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  1. MoS was great up until he became superman.... I wanted more of the stuff with him in the fishing boat. A stranger wandering from place to place (walking the earth?) looking for signs of his heritage and helping people along the way. Then when he does find out who he is and become superman perhaps have some small scale stuff so the people of earth actually care about him before zod shows up in movie 2.


    Agree that the trailer was amazing, but it feels like it's a trailer for a totally different film. 


  2. 10 minutes ago, Hanzo the Razor said:


    How long has he been in this now? Since about Season 4? And what has he actually done? Name me one good Gabriel moment. He's also been wearing the same clothes for about six years. He must smell like Father Jack's underpants hamper.


    He's done nothing, other than somehow getting himself involved with Rosita... which in itself is unbelievable as there is zero chemistry between them.

  3. On 01/03/2021 at 23:40, Indy @ S.E. said:

    Anyone else watch the new episode earlier this evening, they’ve got a small run of 6 episodes before the final series hits later in the year.


    Or am I on a lone crusade to see this through till the bitter end?


    I watched it... and last night's episode. The second one was particularly poor... Doral and Carol mooching around an old cabin. I'll keep watching though as I've invested too much time to stop now. 

  4. I feel like I'm missing something in this game, I seem to be dying an awful lot. I read some of the comments on here about people jumping in level 1-1 and running through without dying and I can only assume they must have played this before as that would have be unimaginable for me. 


    Anyway, I've slogged on through countless deaths and have got as far defeating the tower knight and am now dying repeatedly on level 2-1. I think I've missed the leveling up mechanic somehow and I've only just learnt how to use magic (playing as a Knight) - I have the plate armour on and I'm using the claymore (+3) which requires 2 hands. Should I be switching back to a one handed weapon and using a shield? This game just feels so deep and I've no idea what I'm doing :o :D

  5. On 27/10/2020 at 17:34, JohnC said:

    Watched new animated show Blood of Zeus today. Went in not expecting much, but actually quite enjoyed it.


    And if it's your thing, the episode end credits feature loads of storyboards, animatics, design drawings and the like.


    I watched the first couple of episodes of this myself last night, seems pretty good so far.

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