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  1. For me, it is a question of space. I only have a small desk so can only set up things temporarily.
  2. Is it possible to patch the machines?
  3. I think this will be the case with me. I don't often spot lag. Just bought one of these from ebay. FOMO!!!!!!!
  4. probably been asked 1000 times already. I have Xenoblade Chronicles1 , 2 and 3 on Switch and X on Wii U. Should I start with 1 or X first i.e. should I play them in the order they were released?
  5. I think the secret is to not to use it that often so that you don't get used to it. That way, everytime you play is a wow moment.
  6. I just ordered the Spectrum N-Go. I already have a Spectrum Next issue 1 (in a cupboard somewhere) but I can't really get on with the keyboard. The N-GO by Manuel Fernandez has a really nice Gateron black keyboard so will be much nicer to code on.
  7. I just ordered the 256gb version along with the case and strap with battery 😋 Any one know if I hold off unboing it until August whether I'll qualify for the free Beat Saber offer or whether it will be done via voucher?
  8. I've just ordered a Ryzen 7 5700g processor so that I can remove my RX570 GPU from my work machine. As it is on all day, hopefully this will cut the energy use because the GPU isn't used for. I wonder if it is probably worth buying a mini PC for work? I remote desktop into the office machine
  9. As the official dock has been delayed, can anyone recommend a usb dock preferably from Amazon and also preferably one that the deck sits on (like the Switch) please?
  10. Parcel Force delivery on it's way. 🙂 Got sent by Valve on Monday so 5 days
  11. Got my email for the 512gb model. 😀 Does anyone know when the dock might be available?
  12. Is mine imminent? It looks like you have a UK 512GB reservation You reserved your deck 00 days, 01 hours, 53 minutes and 47 seconds after pre-orders opened 00 days, 01 hours, 25 minutes and 06 seconds of orders have been processed You have 00 days, 00 hours, 28 minutes and 41 seconds of orders to go until it is your turn You're 74.79 % of the way there!
  13. I got fed up of trying to get the everdrive gba mini and gb x7 so I went for these instead. EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition DE and EZ Flash Junior Jr - Gameboy GB Color GBC Apparently they work (albeit with a few issues) on the the pocket and are a lot cheaper as well. Still waiting to receive my Pocket and Dock so all will hopefully be fixed by the time it arrives
  14. My favourite is still Uncharted 2. What they did with the PS3 to achieve was nothing short of incredible.
  15. Just a shame that Parasol Stars isn't on it for it to be complete
  16. I flat packed and recycled a load of Amiga boxes a few years ago 😟
  17. Bear in mind that the OSSC does not support composite. It must be RGB whereas the Retrotink supports composite.
  18. What I like about Evercade (Blaze) themselves is that they just quietly get on with it. No fuss.
  19. Not offhand. Would you be able to tell from the serial number?
  20. I must have got lucky because my AES and CD work fine with the RetroTink 5x Pro. I didn't even know there was a problem.
  21. I expect so. They have shipped me the hard part 🙂
  22. I'm really enjoying mine so far. Still don't have the modules yet though 😞
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