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  1. Chambers of Shaolin - Test of the Stick
  2. Didn't realise that Instant Remedy released a new album a few years ago, and it's great:
  3. Sureshot

    Apple Arcade

    For everyone else’s sanity: https://twitter.com/tribandtweets/status/1179108042266292225
  4. Been playing a lot of SupCom recently, still a great game with an excellent soundtrack: Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance - The Art of War
  5. Sureshot

    Apple Arcade

    So, I have 100% completed What the Golf? and have all but 1 of the items. Now, I’m wondering if the box is bugged? (It’s in zone 4). It won’t open on firing a ball at it - it’s as if it has no collision. Has anyone managed to open it? You don’t have to elaborate on how - a simple yes or no will suffice. This is for my own sanity more than anything. Great game, by the way. As some others have alluded to, it didn’t really grab me in the beginning, but it becomes compelling to see what they’ve come up with next.
  6. Another belter from Railroad Tycoon 2 - Dark Day: That harmonica...
  7. Sureshot

    Apple Arcade

    - Started Apple Arcade free trial. - Downloaded about 20 games. - Decided to try Cricket Through the Ages first. - Still playing Cricket Through the Ages 30 minutes later, having not touched any of the other said games.
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