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  1. Superb game, very satisfying, zero issues at my end. Sound design and haptics are extremely refreshing. And of course, plenty of strained stranglewanks from the usual console war cunts. Enjoy.
  2. Three years of this, and counting, have worn thin for me now. All the best, folks.
  3. Indicator Blu-ray sale on at the moment, some OOP Returns also in the sale if you're up for a rare Limited Edition. They're refreshing the OOP stuff each day at 2pm so even though most are out of stock at this point, more to come tomorrow. Sale lasts til Monday. https://www.powerhousefilms.co.uk/collections/sale
  4. Nice one! I flogged one on eBay for £100 or so last summer.
  5. Thanks. I'm happy to wait, barely playing anything at the moment but I'll get one if I click a link and it goes straight in the basket some time.
  6. I watched the exceptional Godzilla vs King Ghidorah (1991) last night and I wonder why they even bother making this boring CGI shit. Rubber suits or fuck off.
  7. Marlew


    I was building a noose until I clicked the spoiler.
  8. Liverpool are so shit now it's not even fun taking the piss. No heart, no fight. Time for some of these poor sods to get another job.
  9. @Popo In practice, nothing. You can't get through there. In reality, it's the other end of the bridge where you fight the Cleric Beast. One of many little puzzles that were never answered.
  10. @therearerulesPlease don't finish the game and miss out on the DLC areas.
  11. Maquette feels like a PS3 game, kind of in a good way. It really evokes the era of Unfinished Swan and Proteus and when it was exciting to play a game that 'wasn't really a game' and all that. I miss being intrigued and surprised by games attempting something different. Unfortunately, on the PS5, I am a lot less forgiving of its familiar tropes and shonky performance. I've played enough games like this which are better.
  12. @dumpster The game does change things up in a significant way at a certain point, but not mechanically. That's the point being made about 'needing to play a bit more'. Largely, I agree with what you're saying. Same as the old 'you need to watch ten episodes before it gets good'. That's not quite relevant here though because, start to finish, it's all of a similar standard from a gameplay perspective.
  13. No malice intended at all, nor much thought behind it, just being daft. Very hungover.
  14. Games are things like Asteroids or Pac-Man, can't be doing with all the shite. When they said the ghosts had names, I stopped playing. Baroque bollocks. Remember the Speccy? Proper games. Three and a half colours. You had to wait a week for it to load. Chuckie Egg. Kempston. Digital download? Give over. Two hundred mile in a Vauxhall Viva for a car boot copy of Repton 3. Up, down, left, right. The spirit of gaming. I remember when it all went to shite. Two fire buttons on the NES! La-di-da. Height of decadence. That's not gaming to me. I said where will it end? I'll tell you where. Street Figh
  15. Yeah, sticky fingers!
  16. Marlew


    Still not feeling Natsuki Chronicles at all. Appreciate the tip-off that it costs bugger all on PS4 compared to the Xbox version, but I simply don't like the feel or look of it. I know I can turn off the bullet trajectory stuff but that design decision is so busy and ugly, to my taste. The gameplay is absolutely fine but lacks personality. Hmm. Too many horis recently. Feel like pure shit just want tate back
  17. I haven't been too excited for this because I've just been waiting to hear something concrete but reading that, I actually got a frisson (French for 'boner').
  18. Might be a mad statement but I genuinely think NMS was a better game at launch. I find it all completely overfacing these days and bloated as fuck.
  19. Marlew


    'Tate' means vertical in Japanese. I love your idea though. Very endearing.
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