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  1. They were screwed the second they made people pay full price for games. Absolutely stupid move.


    Also the way this has been closed is typical for a US company. It is how they operate. I work for a large global US company. They made some of my team redundant a couple of months ago and are shutting down the product despite having been saying for months that they were investing over 5 million dollars in the product we work on.


    Happened overnight, no one saw it coming, even the UK upper management and they still haven't informed any of the customers.



  2. I must admit I do usually click the BIN button if the item is at a price that I think is acceptable.


    Can't stand being sniped at the last second. Happens so often.


    However, sometimes I just stick a bid on a forget about it. Those ones I usually win.


    I still find it hard to believe that there is someone else trying to buy the exact same item at the same time as me.

  3. 59 minutes ago, Boody said:


    I read that as it changed the order of games shown depending on whether the trackball was connected or not.


    So has anyone contacted Strictly Limited about the VAT situation? 


    The thing with that is the update says not to insert the SD card after the update and to only connect the controller

  4. Regarding the firmware update it seems to be saying that you don't need the SD cart that comes with the trackball any more and that you only need to plug in the controller.

    If that's true, lovely stuff.

  5. 18 hours ago, Flub said:

    Mine and two other people I know got stuck in customs. We got our letters about a week later. Get ready to pay the VAT again. Mine ended up costing an extra 83 quid 


    A week for a letter from ParcelForce ?!?!?!!?!?


    I would have thought they would get it to you quicker than that but thanks for letting me know. I must admit I was expecting the letter today!


    Have Strictly Limited messed up the customs forms I wonder?  I will certainly get  onto them after I received it to see if I can get a partial refund.

  6. Is anyones stuck at Parcel Force awaiting Customs Payment?

    I'm pretty sure I paid VAT when I ordered from Strictly Limited Games so I am a bit puzzled.

    Also, is it normal that they send you a letter for the customs fee payment?

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