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  1. I’m gonna get me a Santa hat in Death Stranding then Mario Kart with the kids, and then it will be Jackbox Party for when the in-laws come round.
  2. I’ve not seen or heard the difficulty level discussed much about this game. I think I’m a very average gamer and I’m hardly ever dying but in some of the encounters I’m getting perilously close which adds to the drama immensely. Before playing the game you would imagine that all the different systems and enemies would mean It was a “hard” game but actually it’s really easy but does a good job in making you feel in peril most of the time. what does everyone else think?
  3. Junker

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    Wouldn’t Dirt Rally or WRC or the MotoGP games make more sense if they followed the Rocket League model? As it stands The yearly increments add nothing much and must cost a fortune to develop. If every year they sold the new skins for bikes and riders ( cars and drivers) and would spread the cost of development and the addition of new tracks etc. Which is surely what is going on now with the 4 DLC packs for Dirt 2. I’m sure it is a better game than DIRT Rally but when I saw DLC was going to be tracks that were in the original it put me off it.
  4. Used nectar points towards an Xbox One S from Argos on the £129 deal bringing it down to £116.50, just need to buy some Xbox Live Gold and convert it to Game Pass Ultimate. Pokemon Shield £36.99 CurrysPCWorld with Cashback for daughter’s Crimbo pressie. Tempted to get a new tv but until next gen console specs are announced I got cold feet. Almost went for a LG B9 but bottled it. They’re only going to get cheaper next year and I then might spring for the C9
  5. Also this is a fantastic live performance of one of the many great songs used in the game https://youtu.be/AGKpjOfjz48
  6. every time I think I’m starting to worry I might get a bit bored with the basic delivery and building aspects of the game it does something new and unexpected, whether it be a new item, location, weapon or the story progresses and I’m in love again.
  7. Junker

    Google Stadia

    Imagine you were an early adopter and thought ok that Tomb Raider reboot will be a good first game and then not 2 weeks later they tell you it will be free. The launch of this is mental
  8. It’s fine. It’s very much in keeping with the vibe of the original trilogy. Cheesy writing and a bit pantomime, loads of deaths but no blood or corpses and some really daft stuff that makes zero sense if you think about it for even a millisecond but as a tv series it kind of works. Watching it with my young daughters I can only Compare it to me at a similar age watching things like Knight Rider and The A Team. I think I went into it with the wrong expectations of something more adult themed and orientated like GoT or Walking Dead, so I’m having to recalibrate a bit. I really like the music and the end credits are beautifully done
  9. I had a very similar experience, saw a load of signs in the river and thought I could save a load of time by wading across. Next thing I was floating down the river trying to stay with the cargo I’d dropped. Kept trying and failing to fish it out. Was total slapstick
  10. Anybody care to explain the difference in practical terms of “sweat grenades, piss grenades and shit grenades”?
  11. Elite-on-foot.... that’s an interesting analogy. I also heard it referred to in a review as the “Gran Turismo of walking simulators” I love reading comments about this game. I think it’s amazing but I am struggling to explain to friends ( and even myself) exactly why. I suppose that in itself makes it far more interesting than most games? For me it conjures up an atmosphere or a feeling I can’t describe. Other games I got this off include Elite, Super Metroid, Half Life, and more recently Bloodborne, BotW and Hollow Knight.
  12. Junker

    Apple Arcade

    Yeah, I played Tint and Assemble with Care, both very good but not my personal highlights. ones I’ve played that didn’t click:- that Frogger game - was awful Where the Cards Fall - played on phone and touchscreen controls felt fiddly Punch Planet - probably very good little fighting game but again I played touchscreen on an iPhone XR so too frustrating Skate City - seems really cool but again, to do it justice needs a controller hooking up to it
  13. Junker

    Apple Arcade

    Highlights so far:- Cricket Through the Ages What the Golf Grindstone Neo Cab just started playing Monomals and so far so good. Getting weird Nintendo vibes off it
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