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  1. Going to be on Gamepass this month: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-02-16-microsoft-announces-new-games-coming-to-xbox-game-pass-in-february
  2. The Cerebral Bore in Turok 2. A homing missile that burrows into and explodes the head of your target, hmm...
  3. Picked this up in the Steam sale and it’s fantastic so far. Loved the Flatout games, Demolition Racer and original Destruction Derby so this is right up my alley. Looking forward to playing a bit more online - have been checking out some Youtubers play and it’s such fun to watch.
  4. What @strider - no mention of Strider/Osman?! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osman_(video_game)
  5. Randomly stumbled across this today - apparently, the band was started by a chef who beat Bobby Flay on 'Beat Bobb Flay'... and it's actually really good: They also did a live set at home recently:
  6. 01 - Polaris - The Death of Me 02 - Lamb of God - Lamb of God 03 - NOFX vs. Frank Turner - West Coast vs. Wessex 04 - The Hell - Doosh 05 - Nestalgica - Bits & Pieces 06 - Off With Their Heads - Character 07 - Warbringer - Weapons of Tomorrow 08 - Exister - Forgotten
  7. Outside of already-mentioneds: Battle Line Kingdomino The Dice Throne games Quacks of Quedlinberg Guillotine Gizmos Star Realms Qwirkle War Chest And if you enjoy some dexterity, KLASK and Crokinole are must-haves.
  8. Slapshot Rebound went into early access last week, which is a developed-from-the-ground-up-in-Unity sequel to Slapshot. If you enjoy hockey games or really just organised/skill-based games, it's worth a look. The difficulty curve is a bit tricky initially - and yes, while controllers are supported now, most players do use M&KB. The action feels somewhat Rocket-Leaguey with 3-on-3 games, lots of focus on rotation and people flip-flopping between looking very fancy and very silly in equal measures. It is also free (paid cosmetics) so nowt to lose, really. I do recommend perservering a bit as the likelihood of being cheesed-off due to uncontrolled flailing is moderate-to-high in the early offing. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1173370/Slapshot_Rebound/
  9. Been listening to Nightrage's first album (Sweet Vengeance) and man, it feels like something that could have slotted into In Flames' pre-Come Clarity backlog. They had Thomas Lindberg (from At The Gates) as their vocalist for their first 2 albums, but it's a shame they just don't stack up as well following his departure - their output after that is just OK. Worth a listen if you haven't heard it before and are craving some good ol' melodeath:
  10. Pretty catchy. Robb sounds like he could use a Strepsil or two these days, though. Also, great cover:
  11. Picked up Cartographers on iOS recently and have been playing it an absolute ton. There is a fairly big downside in that the app has no multiplayer, but if you are looking for a great solo flip-and-write, it’s amazing. Perhaps the best part is that they have leaderboards which reset every week, with different scoring cards each time. There are 2 different flavours - one where the scoring cards AND sequence of exploration cards are the same (which represents the most ‘fair’ competition), and one where the scoring cards are the same but explore cards randomised for a bit more variety. There’s also a final mode where both are random, but no leaderboards for that. If you enjoy the likes of Patchwork or Tiny Towns and want something solo to play, I highly recommend it. I’m definitely going to pick up the physical version at some point.
  12. Was randomly looking around the Capcom Sound Team stuff on Spotify, and ran into this: Had no idea it existed but it's really excellent stuff - some great remixes in there. I also really enjoy the interlude of madness with Blanka's song - captures his essence to great effect.
  13. Definitely played a lot of Brutal Sports Football on the Jag before going to the pub back in the day. Otherwise, Mutant League Hockey has always been a favourite (although sadly a bit rougher around the edges than NHL '94). Another good one not mentioned yet is Heavy Smash from the arcade: More recently, I absolutely loved Frozen Cortex. Obviously a slightly different affair with it basically being a sporty version of Frozen Synapse's turn-based action, but I'd spend hours poring over the outcomes of different plays to try and figure out unbreakable strats with which to outwit my opponent. Sadly, it wasn’t that popular and had a few game-breaking issues where your simulation didn't match up with the actual outcome, which ultimately never got fixed due to support being dropped. I hope someone has another stab at it in the future, but the simulate -> execute formula worked so well that it would be hard to imagine another way of going about it.
  14. Anyone playing Creatures of Aether? (by the same folks as Rivals of Aether) I’m finding the relative simplicity refreshing. It has a great looking/sounding overall package, too (the music sounds like something taken right out of Shining Force). The card leveling stuff is a bit grindy, but so far I haven’t played against anyone where it feels completely unfair. Worth a look.
  15. RIP EVH. A true pioneer for sure.
  16. I have definitely inadvertently restarted a run despite having about 45 seconds left because I heard the end of New Girl coming up and wanted to get my new run started ASAP. Amazing what your subconscious can make you do.
  17. Sureshot


    Wow... Randomly tuned into this match today as I’m looking at taking up tennis again, did not expect to see that...
  18. Just finished watching Pretending I'm A Superman: The Tony Hawk Video Game Story which came out this week. Doesn't go perhaps as much in-depth into the development side of things as may have been expected, but it's still a fantastic retrospective of the series and confirmation about how much it influenced music and pop culture, as well as the skating scene and skaters who featured in the games. Absolutely love the first 4 THPS games so it was right up my alley. The games and soundtracks were definitely a huge part of my formative years and I still certainly count them as some of my favourite games of all time. Definitely welled up a little bit hearing this acoustic version of Superman by Mike Herrera (who fairly recently became Goldfinger's bassist but is perhaps better known as lead singer for MxPx) at the end as well: Worth dropping a few quid to watch.
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