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  1. In the Lewis Hamilton DLC in GT Sport I remember Nurburgring GP being the one I struggled the most to get gold and I don’t think I ever got the diamond time.
  2. Knack. It’s fine. Starts off quite annoying but once you get used to the rhythm of your attacks and enemies it’s quite fun. It’s a very un-ambitious game - any ideas it has to vary the gameplay it never really commits to or explores further possibilities. Later levels are more varied and fun and better looking. The lava in one of the later levels looked quite striking. Story and plot is hokey nonsense but is delivered by decent voice actors who deserve better lines but still give it 100%. It’s not a 3D platformer, it’s a simple brawler and as such I quite enjoyed my time with it.
  3. Junker


    First game in a while I I can’t play on PS5 or Switch that I’m envious of. High hopes for this one
  4. I was just about to thank you @Fretnoise for letting us know the leaderboards are available outside of the game, and my surprise at how finally they are doing things like this. Then I read @Varnsen ‘s post and realised that much like Nintendo online, they either haven’t got a clue or just don’t care. +1 for more music rally.
  5. Well @mexos is far too modest to brag, but last night after MNRC a few of us stayed on a bit in the party chat while we tried the TT again. I pointed out that Mexos was only about a tenth or so off reigning GT World champion Valerio Gallo’s time. I went to bed feeling a bit guilty as Mexos stayed on into the early hours trying to beat his time. HE’S ONLY GONE AND BLOODY DONE IT. Mexos is our Alien.
  6. I’ve pre-ordered from base.com, £27.85 for PS5 version. previews suggest it will be a small step up from 10 which to be fair was ace, but the amount of content is pretty incredible. What I think these games arguably do better than Dirt Rally 2 is the tracks are more realistically narrow, and some sections are really tight. Also the track surfaces have a lot more variety and more pronounced camber and ruts.
  7. I think having a wide range of car behaviour from the physics model is a good thing. Narrowing it down and making things too homogeneous is my worry, cars feeling too similar.
  8. Imagine doing these in a multiplayer lobby. Will be ace
  9. I’m not trying to be the hot take guy, but I preferred the pre-update physics.
  10. Tis true. Over on the GT7 thread here https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/323645-gran-turismo-7-monday-night-racing-club-details-in-op/&do=findComment&comment=13727547 The in game Time Trial runs for 2 weeks at a time and is 1 car with no tuning, and you just need to do 1 lap as fast as you can. We all whinge about wanting more cars and tracks in GT7 but you’re both right, loads of fun when your are just focused on 1 thing and really savouring it
  11. That kind of thing is always in the patch notes after the update.
  12. Actually the cars are pretty good aren’t they? That Skyline looks pretty cool. A new Gr3 is good, the Merak is fine. The best is the MX5 as it’s a track car - it’s got a roll cage so a more modern Roadster Touring car ? Should be a good one for MNRC
  13. This is true, and at first I thought it was me not concentrating or misunderstanding the pace notes. We have literally paid up to be game testers for this game. I’m guessing outside of sport mode this doesn’t happen as you’re left to your own devices navigation wise?
  14. There’s talk that it and Apricot Hill have been seen in a preview build or something so there is a chance, yes.
  15. Well this look utterly pointless. I’ve poked about in the PS5 menu and can’t see anything relating to it, so in summary - I’ve got a collection on the app and in that I’ve got a telescope 🥴 Why did they even bother?
  16. Yeah but no sign of a rear wing so prob a road car. For shame. We could obviously tune them but run the risk of the wrath of Louis et al
  17. Top left looks like a Maserati Merak or maybe a BMW M1, top right another GTR? Must be a race car with that picnic table of a rear wing. Bottom left no idea, bottom right a Z3 or a MX5?
  18. Awesome work. The Xmas 2021 charity race livery must be worth 0.5 per lap.
  19. This game is potentially awesome but is so messed up. The force feedback borks the wheel. I’ve got a Thrustmaster T300 so not exactly a rare wheel. When I use it there is no force feedback, even though in the menu it says it’s on. if I change a setting to put it on there is about 20 degrees of movement on my wheel to get to full lock so I’m snaking all over the place. Go into the settings and calibrate the wheel and it makes f all difference.
  20. Well this seems more doable than the last one. After an hour I’m safely in the gold. Need to work out the chicane properly and the next long right. On my best lap I did a massive power slide round it and somehow caught it on the way out, and I’m sure it’s not the fastest way so I reckon a 13 is there. The only thing is, it’s a really noisy one and and it grates my nerves, incessant tyre squeal is a bit overwhelming
  21. Ahh just seen your new time. 👏 you and Mexos are on another level
  22. No he put his vibrating anal beads in like the grandmaster he is and beat you
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