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  1. Last week’s Daily Race results. Sorry if I missed anyone, Send me a friend request if you want to be included Race A
  2. I use Thrustmaster T-150 pro so got half decent wheel and the good pedals. Set me back about £150 after shopping around. For half the cost of a T300 I’m happy for now
  3. @marsh are all these “friends” rllmuk “friends”? if so I’ll go through my “friends” list and add any I’m missing so when I post a leaderboard I don’t miss anyone
  4. Results for 911 Nurburgring Time Trial. I only managed to put 4 laps into it last night but fair play to the quick lads, that’s a cracking effort
  5. Results for the first 2 Official Time Trials I detest that stupid Willow Springs track
  6. Get yourself online in the sport mode daily races. Race A is a quite a nice one to start with with week, B is good fun once you get used to the track. Absolutely the best part of the game. If you don’t want to race just set qualifying times and as you can see on this thread we do a weekly leaderboard.
  7. I did but Gin got in the way. Don’t drink and drive kids
  8. Thought about it but I’d got guests round and drunk way too much gin so wasn’t happening! yes, I’ll screenshot the leaderboard early weds morning. I still haven’t had a go on that yet.
  9. Good point. Caterhams as well. I’d like to see Rallycross as well. I remember the old Rallycross Grand Prix on telly in the eighties, Will Gollop in his 6r4 and Martin Schanke in an RS200 doing battle round a track they had at Brands Hatch using the online infrastructure they’ve got they could do heats and finals.
  10. I definitely will if I can. I’m gutted I have to miss it.
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