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  1. Tremendous work by the @Jolly boys and all who contributed. Really enjoyed the write-ups this year, with the AC Valhalla award being a beaming highlight. I thought the cut-and-shut TLOU2 piece was inspired, too.
  2. There's been quite a lot of disparate chat recently about the fantastic Blu-ray releases by the likes of Arrow, Eureka, Powerhouse, 88 Films, Criterion, Shout, BFI and others and I think it deserves a thread. I used the phrase 'boutique Blu-ray' elsewhere but it makes me gag a bit. Anyway, this seems like a more specific topic than the 'DVD Revival' thread and not quite right for the '4K Blu-ray' thread, but if you disagree and want to post in either of them about these enthusiast Blu-ray labels, please do, but I reckon I'll keep this one going single-handedly at the moment!
  3. I've gone a bit Arrow and Eureka mental recently. Saw the American Werewolf the other night and it looks absolutely superb. Ring last night, also gorgeous. Agreed on Big Trouble In Little China, as well. One of the most impressive I've seen recently is Body Double on Powerhouse. Hmm, conscious this isn't 4K chat. I reckon it's worth a separate boutique Blu-ray thread.
  4. You were told several times several pages ago that if you read the item descriptions, you will understand that you don't have to look stuff up online. Glad that's finally clicked.
  5. Marlew


    I must have blocked it out because it doesn't sound like wanking.
  6. Probably some helicopters shooting at him when he's just going for a walk like normal and then he's like BRRRRAAAAHHHHH. Just loses it.
  7. Marlew


    On that note, the guy has made three games: Gemini Arms Missile Dancer Raging Blasters And they all sound like euphemisms.
  8. I completely forgot about this, and can't remember what a single one was.
  9. Marlew


    Doesn't look like too many have played it given the spread of scores over that top 10! It really is a question of quick killing bosses and delaying the final hit of each wave to try to lock onto the next one. I've played through on a couple of difficulties, Expert is a bit beyond me, but it's all about Caravan for me, really. Hope they update the EU leaderboards with online.
  10. They're literally replays of other players dying, yep. When you die, you leave the same for other players. Believe it or not, there's actually a lore reason for the metanarrative elements of signs, bloodstains and invasions, and so on. I can't remember which button to rep notes, maybe the touchpad? Or +/- if you're on Switch?
  11. No affection or much experience with the originals here, though I really like the music, but I did enjoy SoR4 a lot. I'm crap at scrolling brawlers but the combo chaining system is a masterstroke, I think. Really well balanced and very satisfying. I also like dealing with the different movesets and juggling the varied enemy threats, keeping enemies on low health to string out your combo. It's something which can feel a bit cheap and frustrating at first, but then you watch an expert tearing it apart and you can see how well designed it is, and that the skill ceiling is stratospher
  12. As someone who largely just ignores stuff I don't like, having this utter cuntery shoved down my throat all year day in day out made the torments of 2020 so much worse. I'm absolutely delighted, great start to the year and my faith in humanity is entirely restored. Cheers.
  13. If you join her covenant, the ring you get gives a big clue! Or, at least, a 'big clue' in Dark Souls terms.
  14. @Popo Sounds like you've got plenty of options there to be getting on with and I'd make sure you've done everything you want to in 'Anor Londo' before revealing the secret.
  15. Glad to hear it! And how about that item...bit of a game changer. Let us know if you want to see the real Anor Londo, by the way.
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