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  1. Mentioned it before elsewhere, but the bit in X-Men on the Mega Drive where you get to a point in the game where it tells you you need to ‘reset the computer’ to reboot the Danger Room. A sense of dread ensues as you soon realise they want you to press the actual reset button on your console. Once you do, it does a nice little ‘reboot’ scene and you continue on. Bear in mind, this was in a pre-Internet era and towards the end of an already bloody hard game. Definitely one of the most harrowing gaming experiences ever. On an aside, Is this the only game to have ever used
  2. Decided to try out the the open beta of Slipways based on RPS’ article. Fully expected to only give it a 5 minute look before moving on, but ended up spending a good chunk of time on it yesterday. It’s deceptively non-complex until you find yourself spending tens of minutes agonising over optimal trade routes. Definitely worth a bash if it piques your interest, but bear in mind the beta ends today, so don’t delay. Full game is coming out next month.
  3. DonPachi / DoDonPachi? One of the Raiden series?
  4. If 1986, Thunder Ceptor? What are your MSPaint skills like? Can you draw us a picture?
  5. I’ve been playing some Dicey Elementalist recently, and it’s fun so far. It’s a very similar premise to Dicey Dungeons with some great artwork and roguelike elements. Worth a look!
  6. Couple of requests from me: Does anyone know if there are any similar games to Puzzle Link/Puzzle Link 2? Obviously there are other puzzle games of similar ilk such as Puzzle Bobble, Quarth, Tetris Attack etc. but I particularly enjoyed the mechanic within the Puzzle Link games and I've never come across anything similar. Otherwise, can anyone got any great recommendations similar to Road Fighter or Burnin' Rubber / Bump & Jump? I enjoy the sort of top-down racing staged journey-types. (yes, I've also played Spy Hunter, but don't enjoy it quite as much)
  7. Tribes 2 is 20 years old this month. Fantastic game, great soundtrack.
  8. As for name entry, this one has to be up there: Wiz ‘n’ Liz - Name Entry
  9. Respect the slap bass: Thunder Blade - Burning Point
  10. 7 string violinist in a metal band is something I can check off my list now:
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