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  1. To be honest the letter is aimed at THGM. She got wheeled out for the Simps.
  2. Excellent. I hope they get everything they deserve
  3. I thought only the white one was available from the 6th of September and the black limited edition has already gone? I preordered it months ago.
  4. Got the letter £86.91 paid. Dammit! This thing had better be worth it 😆 In other news they have announced another SD card called "Arcade Memories Vol 1"
  5. Fair enough. I got my extra controllers today from GamesRocket. Shipped from Germany. No customs charges. Been waiting so long now, I just want the main box to arrive.
  6. I don't think there is anything they can say really. Been caught red handed. If they don't write the scripts etc.... do they really like games or is it all made up?
  7. A week for a letter from ParcelForce ?!?!?!!?!? I would have thought they would get it to you quicker than that but thanks for letting me know. I must admit I was expecting the letter today! Have Strictly Limited messed up the customs forms I wonder? I will certainly get onto them after I received it to see if I can get a partial refund.
  8. Is anyones stuck at Parcel Force awaiting Customs Payment? I'm pretty sure I paid VAT when I ordered from Strictly Limited Games so I am a bit puzzled. Also, is it normal that they send you a letter for the customs fee payment?
  9. I unsubscribed ages ago. I couldn't stand her diction.
  10. I can't believe they are still accepting money for this and haven't even thanked anyone. A couple of horrible grifters and I've seen a couple more videos have been put up since carrying on like nothing has happened.
  11. So the Megadrive 2 mini is being released in Europe. No preorder links yet though
  12. Is there a guide somewhere on how to set this up?
  13. Lucky I bought one on Friday then. I reckon I saved about £150 although in truth I wouldn't have bought it after the price rise.
  14. OK. Thanks. I don't really mind about the quiz games, just about the RPG's that are going to be on there.
  15. Regardless, I went ahead and preordered one with the fake MegaCD add on on ebay 😆
  16. Sorry, final question on the Megadrive Mini 2 Does anyone know if it will have english language options for the system and games?
  17. Thank you. Looks like my only option is to pray they announce it for Europe shortly or possibly ebay but I will keep an eye on that link
  18. I don't suppose you have a link to it at all? It doesn't appear to be listed
  19. Sorry if this is the wrong place but is there anywhere other than Amazon that are taking preorders for the Megadrive/Genesis Mini 2 for delivery in the UK? It is available for preorder on Amazon.com but won't ship to the UK. I think that as it hasn't been announced yet for europe probably means it isn't coming out in October over here.
  20. I'm getting a bit Jaded with the handheld segment at the moment. Too many of them coming thick and fast and being outdated very quickly. I think I will just stick with the steam deck for the time being.
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