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  1. Challenge accepted @Pimpalicious MZ let’s goooo #lagslags
  2. Just watched 10 mins of Rory streaming a Lobby race as I had lunch. Road Atlanta at night looks incredible. Day/night works properly, weather works properly. No one moaning about lag and I didn’t see any apart from one American dude. People from all over the globe. Can it be true?
  3. They’ve mirrored the races with the World Tour events and you can use the special liveries like they use in them. I’ve been banging on about that for ages. Also qualifying and grid options in lobbies. Amazing. Let’s hope it’s more stable in lobbies
  4. Yeah Jimmy is wrong. Lots to recommend, I’m having a great time.
  5. @CrichStandthe long stages are brutal. There’s one in the Team weekly - El Puma in Chile and it’s about 18 minutes of pure concentration. @davejm @spatularI’m on a T300 and T-LCM pedals and the throttle response and travel seems ok ? It’s not bothered me at least. I just wish I had a proper handbrake as pressing a button is awkward and silly on a wheel. Also I feel like I need to start experimenting with set ups as they don’t really seem dialled in especially for the tarmac stages
  6. Road Atlanta confirmed. https://www.gtplanet.net/gt7-road-atlanta-november-20221122/
  7. Team Rallymuk got promoted!! Up to Junior league 2. Basically having lots of members and doing all the dailies will get you far. Now we’ve got @CrichStand we’re 4 strong, 4 more places left if anyone fancies it?
  8. Well I’m well into WRC Generations atm. So I’m having a bit of a break from GT7. I’m with @Corranga in that I love Interlagos. If you did the Watkins Glen TT you can do this. The Jaguar FIA season we did was was marvellous, well up for that again in the next World Series. Until then I’d suggest dipping your toes in the dailies. The lobbies seem rock solid and other than the occasional knobhead the racing is really good.
  9. Top Gear was a pisstake. The real McLaren sim is a multi million pound affair and a closely guarded secret, instead they pretended they use a G29.
  10. @Corranga yeah maybe wishful thinking on my part. Still, the top left one will be a great addition at least. Sooner or later they’ll run out of Nissans, won’t they?
  11. Junker


    This caught my eye on PS Plus Extra and it’s a PS4 Beat’em up from 2019. The plot and story is you’re an ex soldier who goes to live in an isolated monastery to get away from his past …blah blah … plot and story is not the thing that makes it good. Bloody and brutal, a crunchy and satisfying control system. 4-5 hrs play time and super good fun all the way.
  12. Venom - let there be Carnage 2/5. Dumb action movie. Inexplicable amount of Brits in it with ropey accents. Getting revenge for Dick van Dyke?Woody Harrelson doing the weirdest villain voice and delivery of lines, and pulling weird faces. I liked the first one, went in with low expectations and actually had fun. This one was bad. Oh and the product placement is horrific!! The tracking shot of his Ducati was SO bad it made me lol. Having said that, Tom Hardy is just so watcheable I kind of enjoyed it ..
  13. Kaz has tweeted his customary 3 car pic for next week’s update. Very good one I think..
  14. Out of morbid curiosity I joined his Discord and it’s a just a depressing load of nonsense speculation. Nothing worth getting excited about, seems like pure guesswork to me.
  15. So that Nankai fella on Twitter is saying for the World Series Live Finals that start 25/11 in Monaco they’re planning on racing on a new track, so we’ll get a big update with said new track ( supposedly Road Atlanta) next week?
  16. Points from finishing position on each event Yes I’ve done Mon/Tues and I’ve seen you have too. Rallymuk top of the league
  17. @Haribokart it’s very similar to 9 and 10. It’s the best WRC game but not massively better than 9 or 10. In fact other than the dlc Pug 206 and Citroen C4 the cars are the same? Oh, there’s an Escort Mk2 RS1800 but it sounds nothing like one - it’s actually upset me it’s so bad in cockpit view. Improvements are more locations and stages. Also I think ( on PS5 at least) it has better graphics and especially lighting in game. The handling is better on a wheel but trickier on pad. it’s got clubs and Leagues and teams so the online is more varied and interesting. It’s got the new Rally 1 cars as well, nearly forgot.
  18. Nations Cup yesterday, and again they seem to be delivering great combos with great racing. This was legit exciting to watch with cars going 4 wide at times.
  19. Yeah must be. No matter. We came 3rd in our league last week. I think it’s a bit mad you have to basically do all 3 dailies every day and have a full team doing it, but at least it’s fun to compare times
  20. That was a great UFC card top to bottom
  21. Is someone on the forum Player38107 ? Had a friend request in game and wondering who it is? Our Team in the League is “Rallymuk” and we are open for more members.
  22. Had a go at Time Trialling a short course to get a feel for different cars in back to back tests. Ended up putting in a fairly decent time which turns out to be the best in the Polo WRC. Also made an in game sticker for Rallymuk. ( I had a day off work so don’t judge me)
  23. For me Extra is the sweet spot. It’s no Game pass but there’s plenty of decent PS4/PS5 games to play. If you buy cheap PSN credit then use that to buy the subscription it’s not too expensive. Premium is guff. The streaming is not great, so that ruins the PS3 back catalogue. The much heralded back catalogue of PS1/PS2 games is actually a bit lame.
  24. As I’ve already posted and only FWIW - the handling in this feels a bit trickier on pad. For the short time I tried I found myself overcorrecting a lot and weaving up the stage. Swapped to my wheel and felt more instinctive than 10 to me.
  25. Yeah I’m on a wheel and so is @marsh I was deffo quicker on a pad in WRC10 but this I think wheel is better? Early days but it’s great fun. Really immersive. Not having a physical handbrake and relying on a button is a bit of a nightmare but I’m getting used to it. My daily League times so far. Quite proud of the Chile one
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