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  1. On 30/07/2022 at 07:19, papalazarou said:

    Good to see Argos are not waiting to 1st of august to increase the price of the headsets - already up at the new price

    Lucky I bought one on Friday then. I reckon I saved about £150 although in truth I wouldn't have bought it after the price rise.

  2. 52 minutes ago, Down by Law said:

    You can preorder the Japanese version on Amazon Japan, but if you try and pre order the Genesis Mini 2 it won't let you if you are outside the US.


    Personally i'm going for a Japanese one anyway as it looks way nicer than the all black Genesis 2. That red cart slot and big MD2 logo is pukka. That said I think the black and red Mega Drive II trumps them all, so a shame there won't be a Euro version this time around. 



    I don't suppose you have a link to it at all?  It doesn't appear to be listed

  3. Sorry if this is the wrong place but is there anywhere other than Amazon that are taking preorders for the Megadrive/Genesis Mini 2 for delivery in the UK?

    It is available for preorder on Amazon.com but won't ship to the UK.


    I think that as it hasn't been announced yet for europe probably means it isn't coming out in October over here.

  4. 18 hours ago, roberthazelby said:

    It makes me sad reading posts where people say their Nexts are sat in their boxes. Mine has been permanently set up since it arrived.


    I love the ease of accessing the Spectrum back catalogue, tinkering with Next utils such as Next Launcher and playing Next games such as Delta’s Shadow and Treasure Hunters.


     I’m still puzzled as to why the same hardware designs weren’t used for the second Kickstarter though. 


    For me, it is a question of space. I only have a small desk so can only set up things temporarily.

  5. I just ordered the 256gb version along with the case and strap with battery 😋


    Any one know if I hold off unboing it until August whether I'll qualify for the free Beat Saber offer or whether it will be done via voucher?

  6. I've just ordered a Ryzen 7 5700g processor so that I can remove my RX570 GPU from my work machine.


    As it is on all day, hopefully this will cut the energy use because the GPU isn't used for.


    I wonder if it is probably worth buying a mini PC for work? I remote desktop into the office machine

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