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  1. And finally the Race C leaderboard. 17 entries which is the most I can remember. Headed by Nobloski who posted the 250th fastest time in EMEA region. Amazing.
  2. Yeah it’s pretty quick round here, used to be a nightmare to get the power down out of slower corners, seems lots easier since the physics update
  3. I’ve always loved racing and bike games. I didn’t understand GT Sport when it came out and the reviews were generally a travesty and didn’t do it justice, but at the time I did t know that and was just a bit sad there were no more good PS4 racing games. fast forward to Jan 19 and I see Alan Boiston from teamvvv streaming daily races. I remember it was GR4 round Tokyo and Gr3 round Interlagos and all of a sudden I get what it is about. I’d done lots of online racing in lobbies before, but having set rules and races was a game changer for me. I got it in a PSN sale and bought a cheap wheel stand and a refurbed t-150 pro ( got the half decent pedals) and other than a few months off when I had a herniated disc in my lower back I play it every week. my best mod is I had 2 spare rolls of overgrip for my badminton racket so I wrapped them on the wheel as it’s a bit cheap and nasty plastic and hurts my delicate little hands. Worse thing is i roll backwards in the chair I drag in from my home office under heavy braking....
  4. I watched this in 1080p, and it looked fantastic. I was bothered about having to upgrade my gaming tv as I still use a HD Sony Bravia, what does this all mean? There’s not many 8k or hdmi 2.1 TVs around, so I guess everyone is cool without them? Does anyone really know at this point?
  5. Damn! That’s a good idea, no mine is a bit more retro
  6. Ok, everyone needs to bring their A game for liveries tonight as I’ve created a masterpiece with a Mediterranean theme
  7. Hey, my kids were watching Camp Rock so to take my mind off the horror I started messing about with the logo editor. I found the RLLMUK logo and uploaded a simple vector graphic version. If you look on my profile in game you will see it and you can download it. Might do one for “ Monday Night Race Club” next .....
  8. Minimal input required but it’s so intense it’s quite a workout.
  9. Think I’ve only just recovered from the pure adrenaline that was Monday night’s racing! Kart racing was crazy, like the Mini race round Goodwood a few weeks ago it just created great racing drama. Also never thought I’d enjoy Tokyo Expressway as much as I did. For the past few weeks we’ve had 20+ racing so had 2 lobbies running side by side. Plenty of extra spaces if anyone else of any ability wants to join in.
  10. Had to tap out in the end. I was a full 2 seconds off you for ages, then late last night I changed the brake bias back to 0 and went 1.5 quicker immediately. Optimum lap showing as a 2:43 flat but after a dozen or so attempts I realised in the words of Casey Stoner my “ambition exceeded my talent”. Great fun though
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