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  1. Cyberpunk delayed by 21 days. December 10th!
  2. Cyberpunk delayed by 21 days. December 10th!
  3. Mind you though. The Series X, PS5 + games and accessories are being put away for Christmas so I will have to live vicariously through all of you.
  4. Re-read the blog post and all purchase of the game are going to be refunded. Hmmm. What do I buy to fill the void?
  5. Yes but it will work the same as backwards compatibility does on Xbone. You will need the disk in the drive each time you launch the digital game.
  6. Have Sony said it is coming out retail (in February) but also free to PSN Plus subscribers or just that it will be available for free to PSN subscribers i.e. no digital or physical separate release?
  7. Paypal but it is part of a bigger order. I'll have to email them.
  8. Balls. I've ordered and paid for it from TheGameCollection. Probably have to jump through hoops to get a refund.
  9. I've the C64 mini and the full size one (The64). I just received the Vic-20 version that came out on Friday even though it is really just a reskin of the 64. I'm so in on this.
  10. Wasn't that debunked? As in the Xbox Series X that Digital Foundry measured is a pre-production one which was probably downloading game and OS updates when in standby. I doubt the production one will be 28W.
  11. I'll be switching off when not in use then.
  12. I've only every played the first 2 levels on Halo. I have the Master Chief Collection. Am I in for a treat?
  13. Might explain why Game charges £10 for delivery on collection preorders.
  14. I was thinking last night. What with Wales going into lockdown until the 9th November. Has this date been chosen to avoid problems with people picking up their consoles the day after? Also, how many sphinkters are twitching at the thought of a full lockdown over November meaning that potentially not being able to go and pick the consoles up?
  15. I need a deeper one so that I can have the unit flat again the wall but have the TV angled so everyone in the room can still see it. We don't all have perfect rectangular living rooms
  16. I'm keeping mine with Game as I didn't have it in my basket with Microsoft
  17. When are the lynx games out again?
  18. Same here. How interesting..
  19. I doubt there is a lot else to be seen now really.
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