowing the moveset or the weight of the attack.
  13. No ideas but best of luck. That's frustrating.
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