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  1. Stanshall


    Ah, thanks. Still very reasonable, in my opinion. I suspect I'll be able to knock a few quid off via our Norwegian or South African chums, too.
  2. Stanshall


    I think it's going to be pretty cheap, like, less than a tenner. That's pretty good when you see the Battle Garegga remake at nearly forty quid.
  3. Seems worse than that, I'm afraid. More like +9 according to this research. There's some disagreement and anecdotal evidence to the contrary but it seems pretty strict, anyway. https://www.reddit.com/r/darksouls/comments/8m5z90/weapon_matchmaking_is_implemented_in_the_worst/
  4. Stanshall

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    If you haven't played in years, it'll be much better than if you get the annual release on more powerful machines. I really really enjoyed thirty hours or so until I got the One X release and never went back. For half price with the free WC update coming, it's a really good game and great value. Online is also remarkably decent, seems like very few wankers or time wasters.
  5. Claymore will have infinite longevity, whereas Drake Sword will be less effective as you progress.
  6. Actually, what if I killed a particular guy straight away? Would that save me from you know what?
  7. I'm such a dick head. Proper waste of time. I know exactly what you mean. Thanks for the reply.
  8. I forgot how to reinforce the Estus Flask, just consumed the Fire Keeper's Soul. Five humanity. Was about to take on the Gargoyles. Should I just start again?
  9. The number is your humanity. You can acquire 'soft' humanity from killing certain enemies in the area before you beat the boss. You can add 'hard' humanity by consuming a humanity item. It affects your item drops but also allows you to kindle bonfires and reverse hollowing (become human) which will let you summon (and be invaded).
  10. Hmm, have you tried putting yourself in his shoes? Sometimes a little empathy goes a long way.
  11. Great to be back and see it with fresh eyes in everything. My favourite game ever. On the other hand, I played only twenty minutes before turning back to Hyrule Warriors...
  12. Stanshall

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    Danmaku Unlimited 3 is a fantastic bullet hell indie. Ikaruga is out next week.
  13. Stanshall

    Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition - Out now!

    Totally with you on the feel of Sheik. Snicker snack snicker snack. It reminds me a little of the Blades of Mercy in Bloodborne (which is really saying something), that sense of moving like a hot knife through butter, no great feeling of impact but you glide through mobs and leave a trail of destruction.
  14. Steam version appears to be available already for whatever reason. PC wankers, fill your boots!
  15. Stanshall

    Battlefield V

    I missed it because I was thinking of a shitpost.

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