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  1. You fucking bastard. I literally got RSI and had to give up gaming for months from trying to beat your Futari original score attack. I mean...I had to get into fucking GODZILLA to fill the gap.
  2. Damn! What a run! I'd love to see a clip. Did you full chain that middle boss? That's where I'm really struggling.
  3. I don't even give an shit about the drift, it's more that I had to hold them up in the air so my leg or a cushion didn't nuke the fucking signal to the Switch. Total Borrower tier pieces of shit.
  4. @Monkeyboy That Eureka Drunken Master is great, top recommendation. All of these Jackie Chan releases on Eureka and 88 have been excellent so far. Quite a few I'd never seen and I've had a lot of fun with them.
  5. Artorias is probably the second most famous and celebrated boss fight in the series. Pretty intense because of his aggression but you'll learn when to heal and when to bait him out. He is the Artorias of legend, and all that. I like it. Nice change of pace. The later Souls games really leaned hard into the duel type bosses off the back of this one.
  6. Marlew


    @Jonster You're right behind me! I'm 2nd on the Switch leaderboards still but the guy in first is on 700k. Really not sure how he's chaining certain sections but keen to keep plugging away at it.
  7. It's entirely possible to avoid all of his attacks at any soul level and with any gear. Don't worry about it being unfair. You just need to learn the tells and dodge at the right time. Plenty of people have done no hit runs at soul level 1.
  8. I don't know know any of these games but please keep em coming. I have absolutely no idea but at the end of the film, there's one of the greatest ever mass brawls in any film (seriously, no exaggeration) and he throws half a broken pole into a guy's gut and kills him presumably and then twats the end that's sticking out with another pole (from memory) and the half-pole pierces straight through the guy and shoots into another guy's gut and presumably kills him, as well! You can probably imagine why I was like fuccckkkkkinnn pooooolllle noowwwwww.
  9. This thread is always such a good read. The philosophy of Souls is fucking great entertainment.
  10. @Clipper I'm definitely going to have to pick that up. Very tempting description! I might hang fire and see if there are any more rumblings about a 4K release, though.
  11. All about that Caravan Mode, that's exactly right. The different stages and bosses and music are cool but I think he's distilled something really satisfying into that three-minute little special stage. Hope a few people pick it up off the back of this!
  12. Marlew


    All right, shmup gang. I started a thread on Missile Dancer to hopefully get a few more playing or trying it out.
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