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  1. Friend, on Monday: "All right mate, free Friday for a few bevvies?" Me, an intellectual, on no sleep: "Yeah, sounds good mate see you then." CHECK OUT THIS DUNCE
  2. To be completely honest, though, I've genuinely not seen any resistance to an easy mode. Please do correct me if I've missed the relevant posts but I think the points that are being made from the 'Souls side' are not at all that there shouldn't be accessibility options or easy modes or anything to getting more people to try the games. Personally, me saying that something would seem to be lost without the challenge (not just the invaluable e-peen credentials) definitely does not mean that I'm against whatever means possible to open these games up to more people.
  3. Yes, the Souls community is renowned for being unaccommodating and unhelpful, hence only the three wikis.
  4. Don't you dare go hollow.
  5. Sorry, you may have completely missed the part where I said the exact opposite of that. And again, it didn't entirely invalidate my argument at all. Assist Mode allows someone to get through the game on a mechanical level but in doing so, this potentially compromises the fundamental theme of the game which is overcoming struggle. I'm all for all games being available and accessible to all people, but it's incorrect to claim that this compromised version gives the same full experience. That's unfortunate but it's a fact. That's not an argument against accessibility by any means.
  6. Re: My Celeste boob. Absolutely, which was pretty funny. The point is the same though, in fact. I already said I'd be very happy for any number of accessibility options or difficulty levels or whatever but it's still accurate to say that depending on the game, you can miss an awful lot more than the simple 'challenge' of playing a hard game. I'm sure for some people it is a HARDCORE WILLY WAVIN thing but that's definitely not what I'm saying.
  7. You've been selective about what I actually said (and mixed up my examples) to score some points in a 'hardcore gamer' vs. 'accessibility' argument. That's not what I'm saying at all, so kindly don't be disingenuous. My point is clear and accurate (despite my shit example with Celeste) that you can't just distill and simplify all experiences without sometimes compromising their meaning and value. Dark Souls isn't simply about the physical act of pushing buttons and beating bosses. The challenge of the game is intrinsic to its themes and world building and NPCs and the metanarrative of what it is to play a video game. MAYBE GIT GUD AT READING MATE
  8. Haha, well, I guess that wasn't the best comparison!
  9. If Celeste had a Funky Kong mode, it would fundamentally invalidate the allegorical element of climbing the mountain, i.e. The entire premise of the game. Dark Souls is like that, only with this idea being woven into every single moment of exploration and combat, every interaction with the NPCs and every detail of the meticulously built world. By all means put an Easy mode in there, but much of the significance and subtext and themes of the game are instantly made redundant in the process. Not everything can be distilled to a Reader's Digest version without destroying the value and meaning of the original.
  10. Yeah just done it myself. Not very big oddly enough, less than 20gig including day one patch.
  11. Stanshall

    Nintendo Switch

    It's much harder than any Souls game and I play a shitload of shmups. It's a good game in a number of ways but also really really frustrating.
  12. Stanshall

    Konami 50th Anniversary Collection

    Good luck. eBay copies are hitting £70 on import for the truncated version.
  13. Hahaha. This would sting if it weren't for the sweet pleasure of self-deprecation.
  14. Stanshall

    Nintendo Switch

    Wait, whhhuuutttt? Another? Excellent stuff. Thanks. Hopefully my boy Rolling Gunner will make an appearance, the best modern shmup in a long time.

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