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    The Punk Thread

    25 years since Nimrod... gah: https://www.nme.com/news/music/green-day-share-newly-unearthed-nimrod-demo-announce-25th-anniversary-edition-3328797
  2. Some that spring to mind from playing Pokemon Red/Blue back in the day were the colour-themed city names. Obviously had heard of Pewter, Lavender, Fuchsia etc. but I didn't actually twig that Viridian, Vermilion, Cerulean and Celadon were also related to colours - I just thought they sounded cool.
  3. Slight cheat, but hey, I haven't been posting in here as much and the Beeb doesn't exactly have a lot of music worth shouting about. Cute To Kill (Beyond Infinity: Chapter 2) - Theme & Level Music.
  4. RIP Steve Grimmett https://blabbermouth.net/news/grim-reaper-singer-steve-grimmett-dead-at-62
  5. Went down another Japanese metal rabbithole. Random old-school pick... guy's got pipes:
  6. Looks interesting, if nothing else for the Jag/Lynx games: https://www.atari.com/games/50th-celebration/
  7. In Flames in decent new song shocker?
  8. Seems like it was live, and now isn't? Edit: Back now
  9. Are you certain it was PS1/PS2? Seek & Destroy did come out on CD32 in case it was some other CD-based console.
  10. Hmm, had no idea about any of that. Thanks for the knowledge share.
  11. Master Compact did 3.5” discs so definitely possible. Might be worth asking over on the Stardot forums?
  12. Yeah, seem to be stuck for me as well. Trying to figure out whether to use KB&M or controller. It feels like a game where a controller would be more comfortable but honestly I have felt pretty useless when using it. KB&M seems to be the way for me right now.
  13. Played a few games now (after they sorted out their server issues). Certainly a unique concept, not sure it entirely works but that's possibly due to nobody really knowing what they're doing at the moment. Controls take a bit of getting used to, particularly the abilities that require double-taps as my button mashing means I keep inadvertently initiating them. Games are fun, particularly when you have teammates that actually pass. My last game ended up being really intense as it went into OT and ultimately ended up a draw. I was half-cracking up in the latter stages due to the close misses for both sides and general chaos that ensued. It definitely has that Rocket League 'one more match' aspect to it, but I don't think the action is quite as refined. Anyway, it's free - give it a go.
  14. Out today, sounds decent? https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/roller-champions-is-a-wheely-good-time-but-may-stumble-at-the-start-line Will have to give it a try.
  15. Apparently this is actually coming out - next week: https://www.eurogamer.net/ubisofts-free-to-play-team-based-skater-roller-champions-is-launching-next-week
  16. At some point in your levelling-up journey you can ditch the garlic entirely. I can’t remember the last time I picked it, but certainly did a lot in the beginning.
  17. Been playing some Line War, which came out a few days ago. Interesting concept and the focus on less APM/more strategy is appealing to my ageing, admittedly rubbish at RTS self. They’ve taken some flak due to a lack of any sort of single player outside of the sandbox mode, but they have given a fairly extensive explanation about this. I’m quite happy to support a small dev team (2 people) trying something different for the price of a couple of fancy coffees. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1309610/Line_War/
  18. Always nice to randomly run into a great-sounding, massively obscure band from the past. They released one album in 2007 and then simply disappeared off the face of the earth. They are: Soulbreach: Also it's been what... a few days since a new Malevolence post so, here:
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