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  1. So it blocks other usb sticks from being used to try and stop copying of the games off of the machine? it looks like you can just edit the script to stop this. It does look rather crude. I though when you unplug the USB sticks, it reverts back to the normal games.
  2. I don't know really. I though you just plug the USB stick in and boot it and they load.
  3. I have got those dodgy drug named USB sticks from Amazon with hundreds of games on them. Haven't tried them yet though
  4. Regarding Arc of Yesod, isn't Nodes being remastered as well? Also, is the 1.3 update the same one that was on the site at launch? I've finally got all the bits for updating my Next. 2mb RAM upgrade, RTC, WIFI, Rasperry Pi Zero to turn it into the accelerated version. I'm a bit apprehensive about taking it apart and removing the keyboard ribbons just in case I can't get them back in. Is it fairly straighforward?
  5. Sorry if it has been asked before but I've got P5 but haven't played it. I've just got P5 Royal Edition. Is it worth playing the original or just skip it and go straight for the royal edition? I've heard that they have changed a lot with the new edition so would that make it different enough to play through both?
  6. I've got a modded Saturn and it is superb but with the Neo Geo, knowing that you are playing an actual arcade machine in your home is amazing.
  7. Nice. I've got an AES with 17 games and a CD with about 30 games. Absolutely love it.
  8. I got talked into playing this again for the 3rd time from the start by my son. It still gives me a thrill. Such a wonderful virtual world to be in.
  9. Right, I'm all in. Just ordered Warhawk, Baggers and the other one physically. That's it. I'm all done for now. Nice touch on the order confirmation page. "Thanks for your kind support of the ZX Spectrum Next project and its community. By pre-ordering the original Warhawk you are helping keep the development of original games alive and well. You rock!"
  10. True, I have already bought pads, memory upgrade, wifi and pi add-ons and plan to buy the official next game releases so I am giving to them and the community. Do those add ons turn it into a plus? @Swainy, fascinating video. love it. I'm waiting until I get the other bits before diving in!
  11. Found an online store which stocks the memory upgrade, and the wifi module. Next arrived today. I do feel like an imposter as I bought off ebay instead of funding the kickstarter. I hope it isn't held against me
  12. Anyone know what ram is needed to upgrade the next to maximum? I've got the pi zero accelerator coming. Does this update the RAM on the unit? Also, is there a wifi dongle or is it an internal addition?
  13. All good points regarding waiting for the kickstarter and the disposable income. Woke up this morning with a tinge of buyers remore. I did pay too much but I am an impatient bugger but don't want to miss out especially reading everyones reactions. I want to be part of it :-)
  14. Also just ordered the RTC, the raspberry Pi zero accelerator and a 3 button joypad. I'm all in. A fool and their money.
  15. The thing is, according to the makers it is never going to be freely available in shops. It will just be kickstarter after kickstarter. I'm weak.
  16. Quick question. Is it possible to upgrade the base model Next to wifi, 2gb RAM, pi zero like the more expensive one?
  17. It's not about the games. It's about new computer itself. Fiddling about with it like I did in 1983 Does the manual smell like the original?
  18. If anyone decides that they don't want their next, I'm interested. (for a reasonable price of course :-) )
  19. damn it. hurry up with the next kickstarter! Me want!!!! Seen some on ebay already going for stupid prices.
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