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  1. Cool. It doesn't seem to be listed under the Pi Zero images. Downloading now. Cheers
  2. Which ArcadePunks download did you get? The 32gb one doesn't have any peers.
  3. Nice. Always liked the feel of the game boy. With this and the RG360M I think I'm covered for handheld emulation.
  4. How does it run Snes, Megadrive and Neo Geo?
  5. Looks like they are only offering the complete kit now. Perhaps you got the last one. Ordered it!!!!!!! Damn, this place is costing me a lot of money
  6. Pretty much got everything I want already having mainly got it all from Car boot sales and Ebay over the years. Now, I am more into emulation for stuff that is too expensive and also I am buying more devices/gadgets e.g. android boxes, handhelds etc...
  7. I've just bought the same thing but hopefully from a UK seller. Can't find screen protectors though. Does the machine come with one fitted in the box?
  8. So I caved in and ordered a RG350M. Backordered but hey ho. Does anyone know if the cases on ebay for the RG350 will fit OK on a 350M? Are the machines the same size? Also, I can't find screen protectors.
  9. I've got the second one. Beware, they are the same size as the Neo Geo mini. That first link is hilarious. Makes it look like a barcade.
  10. Here is the picture. It is the CON4 connector. On your link it is the second picture. Item (P)
  11. I will post a picture probably tomorrow if I remember. The plastic top part snapped off but the pins are still on the board.
  12. I've kept the bits just in case anyone comes up with a way of fixing it. Wonder if hot glue would work?
  13. I decided to build the Odroid Go Advance today. Screen went in fine. No problems. Was going so well until I snapped the ribbon connector that holds the analog stick ribbon because I couldn't figure out how the lever opened (and fat fingers!!!). So got an expensive paperweight now. Really gutted. Odroid want another £50 for a replacement board. Sod that.
  14. I've got the 128, +2 and +3. God I love the 128. However, I am in love with the Next. The keyboard! The box! Really glad I got one (although I went the ebay expensive route although not as expensive as some of them go for).
  15. The black one sold out months ago. I got the cartridges confused. When I ordered it the Technos cartridge wasn't available but was added later. Definitely getting the black one though :-)
  16. I can't remember if my MiSTer has a heatsink on it. I know it doesn't have a fan because I didn't have the screws but I've had it on for ages and it doesn't overheat, even in a case. *Update* Ignore me. Just checked previous posts and I have the heat sink. Doesn't get hot though.
  17. I preordered this last October. Went for the all in one in the limited black edition. Also, ordered the extra cartridges that they announced afterwards. Can't wait for the others to be available for preorder (Tanglewood etc...)
  18. Colour me interested. What are they?
  19. I can't work out why the model with less games on it it more expensive
  20. I've got one of these with the entire neo geo library. Superb stuff.
  21. Does RetroPie still do the thing whereby you put the roms in folders on a usb stick and it copies them over after switch on or has that all changed?
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