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  1. After huffing and puffing a bit from seeing that DF analysis, I decided to abandon my 40 hours of XC2 and give this a shot. I'm already far more engaged in the story, characters and combat. It seems more streamlined and intuitive, and I do think it looks a little bit cleaner and sharper, too. I'm ready to see where it goes.
  2. Or whatever the Platinum 4 were, not one of which I can remember.
  3. Yes, that's exactly what I was implying in the post you quoted.
  4. If it doesn't have SEGA exclusivity, I wonder what the point is. Nobody is going to buy an Xbox just because it's got the SEGA logo on it, surely?
  5. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07H4NQSF5?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title The issue with the docks is the about the power supply. This one works great but you have to use the official power supply or risk bricking your Switch. At some point, I'll get another official power supply but for now, it's not so bad to unplug it as and when I need it in another room.
  6. I have, way back when, but only once. Never in the Remaster. Seems like a no-brainer, to be honest! It's one of those things that I almost didn't want to play twice because it felt so perfectly done at the time. I can't remember much about it, though.
  7. To avoid the clogging up the TLOU2 thread, I wanted to bump this one having just played through the original again. What a colossal game. It was what made me get a PS3 way back when and at the time, I'd never played anything like it. The environmental storytelling, the sense of a much larger 'real' world location, the attention to detail, the brutal melee and contextual animations, the 'maturity', the cinematography, and above all the characters and performances. Aside from SF4, I hadn't really played much non-Nintendo stuff since the PS1 days (yep, basically skipped the PS2 era). TLOU (plus Far Cry 3 and Skyrim) absolutely blew my mind as to the range and potential of games. I really fell in love with it, played it a few times, loved the Left Behind DLC and got all the comics (still in a drawer, pristine). At the time, I would have said it was the best game I'd ever played. And then, I got into the Souls games. Demon's, Dark Souls 2, then Dark Souls and FROM basically took over 'gaming' for me. There was the odd exception of an MGSV or a GTAV which hooked me in for something different but fundamentally, gaming largely equated to Soulsborne for the next however many years. I'd play other stuff but it felt more like passing the time. I picked up TLOU:Remastered when I got my PS4 and while I was excited to go back, I didn't really get the same feeling I'd had before. Maybe it was a bit too cover shootery, maybe the stealth and combat was a bit basic, maybe it was the frustration of getting one-shot by clickers. I didn't get far, in any case. I think that fundamentally I just was not interested in cinematic games at that point. Nevertheless, I've gradually come back to the form in the last six months or so through RDR2, HZD and a couple of others. I honestly didn't want a sequel and I wasn't especially looking forward to this but having seen some of the recent footage (literally thirty seconds or so) and had some chats on here about the original, I got excited about it again. I decided to go back to my old Remastered save about a week ago, and I found myself around halfway through, just approaching Tommy's. I can honestly say that the second half of this game is one of the best things I've played this year. The university, all of Winter, David, the start of Spring, final section, the epilogue, all absolutely pitch perfect for me. I also totally forgot how great the gameplay is. Great gunplay, unreal melee, excellent stealth and well balanced crafting which encourages you not to to hoard too much (on Normal difficulty). I've basically played about five hours today and absolutely loved it. The best ending in any video game for me. Now I've just got to decide whether to do Left Behind before the sequel comes out.
  8. He's very good, also pops up quite regularly on Cane and Rinse these days.
  9. Excite Truck! Great stuff.
  10. Yeah, that was one of the biggest issues I had/have with XC2. It's very poor for a Switch first party game to be dropping to 500p docked, never mind handheld, and remarkable that this is the same two and a half years later. It's also pretty disappointing that the Wii original is actually better in some respects, according to the DF analysis. I'll likely just play the Wii version.
  11. DF analysis suggests it's pretty much in line with XC2 from a performance perspective, which is a little bit of a shame for me. I'm sure it won't be a problem for those familiar with the original but I'm not that keen on paying full price for 720p at best, when I could play the Wii version for nothing. Don't mean to be a buzzkill but caveat emptor.
  12. I really think that whatever happens in the sequel, it will lean hard on knowledge of the first game. I know that's an inane observation but if I were you, I'd play the original first. It's not got much in common with Uncharted. It's got strong lead characters and plenty of emotional depth and nuance. The gameplay tends towards cover shooty stealth but it's actually very satisfying and there's always plenty of room for adapting and improvising. It's not MGSV, but it's considerably stronger combat than Uncharted. It's also very violent and weighty. Even for a PS3 game, the Remaster looks pretty good and definitely holds up. It's familiar but very well executed. The acting and writing are a cut above anything besides RDR2.
  13. Ooffff. I've steered clear of everything since the very first trailers way back when. I flicked and saw about twenty seconds of melee combat. Jesus Christ. This looks hardcore. Wow. That'll do me for now. I forgot how brutal the original was until I went back the other day. I got rushed in some house and ended up smashing some dude's face in with a brick and putting a machete in another guy's neck. Then I shot some other lad in the knee, grabbed him and brained him on a bannister. I haven't played anything so bluntly violent in a long time. The sequel makes it look pretty tame, though!
  14. Fuck all of that just bring back Ken's step kick.
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