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  1. Thanks for confirming that. Hooray!!!! 🙂
  2. Quick question hopefully. I've got my MiSTer multi system all nicely set up for all the arcade and Neo geo stuff. Regarding Megadrive and SNES, Can I use normal ROMS or are they slightly different for the MiSTer?
  3. They seem to be shipping now more freely to preorder customers. I have to say it was a bit of a leap of faith but so far I am very impressed. It just works. I think a lot of people are going to be pretty suprised by it.
  4. Ah no, I had *cough* CD's of Shining Force 3 and the expansions with the translations on disc. The polymega didn't recognise them but allowed me to manually find the box art/info so that they appear in the list of games.
  5. I had the japanese cd already so it just installed. You can play off the disc (it copies it to the hdd whilst you play it) and when you eject the disc it removes it OR you can add it to the library and copy it on. Once done, you don't need the disc any more.
  6. Installed some more games today. Lots of Saturn titles mainly Japanese ones. It allowed me to install the fan translations of Shining Force 3 and so far the Saturn emulation looks pretty much bang on.
  7. OK, I set it up. All appears to be working thankfully. I did the updates. No boot loop issue which has affected some. CD drive seems to be reading discs well. (I've only started installing my Neo Geo CD games so far). Regarding Neo Geo CD games, the loading is instant so KOF99, Last Blade 1 and 2 load instantly and are now pretty much as speedy as the AES carts but have the enhanced audio. It does come with a few games installed (40 winks and Virus on PS1) + others. So far the emulation appears to be flawless. I haven't tried Saturn yet. I installed a 1tb SSD into the expansion slot with no problems. I've installed about 10 Neo Geo CD games so far and I still have 960gb left so it is looking good to be able to store a lot of games on it. The controller is OK. The D-Pad is a bit stiff. I think it is a rebranded 3rd party controller. I've got the extra modules (for SNES, Megadrive, PCEngine/TurboGrafx and NES) coming next month along with extra controllers although I might just stick to my 8bitdo ones depending on the quality. The box itself is smaller than I was expecting but has a bit of weight to it with an external power brick and there is some low fan noise. So far so good. If they can get the N64 module and the light guns out in a timely fashion, they could be onto a winner here. I hope they add 3DO support.
  8. I've still got my Next. I upgraded it to add the RTC, RAM etc.. but it has been sitting in its box for about a year. Just don't get the time at the moment but I am glad I have it.
  9. I'm going to be setting it up this weekend to make sure it all works and start installing my Neo Geo CD games
  10. C64. Bought from a car boot about 20 years ago. It got me into collecting. Before that I used to trade in the stuff I had for the latest and greatest.
  11. Well, my Polymega has arrived from WorldWideDistribution.de The modules/extra controllers are being shipped next month. I didn't get a customs charge with it. Will that get sent to me after?
  12. Yes, but it is a pale imitation
  13. Was that a sudden realisation and are you getting rid of the whole lot?
  14. Wonderful. Thanks for the advice. I've got a MiSTer multisystem board so I am going to try setting up the SD card tomorrow.
  15. I am really disappointed with the Bitmap Collection 1. Speedball on the Master System. Awful. Speedball 2, Xenon 2 and The Chaos Engine on the Megadrive. That sound chip. Again awful. They should have gone for the Amiga versions.
  16. Does anyone have any experience in setting up a USB SSD drive with the MiSTer? Ideally I want everything on the SSD (cores, bios, roms etc...) leaving only the OS on the SD card. Is this possible? Does anyone have a step by step list of instructions? I have been using update_all with an SD card which I understand has a USB version.
  17. Group B for me too. Order number 103XXX Oh well. You never know they may ship earlier but if not, hopefully any issues will be ironed out by then.
  18. I logged in at 08:00 (4:00pm) added to basket and had to wait about 4 minutes in the queue. Probably took more time than I should have double checking my address etc...) My order time was 08:15 (4:15 our time), so not sure whether I'll be A or B. I did order the machine along with the doc, case etc...
  19. Mine is in the range 10XXXX Same experience as you. Got all items in my basket within 10 seconds then in a queue for 4 minutes
  20. I ordered at about 4:05pm. Went for the dock, screen protector case and charger. Didn't bother with the GameGear adapter. I'm banking on the jailbreak to be honest and also that if I didn't order it now, I'll be paying some insane ebay prices for a while.
  21. Does the MMS come with build in Wifi and Bluetooth? I thought you had to add dongles to make that work?
  22. Regarding the USB dongle. Can you use 1 8bitdo dongle for more than one controller or do you need one per controller?
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