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  1. I've just ordered the all singing version (Game Centre Blue Limited edition) from strictly limited games so it comes with the trackball, extra games, a control pad and a control panel (arcade stick)


    Also ordered an extra control panel (arcade stick) from Games Rocket because i don't like the look of the control pad's d-pad and I will probably be plugging this into the TV so 2 players will have the same controllers (which is nice).

    Due to arrive at some point in May.  Very excited although it is a shame that games like Parasol Stars, Chase HQ etc... are missing but oh well.


    It is true that the western edition is limited to 5000 units?

  2. Finally got hold of a Neo SD Pro (AES) with a microsd card full of AES and CD games.

    Hooked it up to the Retrotink 5x Pro. Glorious. Just need to get some extender leads and I'll be in heaven.

    I wonder if I should think about selling the 17 AES games I managed to amass.

  3. On 27/02/2022 at 23:39, Ninja Doctor said:

    Normal Roms for console games that you dump from your own legally owned carts. 



    sfc/smc for snes, md/bin/gen for mega drive. 


    Thanks for confirming that. Hooray!!!! 🙂

  4. 12 hours ago, pastry said:

    Did you install SF3 by burning a disc and then ripping it? 


    I wonder if you could clone a drive and install it, provided the games have been ripped by a Polymega? I'm not sure I could put in the effort to burn and THEN rip stuff.. I mean I don't even have a CD burner!


    Also curious whether cartridge games work without their respective modules plugged in? Aha, from their FAQ


    I had the japanese cd already so it just installed. You can play off the disc (it copies it to the hdd whilst you play it) and when you eject the disc it removes it OR you can add it to the library and copy it on. Once done, you don't need the disc any more.

  5. OK, I set it up.


    All appears to be working thankfully. I did the updates. No boot loop issue which has affected some. CD drive seems to be reading discs well. (I've only started installing my Neo Geo CD games so far).


    Regarding Neo Geo CD games, the loading is instant so KOF99, Last Blade 1 and 2 load instantly and are now pretty much as speedy as the AES carts but have the enhanced audio.


    It does come with a few games installed (40 winks and Virus on PS1) + others. So far the emulation appears to be flawless. I haven't tried Saturn yet.


    I installed a 1tb SSD into the expansion slot with no problems. I've installed about 10 Neo Geo CD games so far and I still have 960gb left so it is looking good to be able to store a lot of games on it.


    The controller is OK. The D-Pad is a bit stiff. I think it is a rebranded 3rd party controller.


    I've got the extra modules (for SNES, Megadrive, PCEngine/TurboGrafx and NES) coming next month along with extra controllers although I might just stick to my 8bitdo ones depending on the quality.


    The box itself is smaller than I was expecting but has a bit of weight to it with an external power brick and there is some low fan noise.


    So far so good. If they can get the N64 module and the light guns out in a timely fashion, they could be onto a winner here.  I hope they add 3DO support.

  6. 17 hours ago, Camel said:

    Good that it’s arrived. I haven’t worked my way back through the thread but like the Next thread, wasn’t this one also full of ‘lol it’s another Vega, you’ll never get it’ chortling comments?


    Yes it was 😄



    smaller still.jpg

  7. On 02/01/2022 at 10:10, Dudley said:

    The Intelivision collection has a sensible number of games as released and it's not like it misrepresents.


    Whereas Speedball if you didn't know how Evercade worked you might well assume was Amiga versions.  I've not actually booted Xenon 2 on it, the Mega Drive version has Bomb The Bass, have they changed it?

    Yes, but it is a pale imitation

  8. I am really disappointed with the Bitmap Collection 1.


    Speedball on the Master System. Awful.


    Speedball 2, Xenon 2 and The Chaos Engine on the Megadrive. That sound chip. Again awful.


    They should have gone for the Amiga versions.

  9. Does anyone have any experience in setting up a USB SSD drive with the MiSTer?

    Ideally I want everything on the SSD (cores, bios, roms etc...) leaving only the OS on the SD card.

    Is this possible? Does anyone have a step by step list of instructions?

    I have been using update_all with an SD card which I understand has a USB version.

  10. 11 hours ago, Major Britten said:

    Ordered as soon as the site went live, must of taken 10 seconds to add everything I wanted to cart and hit check out, then was stuck in a queue for 3 minutes and got an order number of 974XX. 


    Mine is in the range 10XXXX


    Same experience as you. Got all items in my basket within 10 seconds then in a queue for 4 minutes

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