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  1. Sureshot

    The Punk Thread

    25 years since Nimrod... gah: https://www.nme.com/news/music/green-day-share-newly-unearthed-nimrod-demo-announce-25th-anniversary-edition-3328797
  2. Some that spring to mind from playing Pokemon Red/Blue back in the day were the colour-themed city names. Obviously had heard of Pewter, Lavender, Fuchsia etc. but I didn't actually twig that Viridian, Vermilion, Cerulean and Celadon were also related to colours - I just thought they sounded cool.
  3. Slight cheat, but hey, I haven't been posting in here as much and the Beeb doesn't exactly have a lot of music worth shouting about. Cute To Kill (Beyond Infinity: Chapter 2) - Theme & Level Music.
  4. RIP Steve Grimmett https://blabbermouth.net/news/grim-reaper-singer-steve-grimmett-dead-at-62
  5. Went down another Japanese metal rabbithole. Random old-school pick... guy's got pipes:
  6. Looks interesting, if nothing else for the Jag/Lynx games: https://www.atari.com/games/50th-celebration/
  7. In Flames in decent new song shocker?
  8. Seems like it was live, and now isn't? Edit: Back now
  9. Are you certain it was PS1/PS2? Seek & Destroy did come out on CD32 in case it was some other CD-based console.
  10. Hmm, had no idea about any of that. Thanks for the knowledge share.
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