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  1. Didn't mean it to sound brutal, just the reassurance that it went to a good home and is still working.
  2. I've still got the A1200. You sold it to me. Now has a CF card and accelerator card.
  3. I bought Edge from issue 1 until they did the redesign (5 years ago?). After that I found the articles trying to be too intellectual for the sake of it with too many column writers and very dry so I stopped buying it. I make do with the Edge Files volumes. They cover probably the most exciting times in videogames (1993 to 2002)
  4. Interesting. I'll take a look at both those options
  5. Is it possible to play these from YouTube or something I can cast to my TV?
  6. AceGrace

    The Crew 2

    Sorry if this has been asked before but is it online only like the first game or is there a single player mode?
  7. I'm still waiting for the patch that allows you to put multiple games on a card before unwrapping mine.
  8. Sounds like a press release from RCL
  9. Is Jonathan Cauldwell still going to do one if it doesn't appear as he promised?
  10. Anyone know who George is talking about in his latest video?
  11. Where did you get it from? Very interested.
  12. I've got one and the 16 game pack in the Neo Geo replica box. Also bought an extra controller (all boxed and bought brand new) and a rewired SD card with custom firmware and all neo Geo games on it as well as CPS games etc.... Luckily I bought it all before it went out of stock and the prices started rising I like it a lot but it isn't a replacement for my AES or NeoGeo Cd machines.
  13. I've got a working boxed Jaguar and a working boxed JagCd too. Bought them both for 25 in Gamestation a few years ago. Haven't got that many games and really want Rayman but not willing to pay the stupid prices it sells for now
  14. Link? I can't find anything about the firmware on their site
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