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  1. I got fed up of trying to get the everdrive gba mini and gb x7 so I went for these instead.

    EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition DE


    EZ Flash Junior Jr - Gameboy GB Color GBC

    Apparently they work (albeit with a few issues) on the the pocket and are a lot cheaper as well.


    Still waiting to receive my Pocket and Dock so all will hopefully be fixed by the time it arrives

  2. 22 hours ago, JamesC said:

    The PS2 / Xbox Taito Legends compilations are fantastic.


    I have an Egret Mini on order from Strictly Limited which should hopefully arrive fairly soon. I'm looking forward to playing Bubble Bobble (and sequels) on that.


    Having said that, I don't think I've ever played a bad version of Bubble Bobble. I'm a big fan of the NES version, the Master System version, and I even quite like the original GameBoy version.

    Just a shame that Parasol Stars isn't on it for it to be complete

  3. 4 hours ago, SeanR said:


    the NGCD ODE solutions look to be £200.

    With compatibility with other cd-based consoles on top, that looks like a lot of convenience for £370.




    delivery times are another matter though…





    I ordered my Polymega from the european distributor in December 2020 and it got sent in February 2022.

    I think I got lucky as people are still waiting for theirs ordered in April 2020 but they ordered direct from Polymega so the distributor must have got some stock.

    I am still waiting for the extra modules (all 4) and an extra controller for each of them as well ETA currently unknown.

    The machine itself is glorious. I've got 39 Neo Geo CD games on their and 75 Saturn games so far. The convenience of having them all in one place in one machine under the TV is what I wanted.

    I know I could have built a mini PC and installed emulators etc... but that would have taken ages and I'm a lazy bastard 🙂


    The UI as well is pretty slick and they have just added a music player that lets you play music from installed games.


    Overall I am really happy with it so far but they really need to get better at communicating with their customers

  4. On 27/04/2022 at 16:14, Kevvy Metal said:


    I've personnally gone with a smaller usb card (an 8 gig I think) that just has the MiSTer install on it. 

    I've opted for a far bigger and cheaper USB storage. There's no speed difference if it's solid state. 


    The other reason is you might find yourself disconnecting the USB storage to connect to a PC to copy ROM's and BIOS files over. This is a massive pain with the SD card and usually end with it falling out and into the case. 

    There is the FTP option, but I find it to be massively shit and unreliable over wifi. Probably will be better via ethernet 


    Sorry to jump in but have you got instructions on how to set up the Mister with the USB drive?

  5. I've got 17 AES games and about 30 Neo Geo CD games.

    In the end I gave up trying to find individual cartridges for a reasonable price so bought a NeoSD from ebay and fully loaded an SD card.

    Now I can play the entire library on the original machine and with the Retrotink 5x it is glorious 🙂

    The Neo Geo CD games have all been installed on the PolyMega so instant load times.

    I've got it covered 🙂

  6. Just preordered the double pack of the new carts. When I pre-ordered they only had that one up and not the one with the baseball cap.


    Still I suppose it won't make me look like a gurning faced youtuber 🙂

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