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  1. Loving Hot Wheels - Got Legend yesterday. I would say the game only really starts getting fun when you hit S2 Class. The Racing action is amazing
  2. Anyone else waiting for Monthly Rivals to refresh? If your getting bored, I would recommend finding the 2015 Ultima Evolution Coupe 1020 - Tremendous fun
  3. Trying to get into the 28 Club? You want to be positioned where @Wallace is coming out of hammerhead @ around 14.7 seconds
  4. Played online yesterday - couldn't believe how good it was Looks like it auto-records your online races on PC. The Top gear WR is 27.9 - wow.
  5. Good luck with Jimmy Got a new record of 29.183 - caught a sweet chicane
  6. @Wallace got a replay of the sub 29? Respect bro
  7. Tremendous Wallace Well played bro! Tips - Feather accelerator, tap brake, the chicane is the money Dont break before chicago
  8. Wallace - Great racing, and great chicane!
  9. Amazing bro! Would love to see a replay.
  10. The in game record I suspect. Aye its getting hard, but so playable and huge fun
  11. Yeah the handling of the different classes is amazing.
  12. TT Mode - 3 or 5 laps from standing start - would be amazing
  13. Got a 30.297 at lunchtime Racing Jimmy Broadbent after work..
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