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  1. And this week’s rally - a jaunt around Sweden in the Rally1 car of your choice Open for 7 days till Next Sunday late.
  2. I won! I nearly bottled it on S3 and S4 as the default tyres were not suitable a caught me out more than once. For this weeks rally I’ve added service stops.
  3. Yeah that’s the challenge. It’s hard to master but it’s about setting your car into a drift and balancing it to the apex so you pick up forward traction at the right time to power out. That’s probably a terrible explanation. It’s as much about balancing brake/throttle to steer as much as steering itself. That may not be helpful either…. Do you want to join my in game club? Search for JUNKERDENB’s club - I do a weekly Rally challenge as a bit of friendly competition
  4. @Polmon that was a bit harsh but I think the explanation would be the game would have calculated him being on track at the point of impact and you being on full throttle so gave you the penalty. I don’t think it’s sophisticated enough to realise he’d just been off track moments before which was the root cause.
  5. That is interesting, never knew that’s how it worked.
  6. It sounds like it, yes. Last statement said everything except local split screen multiplayer
  7. I don’t think there’s anything that works PlayStation AND Xbox and PC. Most are PS and PC or Xbox and PC compatible, and it’s determined by the wheel base. An exception is Fanatec where the chip ( or whatever it is that controls it) is in the wheel rim itself, so you can swap rims to move across from Xbox to PS. Fanatec are mid range and above though, so when you asked for value it depends on your budget? Sticking to GT7 compatible wheels you’re looking at Thrustmaster, Logitech or Fanatec. If you go on their websites or do some research you’ll see their models and prices. Most come with a desk clamp if that’s what you’re going for. Loads of people on here and in the Sim Racing Central thread who can advise and answer questions as I think between forum members we own/have owned nearly all of them. I’d have a look, think about your budget and ask away.
  8. Rally No3 is up. Again, got till next Sunday evening to complete. @marsh has joined so I’m afraid it means another tarmac event. Another French theme but a bit sunnier. This time Corsica as Didier Auriol in his Celica. I’ve made it a bit shorter as well so it’s less of a commitment.
  9. Ok, Rally No2 completed. Another win for @spatular. I’m not sure about the set up thing, I’ll have to try and work out which rally type enables it. Clear as mud in the descriptions though..
  10. @milko when I sold my t-150 I let the auction do it’s thing and I got a good price. More than I’d have dared asked for buy it now. That was 18 months ago so I don’t know whether the market has changed. Quick look on eBay and you’re right, prices are hard to judge. Yours looks in decent nick though so you’d hope you get a decent return.
  11. A thought crossed my mind. Why doesn’t anyone at the big Sim races like Virtual Le Mans or Daytona 24hr etc use VR? Also thinking about the Virtual Le Mans from the other week, I can’t remember seeing any triple screen displays. I’m guessing if there were a speed advantage they would? And it can’t be money as they kept showing footage of the Williams esport team at their base at Williams F1 HQ with race engineers and all sorts.
  12. Ok so my man maths is telling me that if I don’t bother getting a PSVR2 for GT7, I can then make the leap to the justification to buying a gaming pc. I mean I probably shouldn’t have been thinking of buying a PSVR2- £540 to play 1 game and it make me feel sick is a bit daft. My inner voice has now gone “ well if you were willing to spend that, another couple of hundred to buy a PC is totally fine!” So I’m on the hunt and @Corranga is my sensei. Chatting to @davadvice1 @mexosand @Corranga has convinced me. I’ve put in quite a few hours of the PS5 version with the latest update, and it’s light years better than the launch version. Problem is no one plays it on PS5. Give me a few weeks and I’ll hopefully be joining in and asking a million dumb questions. Single screen ( cheapish 4k tv) set up with a £6-800 ish budget for a pc do-able for a decent frame rate and graphics? Any advice appreciated. Also my livery is Khaki and Black with an orange stripe so reserve that for me
  13. Yeah it can be rough but like @Fretnoise says, make sure your SR is S. if it isn’t then just race to not get penalties until it’s back to S. The matchmaking clumps all the banger racers together so you just need to steer clear. Doing daily C is usually good as they tend to be longer more strategic races so there’s less to be gained by fighting for positions every corner, therefore cleaner racing. There are always idiots and people raging and mistakes, but generally I’ve found the majority are just trying to race clean same as me.
  14. They better keep using dynamic weather in the dailies now, as Race C is marvellous. To the detriment of my DR I’ve learned that it always seems to start dry, so Race Softs are the best tyres. I tried starting on inters a few times and it was never a wet track to start, so it seems it’s rarely/ never a thing. Also the Bugatti, Ferrari and Lambo seem to have the edge on top speed - I’ll tell you why that’s important in a minute… The other great thing is that it’s on the no chicane Le Mans track so as long as you’ve got one of the faster cars it’s a massive slipstream train down the Mulsanne Straight, ensuring everyone stays in a pack, then you’re free to focus on watching the weather radar until the rain hits ( if it hits) and then the gamble of staying out on Softs or pitting for inters. Honestly it’s so much fun, the most a Daily Race has ever come to feeling like Monday Night Racing Club
  15. I think it’s creepy so I don’t / won’t buy them no matter how good they are.
  16. I’ve put a marker down. Pretty clean run but maybe too cautious. Car is as tail happy as you’d imagine a 1970s rear engined rear wheel drive car to be. Get it right and it feels amazing, get it wrong and there’s a wall or a big drop waiting for you
  17. Ok next rally will be up in a few minutes. Carrying on the Monte Carlo theme were going back to the start… 1973 all podium places were Alpine A110. We’re recreating that and a bit of weather thrown in. Bonne chance mes amis!
  18. Week 1 and a handy win for @spatular this coming week’d Rally I’ll start this evening, and again run for 7 days for a Sunday tea-time finish. Anyone fancy a dabble search in game for “JUNKERDENB” ‘ s club and send a request to join.
  19. Last shout for clubs Monte Carlo rally. The classic season opener. 4 stages and about 17 minutes of rallying. Search in game for “JUNKERDENB” ‘ s club. Ends about 10pm tonight. Also… is anyone watching the actual Monte Carlo Rally? I feel like this needs patching into the game
  20. I’d convinced myself it wasn’t. Wow. Music rally is going to be amazing!!!!
  21. Yeah I used the stock tyres . If we get more people off here playing it will be good as it tallies points and standings from Rally to rally and you can actually see the leaderboards. I’ve got some good ideas as well for combos to create some unique challenges.
  22. Ahh who knows? Maybe time of day and weather effect ? Did you use the special Monte Carlo only snow and ice tyres?
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