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  1. It’s great isn’t it? Can remember Samuel Roberts guesting on Chet and Jon’s when that used to run. As soon as I saw his name attached I knew it would be worth a try
  2. After trying the stock informer and alert nonsense, getting mad and giving up, I was pleasantly surprised I got one just before Xmas having previously registered interest with BT shop. They sent out invites for 1 each to the registered person only. My friend has got one coming next week. He registered with base.com just before Christmas and paid a penny deposit. He had an email yesterday asking if he still wanted it. Worth trying these and there may be other retailers doing similar? Takes out the drama, you might have to wait a bit but seems to work?
  3. So for each round there are multiple races that day. You can enter as many as you like, and for each start time it will sort the lobbies by DR/SR ranking ( much like the dailies). For each lobby it drops you into there will be points to earn for your finish position on that race. The higher the combined DR/SR rankings of all the drivers in that race, the more points can be earned. If you watch any YouTube videos of where they’ve streamed FIA races you’ll hear them refer to “top split” etc which means the highest ranking lobby for that start time with the best racers in it. So basical
  4. Decent dailies again this week. Predictably I’m going to get obsessed with time trialling race A https://www.gtplanet.net/gt-sport-daily-races-20210118/
  5. Problem is once you get in a daily with low SR drivers you’re into the Wild West. It’s like Forza out there being bomb dived every corner. Best thing is to sacrifice finishing position for a clean race, get SR back up then you’ll be in the cleaner lobbies
  6. Hmm, he’s in the MNRC group on PSN? Can’t say I know him but he’s quick on that race!
  7. Last weeks Daily race time trial leaderboards - as a reminder, as well as Monday Night Race Club we have a bit of competition for times each week based on the Qualifying for the daily races. If you play Gt Sport or want to, and want to compare times drop me a friends request, as everyone on my list is either a forumite, a friend of the forum or someone who races on Monday Might Race Club Race A
  8. I caught a little bit of SuperGT speed running the Lewis Hamilton DLC 5 times in a row on Friday, I’ve not bought it myself, but had anyone on here got diamond times for all tracks? He really struggled on Willow Springs so I’m guessing it’s dead hard? https://youtu.be/AmgF7IKCBF4
  9. Mad skillz round Barcelona, hard to adjust to hard tyres.
  10. Last lap battle from last night with @McSpeed, Bart and @Varnsen in his “special” livery
  11. Haha, look at you with your little Santa costume on still. When I got took out at T1 I went into spectator mode and it looked amazing. You’re run to the line to take the win was a thing of rare beauty
  12. Great racing last night, Z8s were great for close racing, I’ll pop some stuff on YouTube later. @mexos you were mad quick round Barcelona in the Gr2. Daily Race A this week in the 240z is drift city and great fun, race B is ok but the hard tyres take some of the fun out it. Race C though is incredible with the high grip of the Super GT cars round Dragon Trail. The Esses are almost maybe flat out, and the death chicane is definitely flat once you calibrate your brain to it. Really good fun just time trialling it as well.
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