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  1. I do love his delivery of "Richard's in bits". Gets me every time 🙂
  2. I don't know. George was one of the people that highlighted the Vega Plus scam.
  3. I agree with what George is saying though. Why not make a video denouncing them. They are youtubers. Videos are what they make. I understand the internet is not always real life but LD and THGM should know that actions have consequences. I hope Martin issues court proceedings against them for inflaming people to have a go at him or at least demonising him I don't think they would have a leg to stand on. Also where is Richard in all of this? So far only Neil and Kim seem to have said anything about it. I have a lot of respect for them both.
  4. That's exactly what I think. Big boys club. Self interest at heart. No outsiders allowed.
  5. Wonderful. Thank you. I will look at ordering something like that. I do have a right angled screwdriver so should be OK.
  6. A bit hard to see but the "head" inside is square
  7. How do I attach a photo? Never been able to do it on this forum Did it! 🙂
  8. The silence of prominent UK Youtubers tells you everything you need to know about them. Either staying on side or not wanting to get involved. Gutless.
  9. Not sure if this is the correct place, but I picked up a Barcade 2nd hand yesterday. I'm pretty sure it has a Pi inside it because the storage says 27gb free which makes me think it has an SD card in it. I want to remove the SD card to 1) back it up and 2) replace with a bigger card to add more games. Also one of the games I need to play (Rainbow Islands) doesn't work so I want to at least, replace the ROM. It looks like there are some security screws on the back of the machine which are screws with an indented square head i.e. they look like you could insert a square alun key into them. My question is, does anyone know what these are called? Are they just square headed bits?
  10. So can I play the Cold Steel games in isolation and then play others? I've got all of the Falcom games released in the UK but am not aure in which order I should play them. Ys games included
  11. I picked up zero this week. I haven't played any Falcom games but have them all on Switch and PS4. Would it be best to start with something like Toyko Xanadu?
  12. They were screwed the second they made people pay full price for games. Absolutely stupid move. Also the way this has been closed is typical for a US company. It is how they operate. I work for a large global US company. They made some of my team redundant a couple of months ago and are shutting down the product despite having been saying for months that they were investing over 5 million dollars in the product we work on. Happened overnight, no one saw it coming, even the UK upper management and they still haven't informed any of the customers.
  13. I must admit I do usually click the BIN button if the item is at a price that I think is acceptable. Can't stand being sniped at the last second. Happens so often. However, sometimes I just stick a bid on a forget about it. Those ones I usually win. I still find it hard to believe that there is someone else trying to buy the exact same item at the same time as me.
  14. I've still got one of these and also the second one they did (the JXD S192K ), unfortunately it isn't the one with the NVidia Shield GPU but it does have the MAIL-T764 in it. Got it 2nd hand from CEX in perfect condition a couple of years ago.
  15. It is up for preorder on TheGameCollection site. Like a fool I have preordered it
  16. and by easy I mean easier than simple but without the restrictions
  17. I love this game but am shit at it. I really wish they would patch in an easy mode for us simpletons
  18. Cool. Just ordered it Amazon take the money at dispatch don't they?
  19. The thing with that is the update says not to insert the SD card after the update and to only connect the controller
  20. Regarding the firmware update it seems to be saying that you don't need the SD cart that comes with the trackball any more and that you only need to plug in the controller. If that's true, lovely stuff.
  21. Mine is being delivered today
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