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  1. Just played Trails of Cold Steel 1 - 4 back to back.

    Finished 4 today. Then found out I need to unlock the true ending so tomorrow will be installing it again to re-load the save.


    I can honestly say they were fantastic but overly long (especially 3).

    I went for Emma in the first 3 games then in 4 I chose Musse!

  2. Plenty more games to choose from for a second volume though.




    Ultimate Body Blows etc...



    In other news my limited edition EXP has just arrived 🙂

  3. Yes but not that often.  I've got all my neo geo CD games on it and have installed a fair Saturn and PS1.

    I must admit, I haven't done any that require the modules e.g. SNES and Megadrive yet.


    It is convenient when I want to play those formats. Saves me having to get those machines out.

  4. My headseat (call of the mountain) bundle and charge dock have just arrived.

    A weird thing though. I paid with PayPal which were showing in pending with my bank but this morning they have disappeared and my available balance is back up as if they haven't been charged yet.

    Is this normal and will paypal grab the money shortly?

    I only just got the shipping email but boxes had already arrived.

  5. I've got the Mortal Kombat Midway one. Seems decent enough to me but it isn't a first gen machine.


    The only downside is if I want to put a Pi in it, I would have to re-do the button board as the buttle layout for Mortal Kombat isn't conventional.

  6. I meant that if you want to set up the 2nd SD card from scratch then MrFusion is the fastest way to do it.


    AFAIK everything needed to boot the Mister is on the SD card, not internal firmware.  If you don't have the SD card inserted, it won't boot.



  7. I would say so, yes, then re-configure it from there

    Unless you want to start fresh then I would


     Put Mr Fusion on the new SD card.
    Run it on the Mister

    put back in PC and put in update_all script.

    Back in Mister and run the script.

    Copy across all ROMS from one SD to the other.

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