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  1. Switch Lite Pro, that's defo coming. I'm hoping for the Switch Pro Lite, personally. Can't dock it but the 5" screen is 4K.
  2. They just put all the prosthetic stuff in as a joke at the player's expense. Absolutely useless all of it. Instead of just having the Pendant, they built an entire system and did all the artwork and animations and stuff but it's actually got no value at all.
  3. I don't know why that made me laugh but it did.
  4. I got one, too. Thanks for the heads up, gents. This will sort me out for Einhander and G-Darius, among many others.
  5. Stanshall


    For reasons unknown, it's not available but it's being investigated. I really feel for the dev here, it was starting to make a little noise in various parts. This is the last thing he would have wanted. Psyvariar Delta physical shipments are finally on their way, I believe, but I can't believe how little marketing there was for the digital release. It's an absolute stunner.
  6. @Horribleman I definitely enjoyed it but it's not very accommodating and I got nowhere near a winning run. Lots to like about it, defo, but I would have loved a slightly shallower difficulty curve!
  7. I'd say it's worth a go but it's absolutely brick. The roguelite elements are pretty mild. You won't unlock loads of stuff that'll make the fundamental game much easier or your ship very different, it's rather that you'll have a larger pool of weapons so you'll be using a wider range rather than sticking to your favourites. This is cool in a way but also frustrating if it keeps throwing melee weapons at you when your play style suits drones or whatever. Worth it for ten/twelve quid but it's not one where you necessarily feel yourself improving much because the goalposts are constantly shifting little by little. The difficulty spikes are also really daft sometimes, you can be motoring along for half an hour and then a boss will destroy you with some unpredictable attack you can't possibly dodge at that speed. Eventually, thats killed my enthusiasm. Fair warning, mate!
  8. For clarification: Take out the enemies first, then kill the drunkard boss without dying.
  9. Take out the enemies first, then the drunkard boss.
  10. Just realised one actual downer with the Lite - no LAN adapter which has made a significant difference to online MP for me.
  11. Niche knowledge, my man. Respect. You clearly know your herpes.
  12. Technically, NEG is correct in that the 'old' model is being discontinued but I guess he just didn't know about the hardware revision.
  13. They've just submitted some request for a new revision of the proper Switch model.
  14. Remember the widespread scepticism and reasons for failure before the original Switch came out?
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