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  1. On 27/04/2018 at 20:21, Lorfarius said:

    Thanks to a mysterious loon on here I'm back in the PCE world! Got my hands on a lovely Duo, spent the last couple of nights burning piles of games for it.


    Even has an Everdrive so I'm all setunnamed.jpg:


    Did have a copy of Pang and Prince of Persia in jewel cases but I've been too focused on Cosmic Fantasy 2 to give them much of a look in. I forgot just what a fantastic system this is. Some of my fav retro games.

    Where did you get it from? Very interested.

  2. I've got one and the 16 game pack in the Neo Geo replica box. Also bought an extra controller (all boxed and bought brand new) and a rewired SD card with custom firmware and all neo Geo games on it as well as CPS games etc....



    Luckily I bought it all before it went out of stock and the prices started rising


    I like it a lot but it isn't a replacement for my AES or NeoGeo Cd machines.



  3. I've got a working boxed Jaguar and a working boxed JagCd too. Bought them both for 25 in Gamestation a few years ago. Haven't got that many games and really want Rayman but not willing to pay the stupid prices it sells for now

  4. It I bought a Pandora's box 5s just before Christmas. As others have said, the emulation can be a bit off at times but overall I find it quite convenient.


    Biggest downside for me is no gauntlet 1 & 2!

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