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  1. 12 hours ago, NickC said:


    Sorry to be thick here, but I didn't understand this comment. Likely I have somehow been unaware of some unpleasant phrase or fact here, but I'm curious as to what the connection between "crammed in" and Pakistani culture is.


    What I meant was, it feels like most of each episode is taken up by the cultural stuff at the expense of plot... such as, while the wedding was good, I would have preferred 2 minutes less if that and 2 minutes more on the bad guys switching from wanting to help to murdering ger whole family in 20 seconds...ffs. 

  2. 3 hours ago, sir podger said:

    I really enjoyed it, it felt like there was next to no gap between the seasons, and nobody had inexplicable chunked out between them (think miguel from cobra kai)


    Really good gritty action, i know there are rumors of a fifth season but i wonder where they will go. i may have to rewatch it all again.


    Yeah I hope they make another series, hard to see what direction it goes in. Particularly like Sully, and the guy who plays Jamie is excellent. 

  3. I looked for a thread and couldn't find one so thought I'd start one.. Mods feel free to merge if one actually exists. 


    Series 2 of this has dropped on Netflix, although there are actually 4 series, 2 were made years back and are also on Netflix as Top Boy: Summerhouse. 


    Overall pretty decent, the second (Netflix) series is a bit weaker than the first but some decent performances. Worth watching if you are in to that sort of thing. 

  4. Whoever it was suggested sending elevators back up / down when you step off them outside a boss encounter so they are ready when you respawn is an absolute genius. Saved me loads of waiting around after getting my arse handed to me multiple times. 

  5. I'm enjoying this so far, lots wrong with it but hopefully these things will be resolved in time. 


    Spent the last few weeks playing the PS4 version (on a PS5) as the lads I play with don't have PS5s. I gave the PS5 version a go today and it's lots better than the lat gen version. The sound works, hit markers are more consistent and the larger number of objectives means there is less running around in empty space. 

  6. Really enjoying this so far. I think hawkeyes lack of 'powers' lends itself better to the smaller scale of a TV show. 


    This might be a stretch but... 


    the one eyed dog seems to pop up at convenient moments and it's missing the sane eye as Nick Fury. Can the skrull shape shift into animal form in the MCU? 


  7. 3 minutes ago, Sarlaccfood said:
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    He’d given up at the end because he’ll never be able to be near his family. Which I guess is also why Rami got close instead of just finishing the job with the the gun.




    He couldn't even just avoid his family, I'm sure Q said that the nano bots would get passed on to whoever they made contact with so sooner or later they would get round to them regardless. 


  8. Really enjoyed this, it was definitely Craig's best one after Casino Royale and more of a Bond film than that, if that makes sense. 


    Loved the little nods to previous films and using the orchestral score of We have all the time in the world was great, my wife walked down the aisle to that being played by a string quarter when we got married. 


    Obviously this means a hard reset for the franchise, be interested to see who goes next. 

  9. Season 11 do far, Neegan is the only one I want to survive this. 


    It's looking like a lot of this season is



    going to be devoted to them fighting this new group, Pope and his unit. It just feels like same old same old. 


    I'm fed up with this now but will spite watch until the bitter end. 

  10. Priya threw everyone under the bus by telling Faye they didn't vote for them, so only 4 other couples and Faye now knows 3 of them voted for her and Teddy. 


    She went round telling everyone how pissed off she would be, proper bulky tactics. 

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