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  1. It was available to demo, they had a couple of tables at the Coiledspring booth. But yeah, sad it sold out so quickly.
  2. Also - did try Sushi Roll and enjoyed it, shame it was well sold out everywhere by then. Favourite thing I tried was Super Fantasy Brawl - if you like War Chest you will probably love it. Going into Kickstarter at the end of this month, retail Q1 2020.
  3. Picked up Res Arcana for £22 this morning. Literally went straight to Chaos Cards when the doors opened, and they only had 2 copies left. Someone was buying the other one at the same time.
  4. Good day today! Managed to get through both Hall 1 and 2 and picked up some good buys along the way. Favourite purchases were Century: A New World for £25 (which was also the last copy at the particular store I got it from) and Gunkimono for £20. Was trying to find a Res Arcana but seems that sold out fairly quickly. As for the expo, good layout again, never felt too crowded (though that may change tomorrow) Roll & writes are definitely a big deal this year.
  5. KLASK have finally given details about the UKGE tourney - sign up if you feel like having a go! https://www.facebook.com/events/2452414144825941/?ti=ia
  6. Thanks, good to know.
  7. General list of new things I want to check out (though some are wishful thinking for UKGE): Black Angel (Looks like GenCon) Century: A New World (Confirmed on Asmodee site) Cloudspire (Confirmed on UKGE site) Football Highlights: 2052 (Looks like Origins) MegaCity: Oceania (Confirmed here!) Paladins of the West Kingdom (Not sure, looks like Kickstarter backers are getting theirs in December...) Pandemic: Rapid Response (Just announced it's releasing on June 23rd, so maybe a demo?) Reavers of Midgard (Kickstarter orders supposedly shipping in June.. who knows) Res Arcana (Came out fairly recently, one for me to buy) Sorcerer (Confirmed on UKGE site) Sorcerer City (Maybe GenCon) Super Fantasy Brawl (Confirmed on UKGE site) Trick Shot (Still in Kickstarter land, so maybe not) Villagers (Confirmed on UKGE site)
  8. Not specifically about the games, but more the amount of storage you can fit on an increasingly small space. Started off using 5 1/4 in. disks on our BBC micro - without even going into tapes (I luckily didn't have to endure them) - which were 360kb for an 80-track or a whopping 720kb for the double-density version. Moved onto everyone's favourite 3 1/2 in. floppies with 1.44MB for Achimedes/Amiga etc. Our first real PC had a 1GB hard drive which was a MASSIVE amount of space at the time (A GIGABYTE, whaaat!) and the size of a standard mechanical HDD. I remember thinking we'd never run out of space for any games. Now you can get 1TB of storage on something the size of a postage stamp which takes a fraction of the time to access. Still mind-blowing to me.
  9. Lost every game but the one that counted - Beat France 4-3 in OT to stay up. They were 3-0 down as well!
  10. Scored 3 goals against the USA, but ultimately another loss:
  11. Somehow lost even worse to Denmark today... 9-0. Assuming it was because the Canadians took their foot off the gas after the first few.
  12. Page 1 (sorry, isn’t tagged up...) Great track, though!
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