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  1. I thought AllStars has a single player mode.
  2. One is turning things off to save power Secondly, to avoid problems that can arise from Resume (that used to happen) Thirdly, I'm a luddite!
  3. Oh OK. I didn't know that. Still it is of no real interest for me. I only ever have one game on the go at a time and the disc issue means that it is unworkable really. With the speed of the SSD's, it will make cold booting a game easier to bear. For me, the way the Xbox handles updates is ludicrous. It mystifies me that they couldn't come up with a better, faster way to do it.
  4. I don't use the suspend feature on either the XBox One or PS4. I always power them down completely so don't use resume at all. Since most of my games are on disc rather than digital download then that would make it fairly unworkable for me. I also don't leave the discs in the drive when the machine is powered off either.
  5. No problem. I was looking for ages looking everywhere then for some reason I remembered Game. They are the last place I think of now.
  6. What the SSD expansion? It is available online from Game
  7. It wasn't clear from the video how you switch from the game hub to the normal home screen. Is it the playstation button? Also, I hope all games don't show you all the levels coming up. Hopefully that was just Sackboy. I also would like to be able to turn hints and trophys off. I can't be doing with that stuff. Other than that, it looks really nice.
  8. Oops. Got that wrong. Are the Destruction All Stars team some of the people from Bizarre Creations?
  9. Although, yes, every game will be £1 in a charity shop at some point!
  10. I'm not sure about that tbh. Destruction All Stars is made by the Team that did Drive Club and others. It may turn out to be better than Dirt 5 for example.
  11. Wasn't the temperature of the xbox tweet debunked as bullshit?
  12. You will still need to use the stand in horizontal mode.
  13. Yes but I didn't think Ratchet and Clank was a launch game.
  14. I've just noticed on ShopTo that my preorder for Ratchet and Clank on PS5 has changed to be available on 12th November. I've sent a message to them to see if it is confirmed or a mistake.
  15. I bought 2 of them this morning. Just going to be used with PS5 and XSX for PS4 and Xbone games. I went for this cradle https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07D2BHVBD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  16. Mine always go into recycling once I've finished reading them
  17. When did you register? I registered in January and have got one.
  18. I reckon there will be a big day 1 patch for the PS5 like there was for the WiiU and Xbone.
  19. The thing that bothers me about both consoles being upright is dust. Is anyone going to put a cover on theirs when not in use? Also, I suspect the reason why Sony are not showing the OS is probably because it isn't finished.
  20. I paid for the PS5, 2 pads and the remote using Paypal. Tried to pay for the other bits but paypal said the funding source was not available and to use another option. Thought it might be the bank so rang them and they said there were no problems so must be Paypal not allowing more than 3 transactions to the same shop in quick succession. Probably fraud protection. Has anyone else had this problem before?
  21. It's just occurred to me that neither company have made a video showing the machine being turned on and what the OS looks like, how fast it boots etc.. We are 7 weeks away from the xbox launch and a bit longer for the PS5 and yet nothing. It is bizarre.
  22. OK. When you register your interest, they charge 1p as card authorisation. You are then put in a queue. When preorders go live you have a week to confirm your preorder. They will then go to Microsoft and ask for 'n' consoles. They are then given an allocation. The units will then be distributed based on the queue. If you registered your interest ages ago (I did at the start of the year), then you are more likely to get one at launch. I quite like the system because there is no need to panic trying to get a preorder. You have a week to confirm if you still want it. Other sites are not guaranteed to be able to fufill preorders day 1 either. I agree their site is a bit slow but I've never had a problem ordering from them and they use DPD for deliveries which is a plus in my book.
  23. I've preordered PS5 (with drive) 2 extra dual sense pads headphones camera remote control charging station Demo Souls Spiderman Sackboy will be preordering the XSX as well Maybe an extra new style pad Will probably get AC: Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion, Yakuza and Cyberpunk on XSX Phew!!!
  24. I didn't get an email for the PS5 but I had already confirmed my preorder by 9:30am so perhaps that is why I registered my interest in both at the start of the year so I am hopeful for both at launch. I actually prefer the way they are doing it really. It takes the tension out of trying to grab a preorder. They give you a week to confirm it. For me, both of them are being put away for Christmas so I don't really mind if I don't get them on launch day really. Hopefully would get them both by Christmas.
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