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  1. I'm not really one for negs so I'll just quote and say I hope you stub your damn toe, clown.
  2. There is a difference between enjoying the gear and enjoying the 'media', fundamentally. They're separate interests and pleasures which overlap in some ways. The best moments of appreciating each are often when they shine together. In the past, I've built headphone amps and modded some pretty high-end gear with bits of foam and all that, rolling hard-won military grade 1950s tubes and cramming capacitors the size of Coke cans into a shoebox sized amp. That was so much fun in itself, listening to the differences and seeing how far the gear would scale. That was a really fun time of my life and the reality is that I've never heard music sound as incredible as during those days. I would be laughing and crying with the emotion of it all, it sounded fucking spectacular, there was nothing cold or dry about it, it was balls out (sometimes literally), heart-pumping, ecstatic. I would come home, pull down the shutter on the skylight, get my headphones on and dance around in my pants with only the gentle glow of the tubes for company, until my wife would barge in fuming that she'd been home for ten minutes calling me to help with the shopping or whatever. At times, however, I did notice that I was listening to the gear as much or more than the music, but there's nothing inherently wrong with that. It didn't kill my love of music in the slightest, it was just a different level of appreciation. In the same way, you go and see, I dunno, Raphael's Ascension, and on one level you're completely drawn into the individual emotions of the figures and you feel their sorrow or joy or wonder, but on another level you're like how the hell did he produce something on this scale or how did he get that red so vibrant that it's bursting out of the canvas? It's a separate, overlapping appreciation. Ultimately, I sold my audio gear because I got an ear infection which left me with mild tinnitus (which thankfully diminished over time) and it was nice to find after six months or so that I enjoyed the music itself just as much through my crappy car stereo as I did through my daft amp setup. That said, I've never again had anywhere near the same technical appreciation or enjoyment from anything I've heard since. That's simply a variety of pleasure that's now not in my life. It's the same with games. I can feel in my muscle memory the sensation of seeing my mate's SF4 Ryu throwing a fireball and point blanking him with an FADC > full Ultra with my Ken and that's a fantastic feeling, but it's a separate one to enjoying all the graphics on Ultra on his 60" telly and the booming OST on his sound system versus the dogshit tier everything I was used to on my little laptop. I suppose all I'm trying to say is that it's OK to enjoy both the gameplay and the gear. You get accustomed to the latter, as you can easily get bored with the former, and it's a potential rabbit hole for a certain type of personality (and I've probably got a bit of that myself) but it's not as simple as 'it's all the same'.
  3. *gulp* I have gone a bit mad this month. Thanks for the reminder...
  4. Looks like a million VNs in the PSN Big In Japan sale at the moment. I'm going to add the Nonary Games to my collection following recommendations from @Jolly and a couple of other dudes over the past year.
  5. Stanshall


    Thanks, gents. I will definitely at least attempt stage two but knowing the type of game this is, I'll basically be starting again from scratch. @sharak I should also say that the 360 port of Ketsui is spot on in terms of the gameplay and I really enjoy the Ketsui X arrange mode, too. That's definitely a plus over the M2 release. In every other aspect though, the recent version is better because of the gadgets and save states and soundtracks and various modes. The fundamental game is superb on the 360 though so absolutely no worries there.
  6. Cheers, I'll definitely give that a go next time I'm visiting my bro.
  7. Stanshall


    Honestly, the reason I went so hard trying to 'master' stage one is because everything beyond that baffles me. Trying to chain the start of stage two is a mind melter.
  8. Stanshall


    Bollocks to all that, I woke up and just went for it threading the needle with those wavy columns and I finally did it! S++. I genuinely feel like I've conquered a demon! Now to uninstall and never ever touch it again
  9. It will be an auto correct for Starlink. I don't know anything about selling the account but I suspect Nintendo would ban it if they found out so good luck with it.
  10. Stanshall


    Thanks, man. The side pods are just for extra points but don't damage the boss' health bar, in fact. And real talk, even without the boss death and several little mistakes I wouldn't quite have hit S++, and that's the main reason I'm not going to push for it any further. I'd have to go back to the drawing board to find another five or six chains and while that sounds close, in practice it would be a hell of a time investment. The thought of that feels more like work, and in the Sunday evening dreading Monday morning sense! I respect the game a lot, and I find superplays absolutely mesmerising but it's not one I massively enjoy compared to Cave or Raizing games. I've treated myself to the Ketsui Deathtiny and Dangun Feveron M2 STG ports this week and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into them next.
  11. Stanshall


    I'd say that the XB1 D-pad is the least good of the three. Pro Controller is great for everything except the D-pad which feels a bit big and imprecise compared to the PS4. Likewise, the Dualshock V2 is significantly better than the V1 which has a very glossy backing to the D-pad which gets a bit...greasy, without being too graphic. The V2 is spot on, nice vulcanised matte finish, precise switches. I generally don't like it as a controller but the D-pad is streets ahead.
  12. Stanshall


    I bought Ikaruga on the PS4 because I've found the D-pad much better than the Switch Pro Controller from playing the Ketsui and Garegga M2 releases recently and I got S+ on the first stage after a few runs. My cat came in the room during the boss and I fucked it but limped over the line, anyway. I think S++ is definitely possible but the game stresses me out more than almost anything I can remember playing. I think I'll go back to Ketsui Deathtiny and see if I can follow spatular to a 1CC. I'm absolutely loving it, a much better port than the 360 version.
  13. It's the game which made me get my FlipGrip out of the drawer again. I got it to play shmups originally and the stick isn't the best for that type of movement but it's no issue whatsoever for Groove Coaster. An absolute joy. Also, HD Rumble really adds something to it, as well. For this type of game, I genuinely can't find fault. I really would love to see a few more folks on here give it a go, but I appreciate that it'll be more appealing when it goes on sale.
  14. 428 Shibuya Scramble is currently on sale for £7.99 on PSN. Even if I don't get round to it for months, it's got to be worth a punt at that price.
  15. Stanshall


    I can't add any more reactions today but that is brilliant. You're on some roll at the moment! I can only hope to clear DOJ one day but it's a long way away. What's next?
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