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  1. I might edit out that last bit for anyone who comes to this later, but yes, you should! Haha
  2. Haha, fair play! You've got some crackers there, anyway. But yeah, I totally understand. It's a slog in many ways but once I'd finished, I couldn't regret a second of it.
  3. The true ending is
  4. Stanshall

    Fall Guys

    Great game, just such a shame it made me kick my telly in and burn my house down.
  5. Worst one for me is in Lost Bastille or Sinner's Rise (can't remember which) where there's a couple of archers who immediately start firing when you leave the bonfire. It's like they break an unspoken law, but I'm perverse and kind of like it.
  6. That's definitely a flaw of the game, I'd say. It exemplifies some of the more trollish design decisions in DS2, like the gank mobs and ambushes and anachronistic platforming. On the other hand, they also give DS2 a different character, slightly more experimental and less bound by established rulesets. I fully accept that's apologism, by the way!
  7. Best thing about HZD is the HDR.
  8. Apologies, that was unclear. Those screens are Black Desert, that's right. Godfall made me think of Bless Unleashed but I misremembered the name as Black Desert - because they're so bloody similar!
  9. I'd much rather pay fifty quid for the game and unlock more interesting meaningful stuff through progression.
  10. Woah-oh-oh oh-oh ohhhh-oh-ohhhhhhh (there).
  11. Coming off TLOU2, FF7R and Ghost of Tsushima recently has dimmed this a fair bit in terms of visuals, even on the X, but it's got a lot of atmosphere and janky charm. It's good to play something which feels different and has its own character.
  12. Unusually for Platinum, you're not really playing it for the moment to moment gameplay, which is a bit floaty and repetitive. It's certainly got little of the depth or satisfaction of Bayonetta or DMC. It's quite often a bit boring, elephant in the room. I'd encourage you to knock it down to Easy and use whatever plug-ins you can to make combat as quick as possible. It's everything else which makes it special. I also found it dull where you are, but it's easily one of the most memorable games of the generation for reasons nobody can explain for you.
  13. Re: Godfall It really does look like a single player version of the Black Desert MMORPG It plays like a mixture of Diablo and Souls-lite combat. It's actually pretty decent but too stingy with upgrades etc to keep me interested. I assume Godfall will be more generous as a predominantly single player version of a similar thing. I'm really puzzled by the deep dive, though. It doesn't appear to have one single idea or mechanic we haven't seen before. Edit: Durrr...I'm actually thinking of Bless Unleashed which got mixed up with Black Desert in my mind - which shows you how many similar games already exist with the same mechanics...
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