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  1. I have definitely inadvertently restarted a run despite having about 45 seconds left because I heard the end of New Girl coming up and wanted to get my new run started ASAP. Amazing what your subconscious can make you do.
  2. Sureshot


    Wow... Randomly tuned into this match today as I’m looking at taking up tennis again, did not expect to see that...
  3. Just finished watching Pretending I'm A Superman: The Tony Hawk Video Game Story which came out this week. Doesn't go perhaps as much in-depth into the development side of things as may have been expected, but it's still a fantastic retrospective of the series and confirmation about how much it influenced music and pop culture, as well as the skating scene and skaters who featured in the games. Absolutely love the first 4 THPS games so it was right up my alley. The games and soundtracks were definitely a huge part of my formative years and I still certainly count them as some of my
  4. GH has one of the best multiplayer modes ever. First, unlock all characters in the game, which allows you to play every single one in multiplayer. It will take some time - there are a LOT of characters. Then start a 6-player game with everyone selecting random. This will not only randomise the characters, but also the level of the character. Finally, watch in awe and absolute mirth as the chaos unfolds with laser gods and giant monsters battling it out against the poor fool that randomed the snail-paced old woman that can only damage people via coughing on them. Alth
  5. Basic Omega is only 170 PLEX - Standard is 430, combo 500.
  6. Don’t forget you can buy Omega status with PLEX. I managed to gain enough ISK (and then some) to buy enough PLEX for a month of Basic Omega. Go to your character page and select your current account level to purchase different levels for PLEX (instead of buying in the store).
  7. Just under 2 days until this comes out. Having never played Eve before but always intrigued by the spectacle, looking forward to giving it a bash. Who else is in?
  8. Don’t worry, the Oilers will find a way once again.
  9. So, Pens went out. Time for that #1 draft pick!
  10. Glad to hear positive feedback on the new BB stuff so far. The other good news - having never played the TT game - is it means Blood Bowl 3 is not far off as they are supposedly releasing in-step. I must admit I haven’t played much of 2 recently, but will try to pick up again once that arrives. I’m really hoping they can find ways to streamline things some more as trying to find and hour-plus for a game can be tricky these days.
  11. The current TOTD makes me want to quit the game - I’m about .500 off the author medal with no idea how to feasibly reduce that, and somehow there are people a further second below that... One to add to the Murtagh list, I think.
  12. Sure it’s not something like Citadel on the BBC Micro? Left to right scrolling, lots of the backgrounds are night/space, jumping onto some questionable platforms and your health depletes over time. Failing that, Star Port? Has a lot of similar mechanics. Otherwise - what sort of graphics are we talking here - 8-bit, 16-bit? 2D/2.5D/3D?
  13. In other news, managed to polish off the author medals for Summer 2020 the other day, whoop!
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