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  1. The leagues seem a bit limited. It’s always the same cars, it’s limited to 8 members, the leaderboards don’t work properly and doing it every day to try and get promoted is probably too much commitment. As an alternative we can do the clubs mode. I’ve set one up in game so if you play then find it in game “JUNKERDENB ‘s Club” I’ve set it to start tonight for 7 days, so will end next Saturday night, and I’ll do one a week. As it’s the real Monte this coming weekend, the first one is nice and easy. 4 stages through the day pretending to be the Monte master Seb Ogier in his VW Polo WRC. It’s in realistic mode and I’m not sure how many attempts you get, and I think I’ve set the last stage to be a power stage. It keeps tracks of leaderboard points over the month and all time, so we can have a bit of a Rallymuk championship through the year. Who’s in?
  2. Ok @marsh do your worst. Pretty pleased I beat you @CrichStand as you are damn fast. This was my 2nd attempt, and other than 2 minor offs and literally flipping it on that jump at the end of the last stage this was a good clean run. I tried to be clever the first time and use soft tyres. Even though they feel great they wear out after after about 10km and are then slower. The big kind last stage I was 15 seconds quicker when I kept it on Hards. Seems like the default tyres are usually the best and there’s no real point I trying to be a clever arse and going for an alternative tyre strategy.
  3. Full VR support for this or any decent racer and I’m buying a PSVR2. As I had my lunch today I watched a livestream of a dude using VR for iRacing. The way he could look round at cars when overtaking etc looked pure magic. I want. If not I’m going to get a T818 DD wheelbase then they add console support.
  4. I want to try the Co-driver on line Co-op mode for a laugh, anyone tried it? Also, while this is popular should we try an online multiplayer one evening? You race at the same time but ghosted in other people’s games so it’s a bit weird. I did a few with randos and it was quite good
  5. The nice thing with this setup is there’s a transducer in the pedals, so you get damn good rumble in the pedals, so you feel road rumble and gear change - it’s a nice touch. Is that a thing? I’ve got the T300 and theT-LCM pedals and can’t say I’ve ever noticed them rumble?
  6. Found this https://wrcsetups.com/wrc-generations/setups not tried them yet but I did experiment myself the other day with stiffening suspension and fiddling with the diff on the Fiesta Rally 3 at Japan Shakedown and I got some time out of it. Think I ended up top 20, so I can safely say set ups make a difference to stage time.
  7. Have you done enough single player to unlock multiplayer lobbies? If so then let us know your PSN username and we’ll add you to the MNRC party. On the night we use that for comms. It’s not essential but makes it easier to understand what’s going on.Normally a few of us go on a bit before 8pm so if you see the party start then jump in and acclimatise yourself. As for cars, if you’ve got a Gr4 car or 2, and a Gr3. If you want free ones you can sign up in game for the Manufacturers series and you get a loan of each. If you’re wondering what to pick then the Toyota Supras or Corvettes or Jags or Porsches are fast but not too scary. Also we often use the Mazda Roadster Touring Car ( the race version of the mk1 MX5) or the Radical. Don’t worry though, we’ll make sure we pick what you’ve got. It’s not super serious so we’re happy to try and make it easy and enjoyable to join in.
  8. All that league stuff we did last week has disappeared and now it's showing one daily as a "qualification" event. I'm guessing to qualify for a new league? Kind of opaque.
  9. Every point counts my dude. Going backwards and forwards from GT7 is a bit mad at first but you’ll get used to it. Lots of left foot braking required and getting the cars set up sideways for turns early. Turn the effects down as well if they are too loud - the gravel sound is horrendous on some stages. Also I mapped handbrake to R2 on my T300 and from memory I think you’ve got the same wheel. Makes dabbing the handbrake for hairpins a bit easier for me, and try and keep a bit of throttle on as you do it else it bogs down
  10. @spatular@davejm can you do it your end? Google not helping so far
  11. Errrr… how do I remove someone from a team? Not obvious in the menu
  12. Ok @davejm or @spatular which one are you on here ? I’ll take you both off to make room as 2 people have shown interest. If there’s spaces or you change your mind in future let me know or we could always have 2 teams.
  13. Dana hitting his wife was terrible. The number of people saying “well she hit him first ..” was depressing. Slap league is a hideous idea and you’d hope this would have sunk it, but it looks like it’s going to happen regardless.
  14. Dodonpachi on my Miyoo mini. Not a good fit as the vertical screen of the game means it’s tiny on the little screen. Dying is good.
  15. Yeah I’ve given up on the solo league thing to concentrate on the team one. I just don’t like the way the leaderboards work. Once you’ve done a run you can filter to My Friends but it’s only friends in the game’s own system 🥴 and also just because you’re in the same team doesn’t mean you’re friends. when you look at the leaderboard, either before you’re run or after, from the main “league” menu the filters aren’t there so I find myself scrolling up and down page at a time to see what times you guys have done. Crap UI
  16. If you’re worried about damp put some dessicant packs in with them to trap any moisture
  17. We’re doing it!promotion here we come
  18. 3 hours on this tonight doing the Team dailies and a another bash at the weekly. Love it. I then did the Japan shakedown in various cars back to back. In Rally1 I honestly can’t feel any difference between the Yaris, Puma or Hyundai. the top 10 times are a mixture of these cars so I’m fairly certain they are all equal. That’s cool as it means I can use the “Fucknuts” Puma as @marsh has dubbed it. Team Rallymuk - we’re on for promotion this week so if you’ve got time to have a go it would be a good week
  19. My Miyoo mini is ace until I need to use the shoulder buttons, I just can’t grip it comfortably. Having said that, everything else about it is wonderful and I can put up with its shortcomings due to how dinky and cute it is. I’m kind of obsessed with old school scrolling beat’em ups so the simple nature of them and the short chunky stages suits this perfectly as I can use the save state to dip in and out a level or two at a time before my hands cramp up, I just played Cadillacs and Dinosaurs all the way through for the first time ever and it was a treat. Quick question- is it worth upgrading to Onion OS or do I just stick with the one it comes with? All the YouTube videos I watch on the subject start with buying a new SD card and reader but I don’t really want to.
  20. When you get into “the flow” on this game there’s nothing else like it. I did the weekly and I’m a bit off your pace. My brain struggles from going from this to GT7 and back again. Did the 2 dailies as well for some extra points. The weekly one is the big points I think, which is how it should be as doing this 7 days a week is a big ask. I might have another go later in the week and see if I can trouble your time.
  21. Junker

    Crap Maps

    The one in Uncharted Lost Legacy where you’re driving the jeep around between temples or whatever they were was a bit crap as I remember. I struggled to work out the topology and I’d end up being below or above a big cliff and having to back track to find a way round.
  22. Junker

    Crap Maps

    Same. Want to love it but for pretty much the reasons you gave I just wasn’t having fun. Oh, and yes the map is crap.
  23. Spent a couple of hours on the TT and I’ve snagged a silver. Sub 7 mins is on but a 6:54 to get gold might be beyond me. If anyone wants to copy my tune it’s a mish-mash of ones I’ve seen on Twitter but I’ve dialled down the diff and torque curve, and added a bit of extra front downforce to make it a bit more manageable for an old duffer like me. The car is on sale in the Brand Central btw. I wide bodied mine but I bought a second one and didn’t just so I could compare stats and it seems to make f-all difference ? Same with wheel rim sizes I think. Anyway, they make minor differences at most. Run BB to taste although anything to the rear feels weird to me. If you want more torque - swap the ECU setting with the Power restrictor setting. If you can handle more traction but a snappier car, increase the diff settings. Good luck
  24. Game of the Year 1. Gran Turismo 7 2. Elden Ring 3. WRC Generations 4. Stray (video game) 5. Vampire Survivors Biggest disappointment: 1. 2. 3. Best visuals 1. 2. 3. Best audio 1. 2. 3. Best writing 1. 2. 3. Best not 2022 game: 1. Redeemer (video game) 2. Death's Door (video game) 3. Art of Rally Best developer: here Best format/console/controller/brain interface: here
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