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  1. Thanks for the info. I assume the Saturn core shenanigans is because it hasn't been officially released yet? I will follow the advice i.e. put CD games onto the external hdd only. 🙂 I assume the easiest way to do this for say PSX is to cut the folder from the SD card and then paste it into the Games folder on the SSD drive? That way the bios files should already be there. Thanks for the help. I may post some more questions but so far so good.
  2. Also, sorry. Is the PSX core now official i.e. is it downloaded along with the bios files by update_all?
  3. I spent the afternoon assembling another MMS with the latest case. I've been away from this thread for a while so have forgotten a few things. I've run MrFusion and got the newest update_all script. I've set everything up and have all arcade cores working. Yippee!!!!! I've got a 512gb SD Card in it which I know is plenty of space for most "ROMS" e.g. Neo Geo, Megadrive, SNES etc.. but will run out quickly once i start ploughing into Saturn, Playstation etc... I've got a spare external SSD drive which I can plonk them on. I seem to remember I need to create a folder called Games on the external SSD and put the folders named correctly that I want to be on the USB drive e.g. Saturn Is this correct? Also, where do the BIOS files go for these systems? Can they stay on the SD card or do I have to move them to the SSD as well? Also, will the update_all script cope with some systems with bios files on the SSD or will it try and update it always on the SD card? I seem to remember problems if the same folder names are on both the SD card and SSD. Is this still the case? Will it cope if there is for example an empty "Saturn" folder on SD card but another on the SSD drive with games? Do I have to remove the folder on the SD card?
  4. Got an email today saying that the replacements will be sent in March
  5. Apparently an announcement coming next week about the stolen limited editions.
  6. The extra modules and controllers all arrived a couple of months ago. 🙂
  7. My limited edition was one of the ones stolen but I also ordered a white EXP which arrived yesterday
  8. Pokemon games which as they are aimed at kids doesn't bother me.
  9. Have they apologised yet for taking peoples money even though they got the £500?
  10. No, I didn't which makes me think it might be for something else. The Taito Egret mini maybe?
  11. I've just had a refund from FedEx for the customs fees. Has anyone else? (unless it was for another item I ordered). Lost track 🙂
  12. I got the email to say that I am affected. Still it will be shipped in early 2023. Seems that someone on Facebook has popped up trying to sell them already.
  13. Isn't there a button you can press to switch the joystick ports?
  14. Pretty glad now I bought 2 spinner controllers accidentally 🙂
  15. And I've cancelled it. Had a really good think. I have a PSVR 1 and a Quest 2 both gathering dust. Also watched the video showing games that are coming and nothing stood out. If an Astrobot was coming that might make me change my mind. I think I will wait until it gets discounted and pick one up at a later date.
  16. So I caved in and preordered when the 2nd preorder email came through this morning. 😞
  17. my preorder timed out so I registered my interest again. I suspect Sony will be in touch shortly 🙂
  18. Yes, It might have been about £84 for the same as above.
  19. I grew up on the outskirts of Brighton so I was spoilt for choice arcade wise. Games that stand out for me were Crossbow Space Harrier Space Ace Gauntlet Astron Belt Super Punchout TX-1
  20. Indeed.Between the pocket, evercade exp and the steam deck, I'll be like a dog with 3 dicks 🙂
  21. Mine arrived today with the dock etc..., then immediately got taken off me to wrap for Christmas 😟
  22. Here is a quick video I made showing the boot and a quick fiddle with the dos Hopefully I will have other stuff soon.
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