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  1. Success. Downloaded the latest version from the gitlab link, updated the firmware and bingo. All working. I stupidly though that any updates would be on the news page. I didn't figure that you need to keep looking at the gitlab page for updates. Tzx loading - fixed. Thanks guys. I should have known that there would be an update. I had a basic next, and updated it with the accelerator, wifi, RAM and RTC. All seems to be working.
  2. Also, Inevitably, NextPi will be eventually updated. Is there any way to update the SD card in the Pi over wifi or will we all have to keep taking the machine apart.
  3. Thanks guys. That's a good link. Have you all updated the files from the github page? I haven't I just wrote NextPi to the SD card and inserted it. I'll download those files to the Spectrum next SD card and give it another try. As I said I can load sid files so would that be an indication that the Pi is OK? I did connect to the term program as well. I'll report back.
  4. I've got an odroid go but I haven't built it yet so will be using your technique to put the screen in. I do have a GPD XD+ as well but haven't really used it yet. I quite like the look of the RG350M that is on the horizon. Anyone got one yet?
  5. In other news I managed to solder in the RTC and it appears to be working (you can see it in the video)
  6. OK, here is the video below (can't work out how to embed youtube videos) TZX problems As I said before, I can play sid files perfectly so I believe the pi is working correctly. I have an 8gb micro sd card in it with next pi installed. Is there anyway else to tell if it is all hunky dory? Perhaps I have got a load of bad tzx files.
  7. Same here. Lovely bit of kit but too expensive for me and I have other ways of playing most of this stuff e.g. MiSTer FPGA, raspberry pi, odroid etc...
  8. Looking at the video, it doesn't start the loading lines at all. I wonder if it is the tzx files that I have tried? It does do the first part i.e. loading the "chunks". Does that at least mean the pi is working?
  9. I just see blue and red flashing, not the loading lines, however if it is an exact rip of a tape is it possible that it could take a number of seconds before it starts?
  10. I was trying to load at 3.5mhz. I can play sid files so assume the Pi is working. I will have to try some more. As I said, after selecting the file, It loads the chunks at first, then when the loading colours appear, nothing happens. I have an sd card in the pi with nextpi installed so assume that is OK. I have been loading tap files but just want to make sure the pi is working correctly. What is meant to hapen after selecting tzx file? Is it as I described (loading chunks, then the tape loader?)
  11. So far, only tried Knight Lore and Driller. Could depend on where *ahem* the roms came from? If you can try those. If they don't work, can you let me know any others to try?
  12. I'm finding it quite difficult to use the keyboard. All the keys seem to be offset slightly for my fingers. I might consider buying a PS2 adapter and using a normal keyboard if I am going to be typing a lot. Also found out that 0.7mm is best to use with the RTC kit so will be opening it up again to fit it. The other stuff, Pi, RAM etc.. went like a dream although I did buy a piZero with the connector already fitted.
  13. Thanks Swainy. I tried that and it works although not by following the manual. In the end I just double clicked the sid file and it loaded the player and played. I still can't seem to get tzx files to load though. Must be doing it wrong.
  14. Also, another q. I have fitted the pi0. Is there any way to tell that is it working? I've tried to load a tzx file. It seems to unpack, then goes to the tape loader but nothing happens.
  15. Ha Ha. Just tried to solder the rtc but found that the solder wire I have is too thick. What size is recommended?
  16. Thanks. This is the first time I have soldered so fingers crossed I don't mess it up,
  17. I'm going to be fitting the pi and other bits tomorrow. Found my old soldering iron kit so fingers crossed!!! Do I need to put anything on an SD Card for the Pi in order for it to work?
  18. A bit off topic but I've just found out I need to solder the real time clock onto the board, at least the battery holder, chip holder and crystal. Can anyone recommend a soldering iron kit that isn't too expensive? I would prefer a kit that has a a holder and extra tips etc...
  19. Will do. They don't do anything nasty if you stick them in your PC do they?
  20. So it blocks other usb sticks from being used to try and stop copying of the games off of the machine? it looks like you can just edit the script to stop this. It does look rather crude. I though when you unplug the USB sticks, it reverts back to the normal games.
  21. I don't know really. I though you just plug the USB stick in and boot it and they load.
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