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  1. Love it. Lap 2 we were side by side through the corkscrew and the subsequent left through Rainey. Perfect cars to race as they are quick and loose enough to be fun but predictable enough to do that kind of thing. Also somewhere in there I do the old switcheroo on Joe through the corkscrew, and you have a Grandstand view of me get into the lead on the last lap and then run wide because I was laughing so much. Best race for ages that
  2. Lovely stuff. Also I did a bit of warm up for the next FIA at RBR. I was surprised how much quicker I was when I went on Softs….I’m guessing your time is on mediums or your brakes were well knackered
  3. Last week’s daily race qualifying leaderboards Race A - yay for me!!
  4. Not having Sky and no MotoGP on this week, that was the first live F1 race I’ve watched in a long time. I’ve got to say it was pretty entertaining, and If I put all the Tom Cruise weirdo stuff out of my mind I got a kick out of the Top Gun pastiche. Regarding ‘the incident’, well I’m kind of on the fence about it. Max definitely knew he was there and could have stayed wide, and it looks like Lewis kind of backed off. But then he didn’t make the apex; if he had I think it would have been easier to say it was a fair move. Certainly makes the season more interesting and it’s kind of incredible how motivated Lewis still is after all his success.
  5. Well I’ve ordered it off TheGameCollection on PS5 disc so I can flog it when I realised my middle aged reactions aren’t good enough. No FIA races in GT Sport this week so I’d be up for a lobby race
  6. Haven’t played an F1 game since the days of the Xbox 360. What’s the online like ? Can we do lobby races and such?
  7. Last week’s daily race qualifying leaderboards, Race A first
  8. I wondered why quite a few people on my friends list were playing Tokyo Olympics
  9. Yeah just popped in to say despite ( and because of ) its many quirks it’s one of my favourite games ever. That such a game got made is in itself something to be celebrated. I saw a thing saying ultra wide? Might this be a thing for PS5 games moving forward? Would make driving games like GT7 an interesting proposition
  10. First episode is only 12 minutes or something and is actually quite good fun. They’re really trying to do the Top Gear thing but I say good luck to them. Julia and Mike seem to be good people and fair play for throwing themselves into it with such conviction. If it fails it won’t be through their lack of effort. The only thing that struck me as odd is the choice of the car for the lap of the Top Gear track, but I don’t suppose it matters at all.
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