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  1. @cubik- It's south London (Streatham). In terms of walk-up trade, it's by a huge common/park, between a couple of major supermarkets and a short walk from 2 overground stations, a bus terminus and a leisure centre. In terms of a nightlife, there is a big, established but grotty-looking pub a stone's throw away and a newly renovated, pricey, gastropub a very short walk in the other direction. Both are open late (23:00-00:00) and occasionally have later events going on (02:00 onwards). There is a late-night jazz venue that has been doing great business but, aside from that, everythi
  2. If the shop became a venue for people to come and play games rather than buy them, do you think there's any interest in that? I'm thinking 90s tunes, big screen setups and sofas so it feels comfy and relaxed (not clinical like an Apple Store or fusty like an old boys club but clean, fresh and stylish). (WARNING: Business Hat Firmly On) I'm waiting to see the financials as what it did in 2013-2014, before they turned their attention to their other business, is going to be a good indicator of the potential. However, my hunch is that the only real profit that can be made is through a)
  3. I think it makes sense to expand on what else I had in mind... 1. The business has a successful retail premises which has been profitable in the past 2-3 years but has been break even over the past 12 months as the owners have turned their focus to another venue. They offer repairs as well as consoles, games and peripherals for sale. If the numbers stack up, I'm interested in taking it over and seeing if there's potential to grow the business. 2. They sell a range of items both in-store (80% of sales) and online via their own website (20%), which is plugged into a sophi
  4. They do seem like they're supposed to be very similar - DMs who can tackle, put it about a bit and just get the ball moving forward. 1 is enough with Alli, Erikson, Lamela or another creative midfielder next to them.
  5. Great drinking game down at 'The Dukes Head' in Putney (or anywhere else along the course) is to have 3+ people with a beer each and take it in turns to shout out the most ludicrous, typically upper class name. If nobody turns around, everyone drinks. If more than 1 person turns around, the caller drinks. If only 1 person turns round, everyone except the caller drinks. i.e. Player #1 - "Tarquin!" - 3 people turn around, player #1 drinks Player #2 - "Charlie!" - nobody turns around, all 3 players drink Player #3 - "Sebastian!" - 1 person turns around, players #1 &
  6. So, beat Palace, drew with both Scousers, smashed Stoke, signed another striker (turns out we already had Son) and cover for Dembele / Dier... 3rd place...?
  7. Hi everyone - I'm hoping to garner some opinions on a retro gaming idea, if you would be able to help... I've got a business opportunity focused on gaming (arcade & consoles only at the moment) and one idea I've had to make it a bit more interesting to current and potential gamers is to provide a service a bit like Graze, Pact Coffee, Abel & Cole, etc. The idea is that you can go online, select which consoles you own and subscribe to a service that posts you a different game every month. You can play it and then send it back or you can keep it for an extra fee.
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