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  1. 🙏 please let lobby stability be in the patch notes tomorrow. Another plug for the Xmas races this coming Monday. Get your Gr3 Japanese only cars decked out with a Christmas livery and come join the chaos. Why Japanese only you ask? @Corranga ‘s idea so he can run a KFC livery in tribute to the Japanese tradition of KFC for Christmas dinner ( it’s a thing apparently). A drinking game will be in place- every time someone says “lag” it’s a shot. £161.49 raised so far by you beautiful, generous and kind people. JustGiving
  2. Dunno, the ones it picks for you are usually the right ones. The only time I change is I usually avoid the hard tyres and then sometimes take a gamble on wet or dry if the little weather forecast thing makes me think it’s going to dry up/ rain etc
  3. @CrichStand what a time on the Chile daily in the Fiesta. 20th in the world atm, very fast
  4. Rallymuk Team now up to 8 members. quite amazing how close on times me, @CrichStandand @marshare. They’ve changed the way the leaderboards work in the daily and weekly team events and I’m not sure what I’m looking at? Also we’re ranked in “Amateur” but when you look on the info tab, there’s no “Amateur” league ranking?
  5. Well the donations for the charity race next Monday 19/12/2/ 8pm UK time have started coming in and I’m amazed at the generosity of you guys. Please spread the message and donate if you can.JustGiving Please post any Xmas liveries as well, I know we’ve got some really creative people on here. @Corranga has added the SpecialEffect logos in game as decals if you want to include those in your designs.
  6. Oh man I am so pleased about this. I adored Death Stranding and all its weirdness. I don’t really play many open world games these days as I find them a bit overwhelming. The appeal to me and what kept me going in DS was not knowing or being able to guess what I would see or do next.
  7. Yep @SharkyOB is right. As annual releases they generally get better each year but the changes are fairly subtle. Generations is the best and like us doing the league, the online has plenty of users if that’s your thing. I played a bit of 9 and 10 on PS4/PS5 and they’re both great. £8.69 is a bargain.
  8. Wonder what league we’ll get dropped into? My Monte Qualifier was ok but I messed up a few hairpins- when you have to use reverse you know you’ve fucked it😖
  9. Ok that Team League qualifying rally at Monte Carlo is a pig. I hate hairpins in this game.
  10. I was interested to see this but then there was a shot of 2 contestants talking conspiratorialy that was so obviously set up - it was like watching Made in Chelsea or something, and it spoilt it for me.
  11. On BBC2 on Friday night I stumbled across this midway through episode 1 of the second series and couldn’t stop watching. Not read anything about it but it’s very amusing. It’s probably dead popular and I’m late to the party but I just had to mention it as it was such an unexpected treat.
  12. Indonesia stages are now on the console versions after this week’s update. Al the excuse I needed to go back to this great little game
  13. This year will be the 3rd year of Rllmuk Monday Night Racing Club Xmas charity races. 19/12/22 we’ll be doing “12 races of Christmas” in aid of of SpecialEffect - SpecialEffect puts fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games. Using technology ranging from modified controllers to eye-control, they find a way for people of all ages to play to the best of their abilities. Anyone interested in racing in this event or any MNRC please feel free, everyone welcome. If you’d like to donate to a great cause please follow the link.JustGiving MNRC 12 Races of Christmas 2022
  14. I was wondering if there is a consensus game which represents the most average game? A game that is neither good nor bad but both at the same time? A game you can use as the yardstick to measure all games against, and they will either be better than, or worse than? Is it even possible when games have so much variety? Maybe it’s limited to genres? Is it Knack?
  15. We should have? We were on top by a mile on Saturday. Been busy with work so not looked since then
  16. Can confirm it’s great. Fast laps rely on sweeping lines which are hard to do when racing in a pack, and it’s a grid start so you’re all bunched up from the start. It means there’s a lot of rough and tumble racing in the pack but it’s good knockabout fun.
  17. I picked Lopez so credits for me. Anyway, I think lack of viewing angles was a shame. Why didn’t they offer an explanation of why? Either Lopez punted him wide to gain position( which it looked like to me), or maybe he got up inside and Inostroza pulled in on him? Showing the replays from different angles and showing steering and throttle / brake inputs ( which this game does in minute detail) would surely be easy to justify the decision and satisfy us all that punting people to win isn’t now acceptable
  18. Update incoming….I’m guessing some bug fixes as well. Makes sense as promotion was weighted towards big teams who do every daily every day, rather than the fastest team. I’ve stopped doing the solo league as I’m back into GT7 after it’s latest patch but I’ll try and do the Team Rallymuk dailies every day as I still love this game.
  19. Shame the anniversary races are one and done as far as credits are concerned. The Spa one being random weather makes it a good challenge.
  20. Nah we’re good. Looks like team Rallymuk is on for promotion again.
  21. Just had an idle thought.. what if it was VR and you could Co-op sidecars
  22. The World Finals races over the past 2 days have been great. They’ve got the coverage to a good level, just wish they’d put up a bit more fuel and tyres and lap time info so we can see strategies rather than relying on the bits we get from Jimmy and Tom. I’m still fascinated by the fact it looks like the majority of racers use bumper cam ( including Fraga, Miyazono, Kawakami and Lopez) , but quite a few use roof cam. No-one I’ve ever seen in the finals uses Cockpit view but a couple of the really quick guys use chase cam ( Beauvois and Gallo). Also they are still using TGT-II wheels rather than Fanatec stuff. Anyone spotted what pedals they make them use?
  23. The World Final Toyota Cup races yesterday were really good. Reminded me of MNRC. Nations cup semi final day today.
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