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  1. Marlew


    Long time no see @hazeredmist! Hope you're doing well. Good to see you round these parts.
  2. I think if you're happy with it, then that's all that matters. Both BT and via the controller will have some compression and therefore loss in quality but they're perfectly good. It's fiddly to get notably better audio out of consoles because the USB audio options are so limited. You basically have to extract the HDMI audio and then send it via a dedicated amp... So, if you're happy, continue to be happy is my advice!
  3. @sofasurfer I understand that the screen burn issues have been almost completely eradicated with the *9 and *X revisions of the LG OLEDs. There's been a lot of comprehensive testing and while you may of course get a dodgy panel, I really don't think it's anything to worry about now, unless you're playing the same game day in day out for thousands of hours, or leaving the telly on a rolling news channel in the same way. Several years ago, they seemed much more susceptible which is a reason I held off until the C9, but I've heard very very few similar concerns or accounts in the last
  4. My most played console this gen is the Xbox 360, because of Cave shmups. I own and caned all of the others, but getting a 360 was a life changing moment.
  5. Reading around, I understand that the X also doubles as a functioning boiler so 28W is actually quite efficient.
  6. Interstella 5555 I've loved Daft Punk since about 1996 and I still have the fake Discovery leaks by a guy called Maarten on the D@ftCrew forum from way back when. Happy fuckin days. I bought the DVD of Interstella 5555 despite not owning a DVD player and only watched the thing for the first time when I moved to China a few years later, to no great effect. I've dropped off them somewhat over recent years, but having spotted the Blu Ray for fuck all, and being more open to anime these days, I decided to give it a whirl. Basically the exact same image as the DVD, probably
  7. @Hanzo the Razor I've only ever heard of them via your username! If they're in this ballpark, I'll be all over them next month. And yeah, totally agree on the music front. Very 70s but again carrying something of the 1950s samurai forefathers with the score. Absolutely ripping through these, great fun.
  8. This is no criticism of the writer at all; he definitely knows his stuff and I really enjoy his writing, but that game is also very much his thing. I'd consider the 10 within that context.
  9. No rumble, can't use them detached. Aside from that, better in every way. Comfort, grip, buttons, sticks. I will sell my Joycons when I can be arsed because I'll never need them again.
  10. Good to see Boozy back in the action. Great stuff.
  11. Just watched the second, Baby Cart at the River Styx, and it's fucking great. What a discovery these films are (for me). There's something so much comforting about a bit of a pedestrian build up for ten minutes, a few shots of the natural world, and then jugulars spraying for the next eighty. Superb entertainment.
  12. My wife thinks she's getting an Aga for Christmas, but little does she know, she'll have something even better: Xbox Series X
  13. The Typing of the Dad NAOMI arcade classic take on The Shining.
  14. This is comical exaggeration, for info. It's simply not the case. I still wouldn't play it, though, over the original, because a lot of the later game stuff won't make any sense at all. It barely makes that much sense even if you know what they're doing. You basically have to know the original, know what they're doing and join several dots along the way. A game of dazzling highs, bizarre longueurs and an excellent combat system that teaches you very poorly how to have fun with it. One of my games of the year for the peaks alone, but it's an odd fish.
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