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  1. I'm sure I read somewhere that this was now being made into a TV series.
  2. Currently available at Costco.... https://www.costco.co.uk/search?text=Xbox
  3. Showing as instock at Costco for me niw https://www.costco.co.uk/search?text=Xbox
  4. Costco online have the series x to buy.... £450. https://www.costco.co.uk/TVs-Electronics-Security/Gaming-PCs-Consoles/Consoles/Xbox-Series-X-Console/p/385903
  5. I'm enjoying this so far, lots wrong with it but hopefully these things will be resolved in time. Spent the last few weeks playing the PS4 version (on a PS5) as the lads I play with don't have PS5s. I gave the PS5 version a go today and it's lots better than the lat gen version. The sound works, hit markers are more consistent and the larger number of objectives means there is less running around in empty space.
  6. Really enjoying this so far. I think hawkeyes lack of 'powers' lends itself better to the smaller scale of a TV show. This might be a stretch but...
  7. Trailer for part 2 was good. I actually liked part 1, you just had to take it as its own thing and not got bent out of shape if it wasn't a direct copy of the original series. This should satisfy most of those who didn't get on with part 1 while remaining it's own thing. Looking forward to it.
  8. Yeah I'll watch it, OK it was different to the original series but it was decent in its own right.
  9. Really enjoyed this, it was definitely Craig's best one after Casino Royale and more of a Bond film than that, if that makes sense. Loved the little nods to previous films and using the orchestral score of We have all the time in the world was great, my wife walked down the aisle to that being played by a string quarter when we got married. Obviously this means a hard reset for the franchise, be interested to see who goes next.
  10. The animation and art style is perfectly fine but I'm reiterating other people's comments here in that the voice acting just feels... off.
  11. I'm really on the fence about going to see this... seems like mixed reviews in here. Is it suitable for a (nearly) 10 year old? Anything I should be aware of?
  12. Season 11 do far, Neegan is the only one I want to survive this. It's looking like a lot of this season is I'm fed up with this now but will spite watch until the bitter end.
  13. Everyone in there apart from Jake seems scared of Faye. She really needs to get a grip, she takes everything to heart.
  14. Priya threw everyone under the bus by telling Faye they didn't vote for them, so only 4 other couples and Faye now knows 3 of them voted for her and Teddy. She went round telling everyone how pissed off she would be, proper bulky tactics.
  15. Think it's a bit bad how they are clearly doing everything they can to cause trouble between Jake and Liberty. Feels a bit off... smacks of chasing ratings.
  16. The whole Love Actually thing was so shit. I have zero interest in Tyler and Kaz.
  17. Yeah can't see it being anyone else, much as I'd love them to vote off Kaz and Tyler as they are both grinding my gears.
  18. Either way it's no way to behave. We only saw a solid hour of her screaming at people (including Dale and Matthew who had done fuck all)... god knows how long she went on for or what she said that wasn't shown. When Teddy was in tears I felt really sorry for him, it was abuse which ever way you cut it, let's hope she doesn't get away with it.
  19. Definitely..... Full on psycho. She needs removing from the show as she clearly has issues.
  20. Exactly... same with Faye and Teddy, would be world war 3 in there if that clip they shown was the other way round and he started laughing. Matthew was a bit of a legend the way he just dropped her as well.
  21. Agree with all of this, she continually fucked Matthew over and then when he had the sense (and balls) to outright end it with her she seemed totally amazed and proceeded to slag him off to everyone.
  22. It's really pissing me off this year. Faye blows up at the slightest thing but will quite happily sit laughing at Teddy. Kaz is full of her own self importance, and Millie is taking the piss with Liam. Ffs Toby left Chloe and coupled up with 2 other girls before going back to her with less hassle. Abigail is by far the best in there and is sat there single!
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